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    Larry Summers was Obama’s first choice to replace Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. However, the job was instead awarded to Janet Yellin. This 2013 report from Western Journalism alleges that Summers was involved in the initial planning of the 2008 World Financial Meltdown, along with Timothy Geithner, back in the late 1990s.

    Investigative journalist, Greg Palast uncovered a secret memo sent from Timothy Geithner to Larry Summers in 1997, which spelled-out how the banksters would gut the world economy.

    The secret memo, now referred to as the “End Game Memo” because it included Timothy Geithner’s words, “As we enter the end-game…” included the direct private phone numbers of the world’s leading bankers, including billion-dollar embezzler (and former New Jersey Governor), John Corzine, at that time head of Goldman Sachs, along with the heads of the other megabanks.

    In true gangster form, Geithner explained to Summers how he was to personally call each CEO, to make plans for what was to come – all done illegally and off-the-record.

    And what was to come? Figuring out how to create a derivatives market with unlimited returns. By the year 2000, Geithner and Summer’s back-room deals had grown the derivatives market from $100 billion to $100 Trillion – for just one of the megabanks. But the looting couldn’t continue and there was the infamous collapse of 2008, which was executed similarly the the 1929 Stock Market Crash, except that this time, the banks had the Taxpayers foot the bill.

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