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Author, Screenwriter, YouTuber and Hollywood whistleblower, Tiffany FitzHenry is joined by researcher John Taylor from the Traffick Report to discuss the the connections between the Finders cult, the Franklin Cover-Up, the Presidio, the McMartin Preschool, NXIVM, Epstein, Weinstein.

She says, that the scandals above are considered by most to be separate “but the sobering truth is, it’s all part of the same system.”

FitzHenry has been doing incredible work, revealing how the Deep State controls the major players in Hollywood, musicians, journalists, CEOs and politicians and how all are agents of controlled influence, manufactured and elevated to control culture and distract the masses.

The two give a historical overview and a context to all of the above, starting with MKULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre, to what’s happening in the present day, with NXIVM, Epstein and more.

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  • Today, i posted a part 2 video, after yesterday’s CIA-MKUltra-type school shooting just north of LA, Cal. It actually ties in a number of the subjects under discussion on ‘Forbidden Knowledge TV.’ This one goes into matters even your channel might fear to go. ..only because it right likely is true. This video is more further focused-communicative than yesterday’s due to my knowledge of the false flag reason (same pattern) for the shooting.
    You may have to go down to my ‘comment’ section of this bitchute video to obtain a better link to watch it.

  • i recorded a 24 min. video today not knowing another MKUltra school shooting was staged. My video fits with your interview. For more on this ‘The Bigger Picture’ subject see my channel &:
    Re: the negative corporation out of City of London, Inc. which is “owned” by the Vatican of old.
    Read the text too & ‘comment’ section.

  • FIRST OF ALL I havent heard the entire video yet but for starters JFK was killed for a few things least of all UFO’s seriously .

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