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    Now, for something totally different!

    Celebrated author Graham Hancock explains why Atlantis existed.

    Hancock  specializes in theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past…

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    • For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had strong memories of living in/on Atlantis with the same family I am now with here on earth in the 20th/21st centuries, and it is quite different from the artists renderings we usually see, but it is precisely like current photos of Ggantija on Gozo, Malta, very open air. My younger brother was fiddling with a scientific instrument. I told him not to push the button, but he arrogantly did and the entire island sank deep into the ocean never to rise again. Strangely, we were all wearing a modern form of clothing with men wearing plaid shirts and khaki shorts and sandals. Doesn’t make complete sense, but this brother today is again a nanno tech engineer who still remains arrogant and pushes buttons when he should not, although today he cares about humans enough he would not do anything to harm them. I was wearing a more toga like gown. Who knows why I have always had such strong memories?

    • Graham is correct. Today’s so-called historians are the very ones “making-up” history. Intellectuals (and I had deep knowledge of the realm) have narrow views of the things they touch. They support the status quo which they also create. They write books with models that protect their careers. They do not follow the evidence to find real truths. When proven wrong they deny and protect one another. Sound familiar? It’s very sad. The problem lies in the entrenched historians’ inability to see and accept the mundane, the everyday life of individuals at any moment in time. They want it to be about strange religious practices and even magic. Cultures of humans, no matter who they are and when they lived, do not just invent things to make deceive us about their history They pass on real information so we can know it. There are story tellers, of course, but they typical identify themselves as such. Life is an everyday pursuit. Life is practical. Historians of all kinds seem quite unable to grasp this simple concept. Hence they dream-up models that do not hold to humanity’s everyday struggles to live.

      A recent example I gave a friend follows. This is not the only one I’ve personally experienced. I was an art history major in college. On our final year’s reading list was a mandatory book. I can’t remember the name now as it’s been 30-yrs. However, it was hailed as THE master thesis about Michael Angelo’s (MA) work. It was based, almost entirely, on the Sistine Chapel. I felt that was rather myopic even at the time. MA’s body of work extends far beyond the Chapel. Nevertheless, it told of the brooding artist and basically tied this imagined personality to the Chapel’s muted images. The author opined about how it was undoubtedly MA’s personality that crept into the work we see today in these dark images. Oddly, within the year, the Vatican decided to clean the work. After a lot of hand wringing over possibly damaging the paintings, and a lot of art historian backlash, they did. What happened? When the first chemicals were applied to the images they began to pop out like bright lights, jewel colors revealed themselves and the restoration crew was shocked! OMG! Shocked! The Vatican restorers even stopped cleaning them because, like everyone in the community, they’d bought into the book. The university system who had hailed the author’s work as the final word on the work of MA as well as the author were stunned into silence. I remember going to class where this stone silence filled the classroom. No one wanted to bring up the elephant. Why do historians create wrong-minded models and subsequently push the models onto the educated public as absolute? They don’t typically investigate beyond the tip of their noses. I found they have difficulty seeing the practical application for the thing in front of them. The old and ancient churches who had the funds to paint their walls with educational material didn’t paint them for “their” generation. They were looking 500-yrs into the future. They painted them for the succeeding generations. The best example still in existence today are Greek Orthodox churches. The USA churches still paint the walls with egg tempera and jeweled colors to this day. Nothing has changed. The church fathers understood that the practices of their religion in using incense at every service would smoke the walls. The dimming smoke would eventually cover the lessons they sought to teach. The work-around was to paint the walls brightly in jewel colors so succeeding generations would be able to see those lessons for hundreds of years to come. And it was expensive. If you go to a Greek Orthodox church today and talk to the priests you will find this is true. Historians do not do so. Typically, they work in a vacuum with few pieces of evidence and ignore other disciplines that could contribute to the truth of their thesis. The narrow approach sets-up models that are simply ridiculous. That’s why we have so many completely inaccurate stories about our history circling the globe and being taught in our schools. These models, along with information that is blatantly hidden by organizations like the Smithsonian and the Vatican, prevent the public from knowing any real history. (The hiding of such information is a power/monetary based deception enacted to hold control over the populace.) So, you can begin to see why Plato is promoted as a story teller and not an historian today.

    • Congratulations, Mr. Hancock! I was totally absorbed with your evidence concerning the reality of Atlantis, having heard that mysterious and magical name (and theory of existence) in grade school more than half a century ago!
      Please do present any literal evidence of Atlantis being “discovered” if that should occur during the rest of my life-time.

    • PLATO SHOWS US, we find a view of what can happen now. With main stream Media all but crushed we can move ahead in real education and science development. We have space travel ahead of us, and more intense exploration of the truth of the past. Genesis was subverted and all of our news for thousands of years. I thank our real creator for this new opportunity

      • If Genesis is read with real understanding it tells us where the “advanced” civilizations came from and who they were. And it wasn`t little green men or grays as is commonly suggested on the science and NG channels. Who do you consider our “real” creator?

    • I hope you help support Bart Jordan and his coming out on his role in the Manhattan Project and on NASA’s Mars Viking 1 mission, and his deciphering ancient languages and artifacts that prove not only technologically advanced ancient civilizations existed, but there message about nukes and war in the Cydonia region on Mars needs to be understood. This links to latest issue of Flyby News with information on an interview recorded last September.. with more of it that will be released near the end of 2016..

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