It really looks like the coronavirus #Plannedemic is the Deep State’s attempt to stop Trump and to microchip us with their ID2020 vaccine.

This is why Trump keeps talking about hydroxychloroquine – to obviate the need for their vaccine – which is, in turn, why the Big Pharma Deep State and its minions are pushing back on the anti-malarial drug, with some states’ minion governors even blocking its prescription to COVID-19 patients, that has been shown to be extremely effective in controlled studies done in France, Italy and Brazil.

Initially, Trump blew off the coronavirus hysteria as yet another impeachment hoax during his rallies but then, he rolled with it, because it would give him the excuse to declare a National Emergency and to take control of the Fed and to get some of the things done he was going to do in his second term – like invade Venezuela.

Xi Jinping is fighting the Chinese Deep State, the same way Trump is fighting with his – and that Putin is with his. Putin just fired his entire cabinet! These three and others, like Brazil’s Bolsonaro are working to overthrow the central banking system behind the scenes, which would be history in the making.

That’s why the press, which was founded by and only ever controlled by the Deep State trashes Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro (Xi less so; they keep us completely in the dark about China).

It drives me crazy that everyone is calling everything the “coronavirus”, instead of what it really is, which is a battle royale with the central bankers. When Trump talks about about the “invisible enemy”, that is what he’s talking about.

During one of his daily briefings, a day or two before Steve Mnuchin created the Special Purpose Vehicles that would finance the coronavirus stimulus package, Trump said something to the effect that the “invisible enemy” was surprisingly not as strong as he’d thought. We can only hope he’s right, because they are without a doubt, humanity’s most formidable opponent.

When Q posted the tweet about the Bloomberg article that first described these events, it seemed like so much Pie-in-the-Sky but Dave from the X22 Report believes that we are indeed in the beginning stages of doing the impossible and he explains what he sees going on with the Treasury and the transition to a new monetary system.


“Since Trump came into office, he’s been transforming the economic landscape, changing everything the central banks and the Globalists have done. He was able to do it up to a certain point, because he had other roadblocks that were blocking him.

“What he did from the beginning is that he pretty much removed the Globalist trade deals [TPP, etc.], re-established new trade deals, renegotiated NAFTA into the USMCA, made North America a manufacturing powerhouse, went after China, had them sign a Phase I trade deal, placed tariffs on certain countries, had the US become the number one energy producer and then, what happened?

“As he was pushing the Fed to lower rates and we came into an election year, this was a roadblock. But Trump and the Patriots, they knew the central bank-Deep State playbook. They knew that something else was coming and with this event, they were going to be able to do whatever was needed to be done…

“Remember, we came off the Gold Standard and we went on to the petrodollar, which is based on oil. Henry Kissinger went ahead and made a deal with these different nations in the Middle East and they told us there was an energy crisis. We came off the Gold Standard and we moved to the petrodollar system. Now, they established OPEC to keep control of the oil prices and things like that – and actually, to keep Russia where it is…

“Why are they doing this? because sooner or later, the petrodollar is not going to exist. Sooner or later, the entire US economy is not going to be based off of oil. Everything is about to change and actually, Trump went ahead during his presser and actually discussed how much he does not like OPEC, saying that they are a ‘cartel’.

“Remember, we talked about how this system is completely manipulated. This is a central bank-manipulated system and he’s preparing this entire economic system – and like I said before – this is not just the US going after the Fed, this is the world going after the central bank establishment; the Rothschilds at the top of the pyramid – and they’re preparing to go after this system.

“Now, what’s very interesting is when the entire central bank was set up and moving forward after the 1930s, I do believe the Exchange Stabilization Fund was created…where they have billions or trillions of dollars in there, where they use it to do many different things…I’m reading this from the home Treasury gov site:

“‘The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) consists of three types of assets: 1. US dollars, 2. foreign currency, 3. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which is an international reserve asset created by the International Monetary Fund.

“‘The ESF can be used to purchase or sell foreign currencies to hold US foreign exchange in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) assets and to provide financing to foreign governments. All operations of the ESF require the explicit authorization of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary is responsible for the formulation and implementation of US international monetary and financial policy, including exchange market intervention policy.

“‘The ESF helps the Secretary to carry out these responsibilities by law. The Secretary has considerable discretion in the use of ESF resources.’

“Think about what Trump controls right now. He controls the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Where do you think that money was going before? This was going to other central bank systems. Remember, the funds most likely were created out of the Fed, brought into the Exchange Stabilization Fund and then distributed around the world…

“What they have done right now is they have cut off the funds to these organizations. They have completely cut them off and now Trump and the Patriots, they control everything. And this is why the central bank establishment is in a deep panic. They know their system can’t continue on without these funds. They know their system is dying. They know their system will not last forever and they know that it’s just a matter of time before the entire global economic system crashes under the weight of their debt.

“And Trump and the Patriots, while all of this is happening, they have been preparing to go after and cut off the other central bank entities around the world and this was the first step of bringing the Fed and nationalizing and bringing it into the Treasury, because they will have further control of what is going on and a lot of this can then be exposed to the public.

“Now, once again we’re in the beginning phases of this. The process is ongoing…by the end of all of this, Trump the Patriots they’re gonna have complete and full control of the entire system and the reason to do this is because Trump needs to have a strong economy. He needs the control and he has to have the economy weather the storm.

“What we’re going through right now, with everything shut down, with businesses reeling, people having a tough time, Trump is using all of their weapons against them. Think about what he’s doing. Think about 2008-2009, during that crisis, when they bailed out the banks.

“Trump…called it a National Emergency. He signed the Defense Production Act, he has full control over where these funds go. Most of these funds, right now are going to small businesses and to the people to weather this storm. It’s not going off to pay for the banks and to pay off the insurance companies to loan to the automobile industry…

“He is taking all of these funds and actually asking for more trillions of dollars, using all of this against the central bank system and using it to keep small businesses and the people afloat. There’s a reason for this. If the central bankers had it their way and there were someone else in the presidency, the entire system would have just crashed. They didn’t care how many people got hurt.

“Think about 2008…People moved out of their houses, especially in California. A lot of people just left everything in their homes. They just left. A lot of people ended up sleeping under bridges and tents.

“We still have this. This hasn’t gone away. This is under a central bank system. Trump, the Patriots, what they’re doing is they know that this entire central bank system is imploding. He’s using their weapons against them and cutting them off, at the same time, to trap them.

“This is not about a four-year election or an eight-year election. This is not about just throwing certain individuals in prison. This is about removing the entire corruption, removing the control from the invisible people that we don’t see. That’s the ‘invisible enemy’ that he keeps talking about. That is what he is doing. He is now pivoting and maneuvering to attack and that attack is coming very soon.”

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  • If you listen carefully in recent Q posts, they now admit that they are an operation of the NSA good guys. More than 6 months ago, I stated that they were a psyop of NSA and military leaders, designed to give fake hope to conservative voters.

    Now they’re cornered.

    WATCH THE NEWS they say…..

    not even a drip.

    Any Q uestions?

    • Define good guys.

      Surveilling every American against the constitution? Does that sound like good guys to U,Q?

      Pants on fire.

  • I hate to be a bubble buster but politics is just entertainment for the masses, a stage show, Hollywood for ugly people as they have so aptly stated themselves. And even i have to admit Since Trump it has been an enrertaining show, what with the phony impeacment procedings and all of the staged devisivness, quite convincing. But to think that Trump is riding in on a white horse to save the day is dubious and quite duplistic to say the least. This is a long laid out plan, even his election was a well played act as they used certain alternative news outlets to push the liberterian and independant voting block over into the alt right sector and got trump elected, to say he is the only president in decades if not forever that has the interest of the people as his primary concearn is just outright decieving oneself. People are more divided than ever even though the left has moved wayyyy to the right, the center has moved wayyyy to the right, and the right has gone off the charts to the right. We have people supporting things like war with Iran, Venezuala, occupying iraq indefinatly all the while our real enemies are all around us. Corperate fascist who control all governments, wars are also stage shows to push policy that removes more and more of humanities freedom. People have told me if you dont like it here move to a bannana republic, hell im in one. A government that calls itself a republic has nothing democratic about it republics are set up to insure the people never get enough power to ensure the people can never diminish the power of landowners and those who hold the wealth. That was the origional framework of our republic… Ie. Peoples REPUBLIC of China, United Soviet Socialist REPUBLIC, the REPUBLIC of the Congo, the Dominican REPUBLIC, the Islamic REPUBLIC of Iran, Somalia, most of Africa, most of europe, most of the middle east, Venezuala hell 90% of the world is Republics. They are all magicians spinning their web of illusion through the world, and this includes Trump. Its all one world wide deception. We know deep down inside something is seriously wrong, all of this conflict is artificial for petes sake we are all human , untied we stand divided we fall does not only apply to the corperation of the United States of which we are all employees of( yes look it up) it stands for the whole world. Without ideologies we would have no conflict. Weve been played, we are currently being played, and will continue to be played until we see through the magic trick called politics.

  • Thanks so much for this Great information that most of he people of the World ignores.
    God Bless you and Ptrotect you All!

  • I don’t how anyone listens to the idiots following Q. Seriously, these guys have been predicting the downfall of the deep state for years now….it’s always next week, next month this act, that act always in the future but never seem to accomplish anything.

    Do yourself a favor and find more reliable sources of information because Q is not reliable. I could go through this entire barrel of crap piece by piece but it’s too disgusting.

    For one thing, the US can not take oil out of the ground at 24. per barrel…if you think Trump planned that, then you’re absolutely nuts. Our oil companies are ow filing for federal dollars and protection from bankruptcy because of this fall in price from 50. per barrel to 24.

    Manufacturing? No it won’t come back here because at current employments rates which manufacturer could compete with .20 per hour? Let me answer for you…none. The IMF is a deepstate entity and anyone involved with them is only kicking the can down the road.

    You don’t see the big picture…if our country has any chance of surviving….every international entanglement has to go. That won’t happen.

    Reality is: Our country and many others are about to enter into a New World Order with a central government and currency for the world. If you think “Trump and Patriots are going to control that…then you need your head examined!

    Get a life!!! Do something productive if you want to help the world… Pushing illogical lies to deceived citizens in no better than what MSM does every day. Shame on you.

    And if you think Trump is taking down the Central banks of the world then you don’t understand how the banking system works…at all.

    • Most have no experience in the business world other than as an employee. Fewer have any business education. Conversing with such on these points is admirable. They’re good people and hope which by itself is NOT anything but good.

      Q seems to be a military/intel group that prays on young people and low tech people who also have no government background. It is clearly a psyop and that much has been crystal clear for quite awhile.

      I do believe it gets posted as entertainment as much as anything else.

  • Yeah, do you think Trump’s team are positioning the DS to over extend themselves? Austin Steinbart said that they’ve indebted themselves over 5G but won’t see any return as people will be offered free internet by the space force, another example.


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