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by John Bowne

The numbers are staggering. Whether its the record breaking amount of non naturalized non U.S. citizens flooding the United States. Or the occupation of Europe as Sharia Islamic fundamentalists have declared victory in several countries. Or the billions of dollars that the NGOs and their minions in Congress are greasing off the backs of the United Nations global border invasion. Or the monumental tab picked up by the American people to destroy themselves. The invasion isn’t coming. It’s here.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The soul message to self today that was given to me is about land redistribution , plan on claiming your inheritance to inhabit a space on earth or somewhere a place where you feel a connection and you would love to be the good Shepard or steward . The bankrupt American dream is alive and well , you have to be present to know what you want and that it is possible . This is not advocating an act of theft . The lands taken by the .govs the forests , landmarks , national parks are just used for revenue and to deny the public free access . The expansion of all life forms here needs the care and sharing of the resources with all souls who also wish to live here in peace .

  • Since all mainstream media (and many so-called alternative ones) are owned and controlled by Jews, this is only a rethorical question.

    To solve the Kazharian problem, keep them out of banking, out of government, out of media and out of education.

    they want our death, they are behind all the evil on this planet. 9/11, covid coup, climate hoax, economic crises, Palestine genocide, the organized invasion, etc…

    Helped by white cuks

    Strike at the head of the snake, elminate the soros, gates, rotshchilds, the british royals, the pope, all the vermin and we will have peace .

    • “We will have peace” when people stop believing in hoaxes such as 9/11, covid, climate garbage, Palestine genocide, list goes on….

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