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This is the third and final installment of the latest Dark Journalist interview with the Grande Dame of ufology, Linda Moulton Howe. 

In this episode, she drills down into the details of the earliest of UFO incidents recorded by the US government, the 1941 crash of three triangular-shaped “planiform” craft in rural Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which preceded by six years Kenneth Arnold’s historic report of 9 UFOs while he was piloting an aircraft during a search and rescue mission near Mount Rainier, in Washington State.

Arnold’s June 24, 1947 case is considered to be the first widely-reported UFO sighting in the US. While describing what he saw, he coined the term “Flying Saucer”, a term which came into popular use for decades. The incident at Roswell had actually occurred 9 days earlier but it wasn’t officially announced until July 8, 1947.

The Cape Girardeau incident is more interesting on numerous levels; because it’s less well-known and because there’s been less distortion and disinformation around it.

Howe describes bizarre goings-on that would certainly make for a good Sci-Fi movie, based on the testimonies recorded in the book, ‘The Bombshell Before Roswell’ by Paul Blake Smith, including the little-known case of the UFO crash at Cape Girardeau and of the ET remains being brought to the sub-basement of the Capitol, which may have been the most secure location in the US at that time. This was prior to the construction of the Pentagon and the outfitting of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to become the repository for crashed UFOs. Then-Secretary of State Cordell Hull and his cousin, Reverand Holt are quoted as describing seven levels existing beneath the Capitol Building, to which only high-level Freemasons in the US Government were gives access, including Vice-President Harry Truman and Cordell Hull.

Howe also gets into the research which grew out of back-engineering of this offworld craft, suggesting that the “neutronic propulsion” craft may have aided in the development of the first hydrogen bombs, which ended World War II, in addition to features within it that could manipulate world events
by altering timelines; “turning back time” to acquire unimaginable levels of military conquest and social, economic and cultural control.

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  • The “press conference” is a nice thought. Everyone in the know would love to see that happen. However, given the track record to date of both humans and their ET keepers, their corruption, power mongering and enslavement of the masses with a movement toward a police state worldwide it is naive to think either would give up power or position.

    Linda said it herself, “humans lie, deceive and battle” “ETs lie, deceive and battle”. We are a reflection of our makers, she notes. WHAT could change this? One thing only, awakening the mass consciousness. How? No one makes any change at any time without a catalyst. The populace requires a catalyst. When this happens there will be hell to pay before the shake-out occurs. I do agree that 2016 is an important year with 2017 being the watershed year.

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