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The Real Truth Behind the CIA Report of Russian Hacking Electing Trump

WeAreChange’s Luke Rudkowski breaks down the lies most vile emanating from the CIA about Russian hackers electing president Donald Trump. The Mainstream Media has been carpet bombing American living rooms over the past week with this FAKE NEWS coming from the professional lie agency. Ironically for the past 70 years, the CIA has used propaganda against foreign nations to effect regime change and to install right wing dictators around the globe. Now they’re using it to prevent a duly-elected right wing President of the US from taking office. Blue is the new Red.

Could this be happening because Obama legalized US Government propaganda to be wielded against US Citizens, when he signed the 2012 NDAA budget?

Meanwhile, the 2017 NDAA budget was just passed, which includes the Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill passed by both houses of Congress, which calls for a $160M yearly budget from the Pentagon to block “Russian” and other foreign propaganda from entering the US, as well as to pay bloggers like me to produce pro-US Government propaganda, lest we resist and watch our Internet traffic get filtered to a trickle, are forced to close shop and stock shelves at Wal-Mart. The American gulag is within driving distance.

The insanity of the election season hasn’t skipped a beat in the 5 weeks since the Election was called. The flailing vote recount effort [allegedly] mounted by Jill Stein, the cacaphonous histrionics of “comedienne”/Deep State troll, Samantha Bee and virtually everyone else on the idiot box, compounded by the baseless, politically-motivated claims of the CIA and the reports of death threats being made to Electoral College voters if they vote for Trump, is all part of the lead-up to next Monday, December 19th, when the Electoral College formally casts their votes for the new President of the US.

On the upside, James Clapper’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which supervises the work of all 17 of the US’ intelligence agencies has stated that the CIA’s claim that Russia is behind the DNC and Podesta leaks to swing election to Donald Trump are unproven and the FBI concurs. In addition, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, a close friend of Julian Assange, has confirmed that he knows the identity of the person who leaked the DNC and Podesta leaks to WikiLeaks. Murray says this person is not Russian and has no connection to the Russian government – on the contrary, he is a Washington insider.

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