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Alpha News is proud to present ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’. The film is based on Liz Collin’s Amazon bestseller, ‘They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,’ which exposes the holes in the prevailing narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout the city of Minneapolis has suffered ever since.

The documentary features more than a dozen interviews with the people directly involved, including exclusive interviews with former officers Derek Chauvin and Alexander Kueng who spoke to Liz Collin from prison. The families of Chauvin and Kueng also speak out publicly for the first time.

The film also features current and former Minneapolis police officers who tell their harrowing stories from the riots, recount the planned surrender of the Third Precinct, and explain why so many of them left the job.

The crowdfunded movie was produced by Alpha News journalist Liz Collin and directed by Dr JC Chaix. Cinematography by Josh Feland.

This documentary is provided free of charge due to generous donors. Please consider a 100% tax-deductible donation to support our work and help promote this film.

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  • I knew from the beginning that floyd was never a man these stupid folks-his family, news medias, reporters, government officers from all levels try to portray. The governor, mayor, and police chief were all scared chicken so they threw everyone under the bus. I hope this investigation film shed some light on the situation and show how government officials can imprisoned innocent officers and no criminal was arrested. They just let criminal took control of a bad situation and did nothing. The costs of these criminals rioting, lotting, and burning down of buildings and businesses, ruining hardworking people’s livelihood, and devastation to society were more than floyd’s death

  • Have you seen “The Fall of Minnappolis”?
    I shamefully judged these police officiers as Racist and maybe even murders. This well made Documentary/Movie that just came out on George Floyd would shock anyone and bring truth tellers to their knee’s, asking for God’s forgiveness for judging these men without looking at the evidence.

    I pray you would be brave as always and do a evaluation on this documentary you can watch for free on forbidden knowlege tv.

    My post to a police former police officier who evaluates police responses.

    This is a well done movie. Who will watch it? Im thankful I took the time to watch this super eye opening movie. Tears and cheers for these officiers. All of them that did a great job that day trying to deal with a sick man high om drugs that was not wanting to be arrested. The media is so wicked!

  • Loser freemason BS artists used to force feed the .gov racial division op targeting white peeps but instead devolving into a big black butt kissing frenzy and failed to incite the civil / race war agenda . The .gov idiots played this up as we are a racist nation and this justifies reparations and looting which is wearing out it’s welcome having destroyed commerce in many cities . The commies (more jewish BS ) ran the Black Lies Matter misfit mantra / scam the DOJ pushed to absolve blacks from any personal responsibility for turning half of the cities into a no services free fire gun range car jacking shithole capital of the world and causing further white flight to the law abiding red states . Time for black people to pull their thick skull heads out of their jewish masters asses to stop ruining this great land to stop Making America Worse Again and revive the vision of the MLK jr. dreamer spirit .

  • I’ve seen some really good evidence that the Floyd thing was a false flag psych op. Meaning totally staged and he isn’t even dead. They supposedly cremated his body? Humm wonder why. Could it be they didn’t want anyone going to the grave site and opening up a casket that didn’thave any body in it?

    I also read a comment where a guy stated “I lived next to this guy (Derek Chauvin) and I never once saw him in a Police Uniform. Derek Chauvin is a highly paid crisis actor

    • Into the cruiser:
      starts around 6 minute mark.

      In the backseat, agitated, claustrophobic,
      saying “I’m choking… I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe…”:
      starts around the 9:10 minute mark.

      On rewatching , I see George went in one side door and almost straight out the other passenger/ backseat door…possibly by pushing himself with his feet along the rear bench seat.

      On the street in cuffs:
      starts around 10 minute mark.

  • Pure disinformation. They are worried too many people are catching on to their bs.

    If you can talk, then you are breathing. If you can SAY “I can’t breath”, then you are obviously lying because you have to be breathing to get words out. Not rocket science.

    Anybody who hasn’t figured out that George Floyd was a Soros-paid actor playing his little part in the color revolution pretext drama is a tool that needs some more hackcinations to get over their illness.

    • George was having a panic-attack in the back of the cruiser, after resisting and bargaining about having to get in.

      Once in, with minimal man- handling, considering his size, he talked about having recently had CV19, asked for A/C , asked for windows to be rolled down, etc.

      Next, from the backseat, George first mentions ” I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe”…
      and asks ” Put me on the ground… I wanna lay down…”

      I had to dig for this footage…and the reason I did was because two cops( patiently) worked to get George to cooperate and get into the driver’s side passenger seat, which was facing the sidewalk.

      How? The cruiser had been parked *against* traffic, near the intersection across from Cup Foods.

      Why this long pre-amble?

      I wanted to know WHY George was face down, on the pavement IN TRAFFIC!
      AND…Next to the *PASSENGER’s side, passenger ( rear)door.

      The cars were passing the cruiser 4 to 6′ away from his body, in some videos.
      How did George get there??!
      And WHY?

      A combination of GF’s panick attack, and cops deciding(why?) it was a good idea to pull him out (to get him some air), but choosing a side of the cruiser IN TRAFFIC
      to lay him down ( in cuffs) on the pavement.

      None of this footage was avaiable until after the city(s) were on fire, and the story’s narrative had legs.

      I’ll see if I can find the video I watched, but it may have been scrubbed.

      If I can, I’ll post a link.

      • B, it doesn’t show here, but I remember seeing him kick the door open and shove himself out of the car onto the street after they secured him in the car. He was ginned up on something.

        • Thanks, JD.

          “He was ginned up on something.”

          Didn’t want to be too literal, but George both WAS struggling to breathe, AND telling the cops “I can’t breathe”…BEFORE
          Chauvin put a knee on his neck.

          The blackout of that footage, both right after, during the riots, and fir at least six more months, ” justified” the burning, looting and killing that went on.

          The political and court system in Minneapolis made that decision.
          Or were “made” to make that decision.

        B & JD:
        In the immortal words of Master Thespian JON LOVITZ


        If you want to be taken for something OTHER THAN a disinformation bot, then use your REAL name and give a REAL link to a REAL photograph of your REAL SELF (like how
        can get you to a REAL copy of my 2010 congressional campaign website archived by the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, where you can peruse a REAL photo – al beit, not recent – of REAL ME).

        So, “JD”&”B” how about you “put up or shut up” about how “real” the acting of George Soros’ “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time Players” looked and admit it was a total “put up job”.
        Yours truly
        Alan Jacquemotte
        (pronounced for the curious
        (For further study, my granduncle Joseph Jacquemotte has a Wikipedia entry. No, not as a serial killer.)

        • Call me a bot all you like,Jack.

          Your problem, and mine, and everybody elses’…is you CANNOT PROVE it was ACTING.

          And with a corrupt court system, you can’t get “the perp/actors” convicted of inciting riots or decieving the public.

          Good luck with your run.
          You just lost two potential supporters.

  • Initially I came down on the side of Floyd based upon what I saw in MSM, but I didn’t stop there, I took advantage of internet sources and there was plenty of footage there showing the rest of the story that MSM and outlaw politicians kept hidden during the critical period of time leading up to anarchy.

    It was a deliberate act of subversion by the same cabal that gave us national desegregation and national civil rights in the form of brute force – WHEN THE WHOLE NATION WASN’T SEGREGATED!

    The schools in cities where I lived during the MLK crusades had been desegregated ever since one could remember. Black families prospered intact with both parents, before brute force politicians got into the act of “civil rights”, creating some of the most hideous Soviet style housing projects and disruptive ideologies. Right away after SCOTUS declared bussing as the remedy for segregation, white kids got bussed to predominately black neighborhood schools and black kids got bussed to predominantly white neighborhood schools. That these kids spent half a day riding school busses didn’t matter, buy more busses!

    Before I tell you more, may I say clearly that I attended schools with black kids and didn’t give race a thought. But when my kids attended the same schools during this period of racial upheaval, it was confusion, divisiveness and a distraction from the very purpose of schools. Worse, white teachers were prevented by administrative policy from disciplining black kids who refused to behave! Ahhhh, enter misbehaving little George Floyd!

    Central top down government policy created George Floyd and many other Floyds. Listen to him! Observe his behavior! Don’t hate him, sorrow for all the George Floyds who’ve been cheated out of true education and a normal family environment. The natural man in Floyd never grew up! His emotional, intellectual development was stunted by thuggish central government policies! Oh no! That cant be, it was the cops fault! And your fault if you’re white.

    Nooo, it’s sedition at the highest levels of government, and we better wake up to it pretty darned soon!

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