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With all of this talk about the BRICS and the “de-dollarization of the world”, it’s got a lot of us in a panic, worried that we’ll be contending with massive overnight hyperinflation, in conjunction with the nuking of our food supply with mRNA poisons – and the potential nuking of our country with actual Russian nukes.

But securities analyst, Ed Dowd tells Flyover Conservatives here that, counter to a lot of the catastrophism emanating from the Alternative News and perhaps counterintuitively, the smart money is now moving into cash to buy bargains in the future.

He says, “Cash is not a bad place to be and a lot of the smartest people I know are starting to go into cash and just waiting for the storm to pass and then do what JP Morgan of old would do and buy while there’s ‘blood in the streets.'”

As another financial guy personally told me yesterday, the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. While 100% of global trade used to be conducted in the dollar, with the recent exodus, it’s now “only” 97%.

The dollar will cease to be the reserve currency only when that number goes below 30%, which is what he says happened with the British Pound. It took over 20 years for the British Pound to get to the point where it lost its world reserve currency status.

My financial guy friend says this is something that cannot and will not switch overnight – and Ed Dowd seems to agree.

Ed says:

“Even though there’s inflation, putting your money in stocks that are going to go down 40%-50%, as opposed to 9% inflation in one year, I think I’d rather have the cash and then buy stocks lower. So, I’m just telling people to buy 3-month T-bills or very safe government money market funds until the storm passes…

“What the Fed just did with the Silicon Valley Bank and what they did in Europe is going to basically going to put a finger in the dyke, so things are going to seem OK for a month or two but they really didn’t fix anything so we’re just gonna have this kind of slow, controlled implosion over the next year or two.

“I’m hoping it’s not fast, because anything fast creates panic and chaos – which they can’t control – so, I think they want to engineer a slow kind of demolition. So, in the next couple of weeks, you may see the stock markets rally and everybody say ‘Everything’s fine!’ but it’s not fine. It’s not fine…

“I don’t know the timing…but I’ve been telling people – without giving financial advice – if you have a 401K and you’re worried about your retirement, it would be prudent idea to, whatever amount of cash you want, put it in a money market fund, look at those options – and wait!

“And then, when everybody is screaming at the top of their lungs and the taxicab drivers are saying that the end of the world is nigh, you buy.

“Because right now, the taxicab driver is telling you that the dollar is going to end. Well, the dollars’s not going to end. The dollar’s going to fail up. It’s going to Moon.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra,

    “Cash” ?

    “Money” ?

    “Value “ ?

    “Gold” ?

    “Silver” ?

    —The Meaning of WORDS ?

    There is no money, if the term
    is defined by “Intrinsic Value.”

    Each dollar you hold represents
    what you OWE, not what you
    OWN—as each man, woman and
    child OWES several-hundred-
    thousands of dollars via U.S.
    DEBT and PROMISE-to-PAY,
    U N F U N D E D Mandates.

    There’s always a TERMINAL
    Day of Reckoning when FIAT
    “money” rules the marketplace.

    Keynes had been a blithering
    idiot or stealthy crook !—to
    introduce FRACTIONAL
    Reserve Banking—either way,
    he set the Global Stage for
    ELITE movers and shakers to
    rob the common man of his
    property and savings.

    Elitist thieves had pulled off
    the exact same RUSE in 1929.

    Study the HONEST history of
    the Federal (sic) Reserve (sic).
    I had sent that report to you,
    “What You Don’t Know about
    the Federal Reserve,” a couple
    of times ( send a note if you
    missed it ).


  • I’m sick of brainwashed people trying to convince me to spend on craps such as credits and medical shits that I don’t even need, they stop trying to control my life based on their ignorance.
    We should always have freedom of choice, and not to be controlled by anybody, which includes central bank, medical tyrannies, government and wolves behind.

  • Dude should replace that toilet brush over at the roachchild owned FED bank and help lift all boats not just the yachts. The .gov trap to make us dependent on them then pull the rug by crashing the system has earned them a lot of distrust thank goodness and the grace of GOD for the day when we will only need good government to handle our trash day pickup and to keep the sewers unclogged and running fine.

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