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Merry Christmas, Everybody!


by Matthew Ehret

Do leading members of secret societies managing many of the levers of influence throughout history wield genuine “knowledge known only to the inner elites”… or is something else at play?

In this Canadian Patriot Review documentary produced by Jason Dahl, narrated by Matt Ehret and based on the work of Cynthia Chung, you will be introduced to the ancient origins of the occult societies that penetrated the heart of America’s intelligence agencies after the murder of William McKinley in 1901.

This journey will take you into the heart of ancient occult societies that managed wars, financial and cultural policies over two millennia ago. You will learn of the underlying methodology of manipulation used to induce foolish kings and generals into self destruction during the days of the Persian Empire are used to this very day.

With this perspective in mind, you will be introduced to 1) the British roots of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry founded in 1801 by British grand strategists in South Carolina, 2) a figure named Albert Pike who led in the largest expansion of this foreign agency within the USA after Lincoln’s victory in 1865 and 3) the “seat of government” which 33rd degree FBI director J. Edgar Hoover managed in the USA during the course of eight presidencies.

This dark history is contrasted to the courageous efforts of men who devoted their lives resisting the growth of this occult agency including President Franklin Roosevelt, Senator Thomas J Walsh, Congressman Hale Boggs, Attorney General of New Orleans Jim Garrison, Martin Luther King Jr, Bobby Kennedy and his brother John F Kennedy.

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  • Another intriguing aspect of the early 1900s is the explosion of ‘Psychiatric Wards’… and more curiously, them very often being hosted by MASSIVE mansions. It has been posited that there was a ‘coup on history’ with those not down with the program being deemed insane, kidnapped, drugged and kept as wards of these institutions which took over their estates. This took place around the same time the World Fairs – often claiming that MASSIVE & ornate buildings were built nearly over night, then falling to fire time & again. Just as curious is the complete desolation and decline of architectural buildings & design that predated Marxism and communism. This topic can be looked up under the term [Tartaria], though I suspect many conclusions & assertions one finds researching it are rich with planted absurdities. What can’t be denied is that SOMETHING went down around the turn of the century that has been the target of extreme obfuscation. Many of these wondrous buildings were destroyed for less-than-convincing reasons and their construction equally unexplained.

  • I agree with the commentary here that the aspects of hidden symbolism and occult “powers” are flexed by the deviant elites to flummox the public they serve. In fact, Hitler sent his boys to Tibet to discover and bring back the secrets of reputed occult powers of their rituals. The truth is somewhere between “none exist” and “they have the powers”. You have to understand when the WEF says “we are like Gods”, they mean it, and they are not saying this lightly. They have “something” they think makes them Godlike.

    What is vital to understand is every culture throughout history had their high priests perform blood ceremonies, often with children, resulting in fear and control over the people . This continues to this day, with events like the Bohemian Grove. A lot of misinformation is spread about what takes place there, the best way to discredit those reporting facts, is to push elaborately faked reports to muddy the waters. But some will never forget where the bodies are hidden.

    In the end those who really do have innate powers will overcome. It will not be pretty for the deviant elite.

    • I hope it will not be pretty for those degenerate gods.. in fact I hope it’s bloody awful in the same vane of Vlad Dracula, so hideous no more shall come that way, yes!

  • I’m impressed by this film, that brought together all of this info. It has taken me many years of research into these things but I lack the production skills to bring it all together. I first read Albert Pike’s writings many years ago and it helped me with my research. Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Being of the age where I can say I have to some extent experienced most of what is said on this video.
    Excellent video thank you

  • The advantage of a secret society is not the symbolism or secret powers, but secret meetings without the scrutiny of the public. For example, in California we have the Brown Act, which forbids politicians from talking about an issue outside of a public meeting. So, how is it that we have these agendas that are sprung out of seemingly nowhere like agenda 21 and agenda 2030. These are just presented to us like here it is: obey. There is no secret symbols to my knowledge but can we doubt there are secret meetings that involve us. So, there is a part of me that only half believes the symbolism part–especially since I have studied the occult in its weird winding ways from the 15th century on. People love hocus pocus, but I doubt it means too much. On the other hand, insanity seems to be rampant among the top rulers–maybe drugs, ideology, primping for each other, who knows. Maybe it’s like the court of Louis 14th where he kept everyone occupied with symbolism and courtly intrigue. No doubt some people know the successful techniques of history.

  • November 22, 1963 stands as the great watershed event in American history, from which the guilt and blood of Americans have since flowed downhill to contaminate the valleys and rivulets. Their blood cries out to G-d in heaven for justice, but it’s justice denied, heaping guilt upon guilt until G-d himself must surely visit judgment upon America and purge the land.

    • JD,

      Begin Here :

      House of Rothschild
      began that war against
      Self-Government, and
      controls America’s
      present DEEP STATE
      machinations—both MSM on Left and Right :

      Note :
      Word-search, “History of Rothschild bank and [ America’s ] wars”; e.g., :

      “ A Rothschild family biography mentions a London meeting where an ‘International Banking Syndicate’ decided to pit the American North against the South as part of a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck once stated, ‘The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War. These bankers were afraid that the United States…would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed.’”

      —paragraph is from DuckDuckGo dot com.


    • Here’s the Luciferian contribution to that event –
      a funeral ritual for JFK, held BEFORE Dallas
      and attended by a little 9-yr-old boy who was
      being trafficked by The Cult. From the book
      by Kerth Barker, “Cannibalism, Blood-Drinking
      & High-Adept Satanism”:

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