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The Facebook Dilemma

This is Part 2 of PBS FRONTLINE’s documentary, ‘The Facebook Dilemma’, which was created with a budget that enabled it to be produced by the best talent in the field, giving them access to all of the resources and elements to make it look like a high-quality film, paid for by Globalist entities, including the MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

The film rightly criticizes Facebook’s sale of user data to any and all third parties willing to pay for it. We’re told that Facebook has been used to deadly ends in countries like Egypt, Myanmar and the Philippines, which I’m not in any position to assess.

Where I think I can speak knowledgeably is when it trots out these extremely unsavory characters, like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and BuzzFeed’s Craig Silverstein to sell us on the “Russian hacking” narrative, that Facebook ads placed by Macedonian websites and a secret propaganda factory in St. Petersburg actually threw the 2016 Presidential Election.

This is nonsense. I have been on the Internet every day since 1996 and on Facebook since 2004. I never saw any of the Fake News this film refers to and Facebook in no way affected my vote in 2016. Of the thousands of people I know on Facebook, I can’t think of one who was swayed away from Hillary because of what they saw on Facebook. That’s absurd.

This film raises many legitimate concerns but I can certainly do without the scurrilous minions who are basically there to sell us on the mass-censorship and mass-deplatforming in Social Media that we’ve seen in recent weeks.

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