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    Brett Bender the Dot Connector explores the significance behind Epstein’s “temple” on Little Saint James, the private island that he owned in the US Virgin Islands and how it strongly resembles a beautiful public bath built in 1491 during the Mamluk Era of the Ottoman Empire in Aleppo, Syria called the Hammam Yalbugha.

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    • Mario Biglino, a quite seriously credentialed translator of ancient languages, wrote that Genesis is about the Annunaki as creator gods, not about the actual Creator. Baal worship and the occult ritual and practices that trace down within Judaism is about Annunaki worship. The pedophilia, child sacrifice and slavery system comes out of this as well. Are we surprised that the evil cabal that has wrapped itself around the world, of which Epstein was an enthusiastic member, is heavily involved in the “origin” laid out in Genesis? As always “sacred writings” are understood in two levels, one, the literal simple worship, and two, the underlying meaning. Throughout history, the secret societies have known the hidden meaning and the hoi poloi learned the literal. Epstein knew exactly what he was symbolizing and he knew he could communicate with his fellows unknown to the rest of the world with something like this “temple.” Funny, it bears the colors of the Israeli flag.

    • At first, I thought it was a leap to put too much import into someone copying an architectural feature, but after Brett Bender made all the connections of the slave society of the architecture’s origins — I have to say Bender has had a very astute insight here that his knowledge of history has made possible. I’m impressed.

      Each time I watch a video posted here, I find it is time well spent. Thank you for your work getting out important and fascinating information!

    • Video author “outing” Epstein’s Baal/Enki/Lucifer connection, and then subtly promoting it: “Enki felt guilty( lol) for making humans a slave race…so he gave them(us) the Tree of Knowledge”.



    • Sadly this is not the way to educate. A short course in the topic, it’s part indoctrination because he keeps inserting his opinions into it some of which are disputable. He’s entitled to his opinions as we all are, but when any of us blur the lines it’s not really very helpful.

    • The aleppo architecture similarity to EPstein is there, the rest from that bender, is a complete idiocy, a BS. Seems like he just got the right name.
      Pity this channel is getting more and more into nonsense..

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