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    This is a short piece by a young man named Spencer Cathcart and although the title is grim, the ultimate message is very uplifting – while it also calls upon us to truly take on the responsibilities which we, as a species have long been shirking. Our lack of will to take full resposibility for ourselves has led us to this make-or-break moment in time for humanity.

    But to see such a young person grasp the cage we live in is also to understand that he grew up with the Internet his entire life and was thus able to inform himself of things that have taken previous generations a lifetime – if they even ever got to that point of awareness. So, this is less about beating ourselves up for the past than it is about seizing the moment. As he says, the Earth has been here for billions of years and it will continue without us – the question is whether or not we will make it.

    “For better or worse, our generation will determine the future of life on this planet. We can either continue to serve this system of destruction, until no memory of our existence remains – or wake up, realize we aren’t evolving upwards, we’re falling down. We just have screens in our faces, so we can’t see where we’re heading…

    “We have mastered the act of killing. Now, let’s master the joy of living.”

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