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    The FBI announced case closed this past Tuesday on the October 2017 the Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead and over 800 injured. They produced a 3-page report that did not identify a motive or establish any forensic connection between the alleged weapons and any of the victims. Indeed, there has been no forensic proof presented by either the Las Vegas police or the FBI that the alleged killer Stephen Paddock was, in fact the killer.

    Noticeably missing from the report was any discussion of alleged killer Stephen Paddock’s chest wound or any evidence that the window in room 35-135 was broken before or during the attack.

    Over 100 FBI agents were brought in from around the country to produce this 3-page report, that was even less detailed than the report produced by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, which wrapped up its own investigation last August. Special Agent Aaron Rouse in charge of the Las Vegas Division of the FBI made a televised statement laden with comforting neurolinguistic programming phrases intended to reassure listeners but peppered with strange slips.

    YouTuber John E. Hoover, whose channel has been dedicated solely to this historic case takes Rouse to task for the many questions that remain unanswered, such as the three helicopters seen on FlightRadar24 flying overhead of the attacks, not accounted for and not belonging to either the LVMPD or the two known services that fly out of the nearby airport. Hoover asks whether the time has come for a Congressional inquiry.

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    • There scared of the coward CIA coordinating this on purpose I was born awake the punkbitch Illuminati can’t touch me. Fear tactics to take your human energy so u won’t focus on your spiritual energy. The more people wakeup there conciouness the less power they have…….f$#& them we are free humans, creatures,aliens etc!

    • No evidence, most likely because Paddock was brain washed by the CIA by using mind control techniques. Sandy Hook was another trial run on mind control procedures which will soon be used not only on individuals but groups of people and quite possibly countries as well.

      If you can control a persons thoughts… can control their actions. Its that simple. The CIA have been working on this technology for decades.

      If they can control the weather, the monetary system, the justice system, the medical system as well as the general population ? they have the world at their feet!!

      Get ready for………………………………….GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT

      • Brother u can trust me this people. I don’t know if to call them people. But anyway there gonna loose u have no idea who’s stopping there genocide against the planet. They hide like cowards . Hunting this shitbags is no easy task because they have double clones. but are killed by force by ufo crafts or when least suspect ed.

        Anaheim CA

    • After watching their persecution of Donald Trump for the last 2 years I wouldn’t trust the FBI to find its own ass using both hands! I’m sure the lower echelon is honest enough but not the upper echelon.
      Having a long background in Federal LE myself I also realize as those honest agents do that things must go a certain way, or else. Go against the grain and you will be harassed and or driven off. That’s just the way it is today, top down micromanagement and with DHS that is an absolute I know first hand

    • HOW…do you investigate an event the Never Actually Happened in the FIRST place (LAUGH!!!)
      No wonder the so-called Report was SHORT.
      The Whole event was STAGED folks…and probably BY THEM (LAUGH!!!)
      Ya see I at a Actual mass murder scene back in 1984 in San Ysidro, Califonia (The Worst on in AM history before 9/11) so I KNOW what one LOOKS like…MOST if not ALL since 9/11 are “False-Flag FAKE evens” the FBI musta lurnt sumthun bout it Huh?…Whatcha spose folks???

    • Corruption, Corruption, Corruption…more than likely FBI was involved in this shooting, that is why they are covering this up or they are shielding the true perpetrators…apparently all leads went nowhere…maybe North! Oh I forgot, the mob runs Las Vegas and the FBI, or maybe the FBI is the mob…Aaron Rouse the hollow man…or is it the shallow man?

    • As long as the victims receive their programmed settlement amount, the rest of us can just go home and take our dose from the cell towers. What happened in Vegas stays in Saudi.

    • Not surprising, given the national secret police seldom is transparent. Its secret don’tcha know? Thats why they rush out to tidy up the crime scenes before people start asking too many questions.

      We the people are morons and we need to leave these matters up to the highly skilled professionals whose soothing words are meant to keep us calm and compliant.

      Rest easy, we are in good hands.

    • The guy in charge of the FBI during the shooting in Las Vegas is the same one who was in charge of the FBI during 911. Fact. Are they, or “he” worthy of trust? Not mine. Nothing matches up with what we have seen from videos, with sound tracts, and the FBI’s three, no, two and a half page report. Yeah, I know, “national security”. It was just the UN making a gun check.

    • In late April, 1996, a “lone gunman” killed 36 people and wounded a similar number in southern Tasmania. Multiple witnesses said the guy they put away did not resemble the shooter. Huge volumes of evidence pointed to a conspiracy, planned for seven years or more. This event is known as the Port Arthur conspiracy. I was in the vicinity, and saw a helicopter, flying down the highway at treetop height, when it should not have been there, according to the official narrative, for at least another hour.
      But it was not until 2005, when I got a computer, that I learned what happened. To this day, it is forbidden to publish any investigative journalism on this subject in Australia, in the public press.
      The Las Vegas event has at least one thing in common; you cannot believe in the integrity of the “law enforcement” agencies. Not that the F.B.I. has had a white-as-driven-snow reputation, not for the last hundred years. Paddock was a patsy, and they know it.

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