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    Greg Reese has definitively debunked the NASA Moon Landings of over 60 years ago.



    The former head of the Russian space agency says the Moon Landings were fake and in a recent video going around, Vladimir Putin is briefed that several Moon Landing images are considered to be fake by Artificial Intelligence.

    There’s a great deal of human intelligents who do not believe the Apollo Moon Missions were authentic and here are some of the reasons why.

    NASA was run by former Nazi, Wernher von Braun, who was beholden to the US Government for secretly importing him into the country via Project Paperclip, as were the dozens of other Nazis who joined him to work as rocket scientists, all of them with a good reason to keep a secret.

    And the overwhelming majority of Astronauts were Freemasons and the sons of Freemasons.

    Freemasons swear on their lives to keep the secrets they are entrusted with.

    Why on Earth would anyone trust NASA?

    If the Moon Landing was real, it would have been a miraculous achievement, because NASA was failing at every level of the mission and did not believe that they would be able to achieve their goal.

    In 1967, government Inspector, Thomas Baron Testified before Congressional investigators that the Apollo Program was failing. Six days after his testimony, he was killed with his wife and child when a train crashed into his car.

    Astronaut, Gus Grissom held an unauthorized press conference where he criticized the program and said it would take “another ten years” to fly to the Moon.

    Five days later, he was killed on the job. Gus Grissom’s last words were, “How are we going to get to the Moon if we can’t talk between two or three buildings?”

    Moments later, the Apollo 1 Command Module caught fire, killing Astronauts, Grissom, White and Chaffee.

    Several key members of the Apollo Mission resigned just months before the mission.

    What NASA had been successful at was a massive marketing operation that put space travel into the Zeitgeist of American pop culture and they had spent billions creating multiple sound stages with realistic models of the Moon to begin producing simulations of the Moon Landing.

    NASA had several problems to solve; problems with communications, the rockets and the Lunar Module but one of their deadliest obstacles was deadly radiation. In order to reach the Moon, one has to pass through what is known as the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

    NASA announced in 2014 that this was still a problem when they launched an unmanned spacecraft to try to solve it. Aside from the Apollo Moon Missions, noone has ever gone past the Van Allen Radiation Belt. The Apollo Moon Mission had no protection against the radiation and Astronauts don’t even seem to know about it.

    According to NASA, we can go no higher than Low Earth Orbit.

    In the documentary film, ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon’, the three Astronauts of Apollo 11 are seen in Low Earth Orbit, figuring out how to stage a fake image for the camera. This film was recorded when the Apollo 11 was said to be nearing Lunar Orbit and we can see and hear them manipulating the shot to make the Earth appear to be thousands of miles away, when in fact, they have blacked-out the inside of the craft and are blocking-off the window facing the surface to make it look like the Earth at a distance.

    When we hear Houston radio approval for the shot, the Astronauts do not respond until an unknown third party can be heard whispering, “Talk”. The Astronauts are told they are being pre-recorded and edited for a subsequent live broadcast.

    Buzz Aldrin explained how they shut out the Sun to achieve the illusion of the one window being the Earth in the black of Space. And with direction from Houston, they get it to look right for the camera. We then hear the portion meant for the public, with Neil Armstrong claiming to be 130,000 from Earth and describing a single camera pressed-up against the window to achieve the shot.

    But in the unedited footage, we see objects passing between the camera and the window. We see a work light in the dark. And finally, when they are done with their hoax, the final few frames reveal the truth.

    Protecting humans in this radiation wasn’t the only problem. The high-end Hasselblad cameras had no protection against radiation and there is no explanation as to how it was able to take photographs in negative 200 degree weather, with a constant bombardment of cosmic radiation. And the pictures, themselves are full of anomalies. According to the official story, the only external light source was the Sun. But in all these photographs, there appears to be only artificial light; hotspots and fall-off areas, when it should be as bright as a desert on Earth.

    And if the Sun were the only light source, then all shadows would run parallel to each other but in these photos, shadows either run perpendicular to each other, proving multiple light sources or in others, the shadows are divergent, proving a single local light source.

    Shaows created by sunlight have a sharp edge. Shadows created by artificial light have fuzzy edges. Even the camera expert from Hasselblad agrees that these photos were shot using artificial light sources.

    The photographs all appear to have been taken on a professionally-lit soundstage, which could have easily been part of their billion-dollar simulation project.

    And when you compare scenes from the Apollo Moon Landing footage with scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, there is strong evidence that the exact same technology was used.

    In the late ’60s, a state-of-the-art front projection system developed by Scotchlight        

    allowed Kubrick to simulate expansive backgrounds by projecting them onto a large screen made with small glass beads. The giveaway for this cinematic trickery is that the foreground must always hide the bottom of the Scotchlight projection screen in the background. In order to do this, the bottom of each set needs to have a complete horizon line between the set in the foreground and the screen in the background and we can see the signature in all of the Apollo images. We can also see light refraction off the glass beads in the Scotchlight screen.

    The Lunar Module appears to be cheaply-constructed, with tin foil and scotch tape. And the 10,000-lbs thrust rocket o this flimsy craft didn’t even leave a mark in the ground beneath it. There is no moisture or discernible atmosphere on the Moon and yet, we can see mud and dust being flung into the air.

    In an original recording between Houston and Astronauts on the Moon, a reply is heard instantly, which would not be possible from that distance. The same recording wad then edited for a public broadcast and 4 seconds were added.

    And when they supposedly left, there was no visible flame on the Lunar Module, even though hypergolic fuel visibly burns in a vacuum and we never hear the 140-decibel rocket engine, which the Astronauts are sitting on top of.

    During take-off, when it would have been burning at its loudest, an Astronaut plays a musical recording, accentuating how quiet it is inside the craft.

    An Official Moon Rock given to Holland [the Netrherlands] by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was tested and found to be petrified wood from Earth.

    The Lunar Module designs have been thrown away. Videotapes are missing and all of the telemetry data, which could be used as evidence of the Moon Mission is also somehow missing.

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    • Owen Benjamin used the same argument as Grissom as to why we never went to the moon! I also heard that some old scientist called the moon Plasma and I have always seen stars through what should be the moon and also hear the moon is in our atmosphere which is 6,000 to 9,000 miles away!

    • How incredible that $billions was spent on the hoax. The film sets and props were so cheap looking, akin to the British series Dr WHO. I suppose the rockets and the orbiting spacecraft would have been a very expensive operation and perhaps did absorb all of that money but I have a feeling that a NASA was being milked for funds that may have been used for secret operations.
      I also find it interesting that the word ‘space’ is used for activities that are being carried out so close to the Earth’s surface that the words ‘outer atmosphere’ would be more appropriate. For example the current military program that has been named the ‘Space Force’. In my estimation ‘space’ is where our interplanetary craft have gone, the craft that are sending us magnificent photos and data from within our solar system. Anything between Earth and it’s moon has not really left Earth. If we happened to spot a craft flying between Jupiter and it’s moons we would say that the craft is at Jupiter, not in ‘space’.

    • I’m sorry, but every single argument from those who claim that the moon landings were a hoax has been thoroughly thrashed and refuted.

      You do not help your own overall credibility as regards speaking of serious issues like the vaxx genocide by promoting such absurdities as this.

      Indeed this is the kind of stuff that encourages people to roll their eyes and cry “looney!!!” when they hear talk of any other kind of conspiracy, as in the real ones. After all the establishment needs to have their conspiracies hidden by appealing to the fantasies of “conspiracy theorists” to say that ALL accounts of conspiracy are simply crazy

      It is still a free country so i will not try to stop you from saying what you please here.

      But you will do it without me.

      I have unsubscribed

      • Strefanash I understand that you are frustrated that there is an ongoing controversy over something that you have concluded to be settled. However questioning consensus reality should not be regarded as ‘looney’. On the contrary, questioning and even doubting the information provided to us by ‘authority figures’ and the media is a very sensible action to take. All NASA needs to do is show us how the missions were accomplished with the very primitive equipment available to them at the time and why such a mission cannot be accomplished at this more technologically advance time.

    • I’ve gone back-and-forth many times on this issue. Certainly, the images are indisputably fake, particularly the clip from “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.” All the arguments presented here are valid, and there are many more! However, I’ve seen enough evidence that we did go to the moon in some way, but with the help of extraterrestrials who now do not want us to return.

    • RE “Aside from the Apollo Moon Missions, noone has ever gone past the Van Allen Radiation Belt” and “Protecting humans in this radiation wasn’t the only problem. The high-end Hasselblad cameras had no protection against radiation and there is no explanation as to how it was able to take photographs in negative 200 degree weather, with a constant bombardment of cosmic radiation.”

      So what about the Voyager spacecraft that supposedly went way past the Van Allen radiation belt and had been able to communicate with Earth, meaning their instruments did not get fried by the radiation?

      • The Voyager is not using emulsion film photography to capture images, like the 70mm Hasselblad camera used during the Moon Landings.

        Remember, back in the old days, how you couldn’t run your film camera through the X-ray machines at the airports, because it would destroy your whole roll, before you had your pictures developed?

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