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    This latest video by Greg Reese is based on Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary, ‘Ukraine on Fire’.


    The first casualty of war is the truth. And if the people knew the truth about the people’s interference in Ukraine, they might not be so eager to start World War III.

    During World War II, Western Ukraine sided with the Nazis.

    After the war, the CIA helped Ukrainian Nazis evade the Nuremberg Trials and began operating with them, in Ukraine.

    After several decades of CIA infiltration, the Ukrainian Peoples’ Movement emerged in 1989 and gave birth to extremist groups, Svoboda, Trident and Right Sector, Neo-Nazi groups pushing for the ethnic cleansing of Ukraine; extremist groups cultivated by the CIA, supported by the US State Department and used by the IMF to bring Ukraine to heel.

    When Yanukovych beat NATO-backed Yushchenko in the 2010 elections, his government was being pressured into a signing an EU association agreement by the International Monetary Fund, in their typical conquer-by-debt offer that would financially ruin the Ukraine and place them at the mercy of the World Bank.

    Yanukovych declined their offer. And in today’s corrupt world, you’re not allowed to say “No” to the IMF.

    Funded by NGOs associated with George Soros and the CIA, a highly-organized Color Revolution was immediately deployed against Yanukovych.

    Organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy trained activist-journalists to utilize Facebook, along with three brand new television networks created within weeks to recruit people for the protests.

    This Western-run media campaign was a huge success. The turnout was massive.

    The CIA has been orchestrating revolutions their entire career and the first step to their simple formula is to convince people to take to the streets in peaceful protest.

    They then use agitators to goad the police into violence and state-run media to ignite the crowd with emotionally-charged reports of sacred victims.

    On November 30, 2013, the Ukrainian chief-of-staff [Sergiy Lyovochkin], associated closely with the US State Department ordered the streets to be cleared of protesters for the erection of the annual Christmas tree.

    When the police arrived, they were met by a highly-aggressive and well-organized faction of Ukraine’s Right Sector, who provoked the police into a violent reaction against peaceful protesters, which is all the Western intelligence media reported on.

    Predictably, this resulted in more unrest and violence, which was further fueled by US Senator John McCain’s support of the protests.

    Leaked phone calls reveal that the US State Department was orchestrating this coup d’état from within the US Embassy, with support from US Vice President Joe Biden.

    On February 20th, unidentified snipers, firing from government buildings occupied by the protesters began firing into the crowd, killing people on all sides.

    Yanukovych’s home and offices were taken by armed mobs and a new government was put into place, with a Neo-Nazi element that went on to accept the IMF’s spurious loan offer and began murdering the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine in Donbas.

    As a result of this Western-created quagmire, 96% of the people in Crimea voted in favor of joining Russia and while the nation celebrated, Western media reported that they were invaded by Russia.

    Their proof? A Russian military presence there, which has existed since 1804.

    Supporting a criminal war against Russia does not make you a patriot.

    It makes you a useful idiot of the Globalist banking cartel, the very same entities waging war on all of humanity, with vaxxine passports and experimental jabs.

    A righteous patriot would call out his government for war crimes.

    And through fraud and deceit, the United States Government has been the biggest purveyor of war crimes for decades.

    All in the name of spreading McDonald’s, genetically-modified foods and sexual perversions, worldwide.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • On the advisory board of the Munich Security Conference, ( MSC). sit George Soros and David Miliband. The MSC awards the John McCain prize since his death.

    • Have u shown the video of Zelinsky’s lgbt man band. uggh Reports the “surgeon general” has ordered big tech to turn over info on convid “misinformation.

    • This is only a brief clip that barely touches the surface of what has been going on in the Ukraine for decades! If you feel you need more, want to better understand and wish to dig below the surface, this video may better serve your needs, as there is much we do NOT know!

    • Another CIA quagmire the hyperventilating CIA media mind controllers enlist the brain damaged Americans to support used by their CIA installed .GOV to punish the Russians with. Do you really think that peace is an option in the Ukraine or anywhere else with these demons .

    • Well spoken this is the truth. Both Trump and Putin know it. Thank God Putin is brave enough to rectify this this diabolical situation brought on by the Corrupt Atheistic Satanic Globalists, Neo Nazis Khazarian Mafia Ukrainian Oligarchy that have been enslaving the good God loving Russian/Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Christian population in Ukraine.

    • I’ve been researching this for a few days now. And can recall reading on this Crimea and Ukraine/U.S. corruption years ago. But you’re spot on with the reality of it all.
      How do we get this message broadcast with a wider net?
      I keep getting kicked off Social Media for posting facts, so I may not be best to share. And THIS is exactly what I msg politicians and that is unless you do something to penalize FB, Twitter, IG etc. Then nothing changes. Ever. We must have a wider net to share facts and sadly our political class simply don’t care. So we are gonna have to organize a different way and that is email which takes MONEY. and TV and Radio- more MONEY.
      There must be a way to start a fund for Wealthy Conservatives where millions$ are raised to make people aware. There could be swag sold to make a return, then TV show and commercial advertising sold to realize a return for investors. I’m thinking it through.

    • I remember when Victoria Nuland went into the Ukraine with cookies for the Nazi group and the phone call was leaked “F the EU.” I was shocked at the crudeness of our chief diplomat. I knew nothing of George Soros, or that Robert Kagan had been in every administration since GWB. Anyway, it’s a “neo-con” debacle. Why call it American? I voted for O’Bummer just once, but it was already too late. They (the U.S.) had ruined Libya, Syria, and then Ukraine. Joe and Hunter were already deeply involved. But I guess you could go back to 9 11 when these creeps came to power for the first time. Thanks to Greg Reese for getting it right. History does provide perspective.

    • American has totally lost the art of critical thinking,it will be the end of u.s./US if people don’t snap out of this sheeple behavior👁️

    • “Leaked phone calls reveal that the US State Department was orchestrating this coup d’état from within the US Embassy, with support from US President Joe Biden.”
      Biden was not president at the time, and he still isn’t.

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