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Linda Moulton Howe joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt to give us some juicy tidbits from the history of the US Government’s counterintelligence campaign to protect UFO secrecy.

She says the cover-up has led to “parallel tracks” of technological development in the post-World War II era and a Secret Space Program.

“The public and the media don’t understand that the classified documents related to UFOs and ETs were never really under the Air Force,” she says.

“Project Bluebook – that was just a con; that was just a deflection. It was to get the public and the media off the Government’s and the Air Force’s back.

Howe says astronomer, J Allen Hynek was used by the Air Force to spread the false cover story about “swamp gas” and that he told her he regretted this deeply in the months before he died.

“Meanwhile, UFOs, ETs were a constant and persistent presence on the planet and those documents; those gun films that were made, all of it went through the Atomic Energy Commission and the US Navy.

“Those were the two agencies that had most or all of the physical, environmental evidence and it went into their archives – the Atomic Energy Commission and Navy Intelligence – and those are what are supposed to still be hidden in Suitland, Maryland or one of those big underground archives that no one is ever going to get access to under any FOIA.”

She says this information has in turn been managed by the CIA. In fact, Howe believes that the National Security Act, which created the CIA in 1947 was passed as a direct response to the Roswell crash earlier that same year.

Watergate burglar attorney, Douglas Caddy, has told Howe and Liszt separately that his friend, E Howard Hunt claimed the reason JFK was assassinated because he was planning to share the US Government’s “biggest secret” with the Soviet Union, which involved “the alien presence.”

This is supported by a document known as the “burned memo,” which emerged in 1999 from an anonymous source claiming to be a former CIA operative between 1960 and 1974. The source claimed he pulled the memo from a fire when the agency was burning their most sensitive files.

In the “burned memo,” the CIA director at the time (his name is blacked out) allegedly wrote: “Lancer [the CIA’s codename for JFK] has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October. Your action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group.”

This memo indicates JFK really was probing the CIA about UFO intelligence, and that they might have taken steps to prevent this.

There’s a lot more here, including another memo, in which Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein jointly recommend to keep knowledge of the alien presence a secret. Very interesting stuff for UFO buffs!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The answer to the question brought up towards the end of
    this interview re: Why the secret? is: Those at the top of the CIA & NSA have their oldest
    family blood lineages tracing to the Dark leaning Forces (some see
    them as Luciferians) that have battled Truthseekers far back into
    earlier Ages so as to keep [Garden] secrets from the Masses, as they
    see themselves as an elite that deserves to rule. The truth maybe
    that a true elite [Forefathers] can still exist and yet benevolently
    treat fellow mankind in a more humane fashion; while those who have
    ruled for an Age have failed & into this New Age eventually must turn
    over their Time-slot.

  • Both the evidence and the logic overwhelmingly points to the CIA deep state enforcer which Kennedy vowed to destroy over the Bay of Pigs incident.

  • Suuure:)…UFO and Aliens…JFK was assassinated ( a PUBLIC EXECUTION ) over the Executive Order 11110, Dimona, and Vietnam ! Behind the sharpshooters was a coalition of Banksters, Zionists ( Ben Gurion & Co. ) and MIC…Crime/Cocaine Agency and FBI planed/executed and covered-up ( Dulles ans Angleton from CIA and Hoover from FBI ). And Cabel from Dallas Police…Read, people, R E A D !!!

    • And I forgot to mention the Secret Service, part of the complot ( see ‘ Secret Service stands down ‘…less than 3 min…only a brainwashed sheeple could beee-he-he, I meant say that JFK wasn’t framed ! )…Again, read real books, Americans, not Establishment propaganda !

    • i got into UFO research in 1972 only after looking for 8 years into alternative JFK coup lines that didn’t lead anywhere solid. Where do you think the bloodlines of the top of CIA & Mafia lead/connect with? Yes, same societies and families as the Central Banksters, etc. Yes, read about the Opium Wars… same families; same flesh peddling, they never change; except now include even younger children & babies. These families trace back to the Garden of Eden, but from the other Tree (Tree of Good & Evil) from many of us (Tree of Life). So, we all are mixed up in this and yes, UFOs, the Vril, & those also of the unseen dimension, if that is what some want to call them.

    • After attempting to sleep on it, I apologize for not being clearer or more precise. @ ‘Sorin,’ You are partially correct, the extraterrestrial story is an exaggeration/blah-blah/propaganda by as much as 60 – 80%. The exaggerations are promoted by the controlling Elite in order to take credence/respect away from Truth. Therefore, there are grains of Truth at the heart of the tale. While the extraterrestrial-Alien side is only small, much are inter-dimensional, and yes, there are many of those which are nuts-&-bolts… built by people who have broken-away from the ‘accepting’ media controlled Masses of the population—the Commoners. These Separatists, or Break-Away Civilizations, and there are a number of them, are totally separate-independent from the others. They must be kept separate, so as a Prime Directive: Not affect a change or alteration in the Masses’ self-evolution or devolution=eventual destruction/collapse.
      Likewise, lenders, accountants, and credit unions are not all evil. Banks and Central Banks use others/your money freely and they also lend it back to said owners and do so with an additional interest charge. Now, if that ain’t a scam so slick what is? The Masses just keep paying on it, their mortgages, while not catching on that they are mathematically guaranteed under this one-way contract to get into deeper poverty while making the very rich get richer!
      Some of the higher ups of This System, push to make war against the Muslim nations that still stick to one of God’s Commandments: not to use any usury. They don’t like to be reminded, that Christians followed this Commandment until a Pope and his underlings realized the Knights Templar where getting rich and powerful by utilizing usury. So said, wrote up a warrant and outlawed the Templar, murdering many, and stole much of their treasures, and the Bank of Rome has been getting richer, more powerful, with added greed ever since!
      An outsider of this con-game has to conclude, after observing this for Centuries, “Gosh the Commoners really are that stupid to allow and yes even sign up for this—they deserve to be kept at slave-property class. They are not fit for saving.”
      Thus, the Secret is maintained until enough of them wake-up and understand mathematics, so they are fit for a new Age to commence where those deserving to be ‘I am’ self-responsible/self-governing can do so without signing over their Power-of-Attorney and seeking REPRESENTATIVES.

    • When someone signs their name over on any license in ALL CAPITAL letters, this is a contract, casting a spell, and surrendering your Power-of-Attorney over to a REPRESENTATIVE or Straw Man representing/cloning/fooling you/putting a magical & legal spell over you and sucking your energy; thereby enslaving you.
      That is the simple lawful truth leaving you as a peanut shell of what you potentially could be.

  • Excellent video! Solid evidence to suspect that their conclusions are spot on.

    Another path that leads back to Truman and the Pilgrim Society.

    Imagine the world today if JFK had succeeded in partnering w/Khrushchev and if JFK had b*tchslapped the CiA to the ground.

    The only thing that gets it done now is disclosure; real disclosure; not electing some clown billionaire as megahorn pompASS of the USA.

    Great job A!

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