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The Truth Factory has just published this important video about the 20th century history of child trafficking in Canada, as it relates to Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis, the Catholic Church and the CIA’s MK Ultra.


“The war had ended and the baby boom had begun filling up the orphanages with children. The [Canadian] federal government decided to withdraw most of its funding for public education but was still actively funding health care, meaning that these orphanages would receive the funding of 70 cents per orphan per day, whereas, hospitals with children labeled as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘incompetent’ would get $2.25 cents per day.

“So, in order to get more federal funding, the Quebec government advised the Catholic institutions to change the facilities’ vocation to ‘Asylum’ in order to benefit from the federal funding. Catholic religious groups received $70 million in subsidies by claiming that the orphans were mentally ill and overnight, many of these schools transformed into psychiatric hospitals or these children were shipped away from one day to the next.

“The rooms became cells, the windows had bars the books were thrown into the trash and medical records were falsified, giving the orphans false medical diagnosis without any assessments. Now that these children held labels, they no longer required education and could be used as slave labor…”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Really well told story. So dreadfully horrific and terribly sad.
    That we have these monsters still in our midst tells a story in itself.
    I am an Australian so do not know very much about Canada or any of it’s history. I do know that Trudeau is a very bad man and I feel that he had something to do with the burning down of many orphanages in Canada just recently, is that correct. Just something vague in my head about that. I find that when you read things about another country that you get a clearer picture of the story, sometimes more so than those that live in the country. Then there is the story about the queen and Prince Phillip on their honeymoon!!! I expect back then they must have considered that Canada was almost colonial and that they would never get found out or that it would mean nothing. So my knowledge of Canada is all this type of stuff and all pretty awful.
    Getting off my rant that was going nowhere in particular and back to your documentary ….so well done and with done with kindness. I am not in the habit of doing comments but this show moved me to it. I am just heartbroken for the victims and well all the orphans that were subject to these atrocities. God bless them and all love and peace for them.

  • Thank you, this should be mandated for everyone in fhe world to watch, really well done to explain the horror and show us the extent of the perpetrators and their accomplices, desperate people that would end up homeless without the job i suppose – stunning though to think how many people had to know and stayed silent. Can’t judge but someone should – i think covid is the cover for these monsters duking it out with the world. Hope so, otherwise the world turned upside down and i didn’t feel it.

  • How long are we expected too be confronted by. Black scredn & no “play” button ? I’ve tried every I can think of and am giving up after 22 minutes! God bless ! Mike

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