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    I am so sad and so angry at what is happening right now, with this fake narrative about America being a racist country. I honestly believe that this push, spearheaded by the infiltrated and treasonous totality of the Government, the large corporations, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Ukrainian mercenaries posing as Antifa are all part of the same “Chinese PSYOP” described by Patrick Byrne.

    It is all part of the application of Unrestricted Warfare and everything being deployed to erode Western Civilization, from Big Pharma’s puberty blockers to COVID-19.

    South Carolina Senator Tim Scott did a great job expressing much of what I feel, in his response to Joe Biden’s congressional address last night.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Yes Mr. Scott, lets have the discussions of Race. I too have felt the pain of discrimination. In 1973 when I was in 6th grade, the Federal government decided to continue with there ‘De Segregate Program.’ My White Community became on there hit list, a community well known by it’s traits of Anglo Saxon names. I was targeted by a girl as dark as you, her full name I still remember, but I’ll just type her first, Ruby. She harassed me on a daily basses, to the point my eldest sister had to take care of me, her baby sister. Things changed for the better after that day, but I will always remember the lesson that there truly is a difference in Race, because there is really a difference in genetics. And we all should stop forcing ourselves into this melting pot & go back to our Roots of our individual Communities. I truly miss & long for being with my own European people.

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