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    Greg Reese’s latest video follows the interesting history of Sigmund Freud and its members’ relationship to propaganda, corporate public relations and the online streaming service, Netflix.


    Known as the “Father of Psychoanalysis”, Sigmund Freud claimed his father molested all of his siblings. Freud was a cocaine addict, as well as a a pedophile advocate, who taught that children sexually lusted after their parents. And that children who reported sexual abuse by adults had either imagined or fantasized the experience. He believed that women were the problem with society and all their problems stemmed from not having a penis.

    Freud’s grandson, Sir Clement Freud has been accused of molesting multiple young girls and was suspected in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Sigmund Freud’s sister, Anna Freud whom Feud claimed was regularly molested and abused by their perverted father, gave birth to Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda. Bernays took his family’s work in psychology and used it to help governments and corporations manipulate the minds of the public.

    Hired by the American tobacco company, Bernays manipulated women into buying more cigarettes, by convincing them that smoking was a form of feminist liberation. During this propaganda campaign, he dubbed cigarettes “Torches of Freedom.”

    Thanks to Bernays and his family’s twisted legacy, social engineering became big business. Modern psychology was used to exploit mankind’s mental weaknesses, nurture the public’s lower desires and turned people into mindless consumers. Is it any surprise, then that the great-nephew of Edward Bernays is none other than Marc Bernays Randolph, the co-founder and original CEO of Netflix.

    Does anyone really think that this is a coincidence? Netflix has not only replaced network television as the premiere home of pop culture, it is also continuing the degenerate, depraved social engineering of the Bernays-Freud legacy. In ’13 Reasons Why’, Netflix was accused of romanticizing suicide during a recent increase of teenage suicide. In ‘The Devil Next Door’, they were accused of re-writing history to deceive viewers into believing that Poland was responsible for establishing Nazi death camps. In ‘The First Temptation of Christ’, Jesus Christ is depicted as a homosexual. And a Texas grand jury indicted Netflix for depicting child sex in the movie, ‘Cuties’.

    “Netflix and Chill”. The new, preferred method for brainwashing the masses, brought to you by one of the most depraved, degenerate families of the modern era. Turn it off and wake up.

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    • I want people to know that Netflix also has subliminal messaging. I noticed flashes several times but was not able to slow it down to be able to see what the images were. When I did a Google search about it, a couple dscribed noticing flashes during a horror series they were watching and was able to see something creepy. My son installed an adblocker on my laptop and it “caught” several ads while I was watching content on Netflix.

      I am not surprised that there are pedophilic connections to Netflix. When I watched the series on Epstein, it seemed to have empathy for Epstein. I just learned that the Bill Gates series was partially funded by BG so you KNOW it’s biased. I used to watch “Call the Midwife”, but the last episode I watched was about a captain who pimped out his daughter to the sailors on the ship (to keep the guys happy/sexually satisfied). It gave me a weird feeling and I finally cancelled my subscription.

      People think that because they pay a monthly fee, that they aren’t being advertised to, but they are!!! Just in more subtle ways.

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