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Dave Hayes aka Praying Medic is a foremost QAnon expert who joins the X22 Report’s Spotlight to talk about his new book.

“The coming storm is the prosecution of corrupt people. Right now, we’re in that period of the calm before the storm, where it looks like nothing is happening but go on and you can see all the sealed cases that are there [40,000 of them]…

“So right now, it looks like the thrust of the operation is to have Senate hearings; Senate Judiciary, Homeland Security, Senate Finance. So, Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, they’re going to be investigating corruption. They’re gonna be investigating the corrupt activities of the Bidens and other people related to Burisma and Ukraine, China…

“Lindsey Graham, his Senate Judiciary, they have oversight over FBI and DOJ. So the corruption, FBI, DOJ related to FISA abuse, that is going to be exposed and Lindsey Graham’s hearings and now that the impeachment thing is over, Lindsey Graham can schedule his hearings…he’s gonna subpoena Comey and Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein.

“Those are the first people he wants to subpoena; get them under testimony and put them under oath and have them testify about how these FISA applications were approved and the DOJ has already said they know that at least two of them were improperly approved…

“People are going to be made aware of the corruption in government through the FISA abuse and then, I think after some of the Senate hearings have had a chance to wake people up, then I think we’re going to start seeing indictments of people related to FISA abuse and then we’re going to have a public awakening and awareness of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One, Haiti child-trafficking – all of that.

“I think that will be rolled out later after the public has been made aware, in a general sense about government corruption. So, that’s my five-minute elevator pitch of where this is all headed…

“[The reason for the existence of Q is] because the Mainstream Media will not report accurately and truthfully on corruption, because the Mainstream Media is complicit in the corruption.

“We know this. We know this from last year’s Inspector General report on the FBI’s handling of Hillary’s email investigation. Inspector General Horowitz outlined how all these different employees in the FBI we’re communicating and leaking information to members of the media – illegally. It’s against FBI policy.

“So, the media is complicit in the corruption and what Q’s operation is intended to do is to give average people, everyday people information that they can use to spread, disseminate the truthful narrative and is counter to the Mainstream Media’s narrative.

“Q is really an open-source intelligence operation. Q has access to classified information, because Q is connected to the President and Q gives us clues and hints in questions and riddles and links and videos and other documents.

“And if we correctly connect the dots, connect the links. It paints a big picture. What that essentially does is it gives us information, it gives us access to information that would normally require a classified briefing…

“Q’s purpose is to give us a true picture, a true narrative that we can disseminate through social media…[it] can be YouTube videos we can go on Facebook go on Gab…whatever our social media platform is and we can take the information Q is giving us, hopefully, interpret it correctly and disseminate it to our friends, family, people in our sphere of influence…

“I mean, that’s really what it’s about. It is about us taking information from the President. Q is a back channel to the White House, the President gives us information through Q. We just we interpret it, disseminate it and wake people up to the truth of corruption and how corruption is being exposed and it’s going to be prosecuted…

“As long as Trump has not denied or verified his connection to Q, the mainstream media could continue writing their narratives, writing their articles trying to convince people that Q is just some big, idiotic conspiracy…

“If Trump confirms that Q is his intelligence insider, all of their articles and all the credibility is immediately shredded. The minute Trump says, ‘Yep, Q’s my intelligence insider program,’ it’s Game Over. The media has been completely discredited, so they can’t ask the question…

“I think that when Q says, ‘Enjoy the Show,’ Q means (my interpretation) that the military has planned this out. They planned their strategy out years in advance. The Department of Defense office of Net Assessment, which is an office that does strategic planning; they plan out military objectives, strategies, goals and identify tactics to be used 20, 25 years into the future. So the military is very big on looking at Game Theory.

“Q has occasionally makes allusions to Game Theory. Why is this relevant? Game Theory is the science of studying strategies and tactics in an environment where there are opponents looking at each other’s moves. So, I believe members of the military, along with people in Trump’s sphere, some very intelligent people have essentially mapped out their strategy about the attempted coup, the Mueller investigation the impeachment and they’ve kind of figured all this out.

“And look, the NSA has access to all of the communications of everyone, right? So, they know what Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are talking about. They’ve got George Soros’ private communications, right? So, they have an advantage in this Game Theory environment, because they have the communications of their opponents and they can strategize and make moves based on what they know about their what their enemies are going to try to do…

“So, all their communications are being scooped up and analyzed – legally –  so, if Trump has these people under legal FISA surveillance, he knows all the communications. He’s reading their emails, he’s read their text messages and that makes it very easy, from a strategic standpoint to plan out what Trump is going to do next and so that’s that’s my interpretation…

“I realized when I started studying Game Theory how important this is to Q’s operation. Q puts out information both to help Patriots understand the big picture but also to lure the President’s enemies into traps. Certain information is put out to get the Deep State to make certain moves to expend ammunition…

“Q is trying to get people like Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Comey, Clapper, Brennan he’s trying to get them to make moves based on his statements, because he knows they’re all watching the board. I mean, all the intelligence agencies, all of the Deep State people, all the media they’re all watching Q’s board. They’re all observing – a lot of them are posting on there. And they’re all observing and watching…

“The reason why the enemies of the President are observing and watching the board is because they all got screwed when the Saudi princes got arrested on November 4th 2017. Q, in the first week of posts on October 28th 29th, the 30th and 31st. Q was posting about Hillary and Podesta and Huma Abedin being arrested…

“Ever since that day, when the Saudi princes got arrested, surprise one-day mass-arrests, no warning, other than Q was dropping some clues about Saudi Arabia – ever since that day, the Deep State has been watching Q’s, posts, trying to get information about who is going to be arrested and when.

“Because they know he was telling them ahead of time about Saudi Arabia and about Hillary and they got it was a disinformation campaign but what they’re doing now is they’re looking at Qs board and they’re trying to figure out how do they make their move because they know Q is giving true information about Trump’s plans and they have to read Q’s posts and try to figure out how do we strategize our next move based on what Q is saying?

“This is this is totally about Game Theory. It is about information-disinformation and it’s information warfare between rogue agents in the intelligence communities and the National Security Council the Deep State around the world and then trying to figure out what Trump and his military are doing based on Q’s posts

“And Q, of course continually puts out disinformation for them to distract them and to get them to make wrong moves, so it is a it is a really interesting game of chess; high-level, high-stakes chess…when they put out this disinformation, they’re pushing these individuals to do something that they want them to do…

“And their strategy is to keep him under investigation so he cannot then have his Justice Department go after them, because it’ll look like retaliation…

“Soros is the puppet master who’s controlling all of these people. It used to be the Saudi Arabia. They exerted a lot of control over US politicians, not all of them but a lot of them…

“Q has said that the the power structure at the very top was the Saudi Royal Family, the Rothschilds and George Soros. They essentially control global events, those three families of people.

“Saudis primarily controlled US politicians, UK politicians, not all of them but some of them. They controlled the energy sector and tech companies; major shareholders of Twitter, Facebook, other tech companies, broadcast companies. So the Saudis were in control of media and politicians.

“Rothschilds are in control of the banks. So, the Rothschilds control the banking system and the Catholic Church and through the banking system, they control governments. And through governments, they control large numbers of people.

“Soros controls political activities and elections. So, he has all these little companies that he runs; Media Matters and Organizing for Action and all these other companies; ShareBlue. He has all these companies and they do grassroots political campaigns; of trying to manipulate election results. He is just sort of is always working on election issues and Antifa-backing you know, those community organizations.

“That’s how Q is kind of explained it. Each; Soros, Rothschilds and the Saudi royal family all have kind of a role that they play. The Saudis were removed from power when the the princes were arrested in November of 2017. There’s only two essentially, two large power groups left it’s Rothschilds and Soros and they’re eventually gonna be taken down.

“Q has alluded to the fact that the Rothschilds lost a lot of their money when Trump signed that executive order in December of 2017, that allowed the US Treasury to seize the assets of people and organizations involved in human rights abuses, human trafficking and corruption…it was about a month afterward that the Rothschilds sold their hunting estate in Austria that they had owned for 143 years and they’ve been selling a lot of family heirlooms since then.

“So Q has kind of hinted that the Rothschilds are losing their power. George Soros is also losing some of his ability. A lot of the corrupt slush funds in government that kept Soros taking money from the taxpayers, those slush funds have been eradicated and they’re gone.

“So, Soros’ money is probably being drawn down…I describe it as kind of a a bottom-to-top operation, I think that Trump’s people in the DOJ, the intelligence communities, in the military are running these operations sort of from the bottom to the top; they’re taking out low-level people at the bottom and I think they’re going to get these some of the big people at the top at the very end that’s just my suspicion.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra— I have published a number of comments even with various names. I check back in a couple of days and they NEVER show up. I don’t know what is going on but I’ll tell you this. I will NEVER donate to you via Patreon due to your censorship. I donate to many Alt sites too.
    I see JT below posted critical of Isis-Ra-El and he got through.
    What’s UP with this censorship on your site??

  • I tend to be a little leery when people start telling me (the audience) that he had dreams from the Lord. Especially. Q. Being very religious myself, it is well known that God can inpire and reveal things to men and women, however, Satan can also inspire people in dreams as well.

    Also, this “Cult” following about Q is like going on an Easter Egg Hunt. Qanon hasn’t been right many times and I feel sorry for these people looking for Marsh Mellows and Chocolate Eggs behind trees.

  • Four years nothing has happened…more hearings? are you kidding?…at the end of another 4 years Trump will leave and spout “I tried.” Stop these endless wars, tax the wealthiest of the top 25% Public hangings of all connected the Clinton mob…The Bush family and ALL traitors…All pedophiles publicly hanged to discourage all sexual perversion…Then start to rebuild the foundations of America.

  • I have always liked David Hayes and the information he brings on his program.. HOWEVER, anyone who really believes that prosecution of the big name Luciferian psychopaths is about to happen is deluding themselves. The “deep state” cabal has waited all these years because they are now at a point that they have either filled all the top governmental positions of power, or they control these same positions by blackmail. Essentially the ones tasked by the people to prevent/stop.arrest/prosecute/imprison these demonic “people” are themselves corrupt and on the same team. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN –
    Trump is a pilgrim in a very unholy land…..

  • Yes. Jail time. They have had four years. EVERYBODY in D.C. can’t be crooked. I will believe it when I see it. Trump said he would drain the swamp, not jail people, it’s a big difference. If the rule of law and the Constitution are not followed, nothing makes any difference.

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