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    • These ruins remind me of those of Pompey and Sodom. Was there an unnatural catastrophe, perhaps non-volcanic in origin, something previously unknown like the physical opposite of “thermonuclear” that creates ice? Why is Antarctica such a mystery and as yet unexplored now by the “United Nations” of the world? I’m thinking that we are being deceived by the Globalists and their “New World Order”, and that it is not quite as frigid as portrayed, but is habitable after all. Then there are the wild Conspiracy Theories of the Flat-Earthers which may not be so wild after all. Final question: Why were there no survivors of the ill-fated Robert Scott expedition? That in itself is questionable, inferring that it was intentional.
      Five can keep a secret, if all of them are dead.

      • The agenda from negative alien/demonic/AI entities haven’t changed since beginning.
        Demonic entities work for AI, and humans are creation by aliens; however, our soul/spirit isn’t.
        The negative aliens harvest on our negative energies, which is why there are many stories about vampires, energy vampires and such.

    • I don’t know if the pics are real, but due to other pieces of information, I believe that there is an alien base hidden down there, and that these aliens are NOT our friends.
      They are there to enslave our free soul by using many kinds of different tactics.

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