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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was in the news during the recent government shutdown because workers had to work with their pay deferred until the government was opened again. James Corbett gives us reasons to just shut down the TSA permanently.

The TSA was established in November 2001 under the pretext of fixing the system that had somehow allowed 19 men with box cutters to allegedly commit the deadliest act of terrorism in history, aided in no small part by the simultaneous failure of the entire American intelligence establishment and the most sophisticated air defense in the world.

Since it’s founding and tens of billions of dollars later, the TSA has never stopped a single act of terrorism. Meanwhile, hundreds of cases have come to light of illegal weapons and drugs having slipped past the TSA and shipped on domestic airplanes.

James Corbett says, “If we attack the TSA on grounds of incompetence, we risk falling into a carefully-laid trap. Proponents of this governmental monstrosity will argue that what is needed is more money to help the valiant guardians of the sky do their job properly. They will point to the shutdown and the resulting mess at the airports as an example of how vital the administration really is and how important it is to continue increasing its budget so we can add ever more expensive weaponry to its arsenal of harassment.

“No, it is not because of incompetence that we must condemn the Orwellian nightmare unfolding at the airports every single day. It is because the security theater was never meant to keep us safe in the first place. The TSA is not a well-intentioned agency in need of better management or more funding or more highly-trained agents. On the contrary, it is doing precisely what it was created to do.

“…they are not there to keep us safe from the scary turban-wearing al Qaeda goblins but they are running a giant society-wide real-world experiment in obedience training [where] real people are really being tortured, molested, degraded and subjected to the most demeaning public humiliation at the hands of badge-wearing authority figures.”

And this obedience-training experiment has been remarkably successful. Corbett says that the same way we’ve been trained to accept this, we can retrain to openly reject it and shut it down.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • you provided no link to the 5G video? only a Muller piece came up?!
    please send it again with link… i give to many
    ta xx

  • The TSA is nothing more than “Device” created and Owned by the FAKE Jews for the Sole purpose of “Humiliating” the Citizen/Slave into submission to the NWO arrangements.
    It is owned by Michael Chertof (Fake Jew)
    There was NEVER such thing as a “War on Terror”, because GOVERNMENTS are the “Terrorist”…Making it a “War on Citizen/Slaves”…Thus making the TSA a Bad-Joke, Completely Useless and a waste of Time…and You wonder WHY airports are CROWDED and Slow at Operations???
    I STOPPED using the Airlines the Day they started that crap agency…Its just another “Alphabet Agency”…Just as useless as ALL the others.
    Its Amazes ME that most people cannot “Figure Things Out” about ALL Governments…The French are “Catching-On” Though!

    • OooH! I MUST Add the TSA is about the “Extermination” of the Sheeple too “Dumbed-Down” to be Allowed to Live…Via “RADIATION” from the X-ray machines…Agenda 2030, Remember???

  • Never travel by air… by bus….once by train….always by car. It’s interesting that other travel businesses haven’t checked into this wonderful system of humiliation & degradation. What are we missing here? Do Airport employees also have to undergo this scrutiny if the want to travel by air? You’d think if they did they would be shouting to get rid of this patsy-datsy….business. Perhaps it would be more of a useful enterprise if the fellows that fly the planes would under go not only the patting & groping but start issuing the breathalyzer tests as well. And hey, have a group of people also going over the planes for safety as well. I’m sure that regular flyers wouldn’t mind giving some of their hard earned money to some actual safety procedures. I wonder if the politicians get ‘out from under’ if they smile real nice. I love the remark of the fellow to the ‘inspector’….”Touch my Junk” and I’ll sue you….! Did one ever expect to hear that at an airline check-in!!! Now there’s a line for “The View” to discuss ad nausem!

  • I had to stop flying Internationally because of my fear that I would be subdued and arrested for fighting with a TSA so-called officer.

  • The American public deserves the Nazi tactics we are seeing at the airports. The fluoridation of our water supply has allowed us to become compromising zombies. We are stripped naked in public and humiliated while allowing wide open borders to help drug dealer, murderers,rapists and nuclear back packs to enter the country unmolested. American citizens have been allowed to be the criminals while the law breakers come floating across U.S. borders. Take the naked scanners to our southern borders where they can really make an impact instead of molesting young children and the elderly at our airports!!!

  • Is this like trying to get rid of the deep state? But then again, most will just get in line and do what they are told. Today is not like the 60’s and 70’s. Now days people just roll over and play dead. And be content little consumers. Sorry I’m so negative , but this world sucks, no principles, no pride, no morals. Hell now days you can’t punish your children except with mind games. Witch is one of the reasons “people” are the way they are. Just my opinion, of coarse, dosen’t matter. If only I could wind the clock backwards, oh well, wa, wa, wa.

    • From my time trying to _consciously_ understand my relationship to life, culture, society and humanity, in general, over now five decades, I believe that secret society principles have been employed with very little dues paid to the study, discipline and practice of the spiritual quest and concomitant gains in wisdom, gentility and L O V E for existence in general.

      Secret societies guard their practices and insights due to the potential in the manifesting manipulative powers which the very partially informed but ego oriented…MAN, KNOW THY SELF is not an idle admonition, it is THE LAW.

      Knowledge of these forces with no _consciously acquired_ wisdom is no knowledge at all, just jerkin’ around in what amounts to essentially meaningless emotional and intellectual self-pleasuring through the illusions of science and economic abundance..

      THE QUEST is, without question, one of awakening our internal gifts of awareness and L O V E through hard assed viewing of individual short comings.

      In today’s whirled it is overwhelmingly easy to see the shortfall of action with little, and mostly no, wisdom…continual war, unquantifiable expenditure on developing tools of domination and death, greed and avarice beyond imagination, all spun with what are now obvious malfeasance, emotional and financial extortion and sans ethics or morals, the very foundations for a civilized human culture. Hard view, but…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Just try & eliminate the TSA. They, the Deep State CIA Globalists’ will create another Hegelian Dialect to show us just how unsafe we are w/o govt oppression.

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