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    Having spent most of my life in areas that were once a mile or more beneath massive ice sheets, I’ve always been interested in observing the many features that retreating glaciers left behind. I’m also fascinated with the period that marked the sudden extinctions of the megafauna of North America, such as woolly mammoths, gigantic species of camels, lions, bears, sloths and dozens of other large animals.

    There have been ebbs and flows in the Earth’s average temperature, which have affected the total amount of ice bound up on land in glaciers and then melted out into the oceans. Florida has repeatedly been swallowed up and emerged from the sea and if current trends continue, according to the science presented in this program, much of Southern Florida will be beneath the ocean in 200 years’ time.

    The last Ice Age ended around 10,000 BC and it appears that it’s not yet over.

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