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The Truth Factory is back with her latest video on the early 1990s child sex trafficking cult known as The Finders. This group first came to light in the early 1990s and it was in the news again recently, when the FBI released documents about their investigation into this group, which was allegedly connected to the CIA.

With the exposure of the NXIVM cult and Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, we all have new eyes to clearly see groups like The Finders for what they really are and The Truth Factory, as always, does a great job of laying it out for us.

The information presented here comes directly from the pages of police reports, newly-released FBI files accounts taken from witnesses, investigators and members of the cult, themselves.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The F B I & C I A are the scum of the earth…evil still is present in the American government…Trump/Q is not changing anything as far as human trafficking is concerned. The pedophiles are rampant in DC…

  • Criminals In Action have been doing this since it’s inception. Another reason that J.F.K. was taken out. But I believe you know this. This is much, much more than a swamp. And runs very, deep, with fingers around all around the world.

  • No wonder JFK was going to eliminate the CIA. and Bush Sr. was up for the position as the head of the CIA. No wonder he wanted to eliminate JFK. LBJ was also a part of the assassination of JFK. Look at John Brennan, all the echelons in the FBI, and the CIA all crooks.

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