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    I’ve run across Australian YouTuber, Brendon O’Connell a few times but I’ve given him a wide berth because of his seeming obsession with Israel, which actually got him jail time in Australia and forced him to permanently flee his country.

    Having myself been de-platformed by 11 Big Tech companies since 2019 and blacklisted by NewsGuard, with a DHS hoping to frame me as a “domestic terrorist”, I don’t have time for the contagion of perceived anti-Semitism. Thus, I don’t allow any of it, whatsoever and I block it in my site’s comment section. Happily, there’s very little of it.

    But on Thursday, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies tweeted this interview with Trump Campaign insider, Jason Furnes and it got my attention, because for the first time, I heard what O’Connell calls “The Gospel” or what I call the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of conspiracy theories, which seemingly unites the “Russia!” hysterics of the Leftist Establishment with the “Israel!” screams from elements of the Far Right.

    O’Connell says we are witnessing an old school, Soviet-Era Russian GRU-KGB/Yuri Andropov-style penetration of the United States’ critical infrastructure (CISA) via Israel – the Russians having already penetrated and taken over Israel during the past 20 years via the tech sector, especially via backdoors installed in all CPU processor chips.  

    He says, “That is what has occurred. It is a nightmare and we presume someone is doing something about it in higher circles. We’ve had very interesting people contact us.”

    He introduces his guest, Jason Furnes with the caveat that the two disagree on a number of issues but they fully agree on the “primacy of the United States and keeping the economy strong so that the values of the Constitution have a place to sit with the US People – the only people who can do this – promoting awareness of the Constitution and understanding psychological warfare.”

    Furnes worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and he was appointed in 2017 to a post at the Department of the Interior and then he worked on the 2020 campaign. He says:

    “America is under attack. It is under attack by enemies within our own Federal Government, our military-industrial complex, with the assistance of foreign intelligence agencies.

    “That’s Russia, that’s the Israelis – that’s all over the world – that’s ganging up on the United States of America. And the proof is in the pudding. Look at the chaos and duress that our nation is in and the corruption inside of our nation has led to the world being on the brink of nuclear war.”

    He says to O’Connell, “Despite our disagreements about certain things, the facts are facts and you are so right: Israel, in partnership with China and Russia has deeply penetrated the innermost circles of the government, here, in the United States of America – and Jared Kushner was one of the worst culprits of all of that, inside the Trump administration – starting from the 2016 Transition Team, dirtying-up Michael Flynn and proceeding to allow Henry Kissinger inside the Trump administration hallways and State Department, in order for him to effectuate his Globalist coup of the United States of America, to deteriorate our nation.

    “What happened is, January 6th exposed everything. And my research and my investigation, being there, on the ground at the US Capitol Building, in concert with your information has proven the fact that people like Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and people like Robert Caron, who were in the CIA have helped penetrate inside Trump-affiliated groups since the 2016 days and resulted in Oath Keepers, with Stewart Rhodes, with Henrique Tarrio, in concert with Leftist organizations, to literally try to occupy the US Capitol Building.

    “And the only reason why the Federal Government allowed that to happen – because they did know that that was going to happen – they allowed it to happen only because it was going to frame President Trump…

    Furnes says, “Patrick Bergy was absolutely right: when you remove politics from it, it makes sense, because if they need to use Trump to go after their enemies, they will and of they need to attack Trump to go after their enemies, they will.”

    Sections of what each of them say have been edited-out, in order for O’Connell to avoid being de-platformed by YouTube. I don’t see a place where one can go to see an unedited version. However, these are some salient points:

    • Trump was knowingly given false information about foreign election interference in the 2020 Election, mainly through Russ Ramsland and his ASOG, in partnership with Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, potentially Rudy Giuliani, in order for him to declare the Insurrection Act.

    • O’Connell describes Sidney Powell as a “Freaking thief, lying piece of garbage”, after having read her ridiculous lawsuit, which she produced after raising tens of millions of dollars from outraged Trump supporters.

    • As Steve Pieczenik publicly stated, the CIA’s co-optation and corruption of our politicians in order to get Hillary Clinton into office in 2016 was interrupted by US military intelligence organizations, using Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in order to create a counter-coup to prevent her from winning.

    • The New York FBI office was very pro-Trump and they got a hold of the Anthony Wiener laptop, which forced Comey to re-open his investigation of the Hillary Clinton emails, weeks prior to the 2016 Election.

    • Furnes blames Jared Kushner for enabling Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne to infiltrate the Trump movement in order to use it against him on January 6th and 2020.

    • Furnes says that in Steve Pieczenik’s mind, Mike Pence would take over from Trump, followed by Jared and Ivanka in 2028.

    • Furnes explains that we’re a in war between these factions plus civilian private contractors, both domestic and foreign, vying to usurp the power of the Presidency and the Federal Government for their own benefit.

    • Furnes describes Michael Flynn as a “Manchurian Candidate”, “compromised”, “dirty” and “the absolute scum of the Earth,” because he says Flynn oversaw groups like the Proud Boys and planned for January 6th to happen in order to permanently take Trump down.

    • O’Connell claims that Patrick Bergy told him that Roger Stone has a video of Alex Jones dancing in a clown suit with children, high as a kite on meth and coke and that people in his office say that his addictions to those and alcohol are absolutely legendary.

    • Furnes says that John Earl Sullivan, aka Jayden X, who filmed the murder of Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol is the adopted son of one of the US military’s top psychological warfare officers, who they want to keep clean, so a false cover story about his adoptive father being Lt. General Kevin J Sullivan was leaked. However, Furnes says he has reason to believe that John’s true adoptive father is none other than (the late?) Robert David Steele and that this is the “number one dot that connects everything, that January 6th was an operation, it happened right under Trump’s nose and the Federal Government let it happen.”

    There’s a LOT more in this riveting interview, I highly suggest that you watch it!

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    • The Israeli Prime Minister Benjimin Netanyahu was recorded on tape at Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem threatening the destruction of the United States in 1990.

      There was a conversation recorded by the US Defense Intelligence Agency in which Netanyahu called for the destruction of the United States.

      “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

      The context for the plan to destroy the United States piece by piece was a meeting at Fink’s where a group of Israeli espionage agents, Netanyahu among them, were celebrating the capture of 5 KG 84 cryptographic devices which they stole from the United States military with the help of Canadians working for the UN in the Golan Heights, thus giving the Israelis and any of their clients direct real time access to all US State Department, Naval, and NATO communications.

    • I don’t have time for the contagion of perceived anti-Semitism. Thus, I don’t allow any of it, whatsoever and I block it in my site’s comment section. Happily, there’s very little of it.

      You DON’T like the TRUTH… do you?
      “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience either with the OSS during the war, or with European economic administration after the war. We have had experience operating under directives. The directives emanate, and did emanate, from the White House. Now, we still operate under just such directives. Would you like to know what the substance of these directives is?”

      I said, “Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would like very much to know.” Whereupon, he made this statement to me, “Mr. Dodd, we are here to operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

      What IS public Law 102-14?
      What are the parallels between Freemasonry and this cult…?

      Griffin: This charge of anti-Semitism is kind of intriguing to me. What was the basis of that charge? Was there any basis for it at all?

      Dodd: The basis used by the Republican National Committee was that the intelligence officer I had taken on my staff — when I oriented this investigation to the exposure of, and proof of, a conspiracy —

    • Thanks for posting this Alexander. I don’t agree with all of their assumptions although they have done their homework. Funes undying support for Trump is all fine but why wasn’t the subject of Trumps’ constant promotion of the experimental gene therapy that is maiming and killing many who took it? And why isn’t Brendon posting these interviews on Bitchute or Rumble so we don’t have to put up with all the censorship? Trump is not going to save us – We Are!

    • Disturbing interview. I thought I had a good handle on what has been going on in the world. Now I am not so sure. Why can’t people speak the Truth with Transparency.

    • If one looks at the world and says they know what is going on well good on them but we must understand this is not a mom and pop operation to take over anything like world domination. This is a group that has been planning this for centuries that wants total dominance over the world. Dismiss if you well and I am ok with that but what if its true?
      Pay attention to this group who wants at any cost to dominate everyone over the world but what they don’t see even themselves is that this is what is going to destroy them as well. Its a much bigger picture that most do not see and many don’t want to see even Forbidden Knowledge!


    • P.S. Many Patriots argue over whether Trump declared the Insurrection Act. Juan o Savin says NO AS WE WOULD have set off a Civil War. Patel Patriot posts on DEVOLUTION are superb and give deeper insight into what’s happening with Devolution.

    • I’ve listened to several interviews with Stone and Flynn who participate in Clay Clark’s Freedom tours and it is difficult to agree with Jason’s condemnation of these individuals. We all know Stone came to Christianity and states there was espionage against Trump. We must remember that often Trump selected people whose truth would emerge later. He did make some errors, he admits. But Israel has been overtaken by the Khazarian Mafia, Rothchilds being part of them. They have infiltrated the world. Patriot Streetfighter speaks about them often. Finally I did a semi deep dive. These are also the Ukrainian Nazis. Huge history. Russia wanted and wants them gone. But it was a great video. Main thing as controversial Bill Cooper said, is Freedom unites us, and most important now than ever. Thanks for your great posts.

    • I’ve got a problem with Furnes’ allegations against Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell – why do they keep trying to smear these people? My intuition tells me Flynn and Powell must be doing something right. Once again, they keep trying to blame Russia for everything – sound familiar? It’s the same tune, different verse from the elites with the ancient grudge against Russia. They are still plying their divide and conquer tactics to confuse and deceive truthers. Bringing Robert David Steele into the narrative as Jayden X’s adoptive father is ridiculous – he was eliminated because he was spreading the truth. They always try to pin things on dead guys who can’t defend themselves. I wouldn’t trust these guys as far as I can throw a piano.

      • “Ancient grudge against Russia” indeed. 5th Century Archbishop’s boasting about the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria sheds light, “Every trace of old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished from the face of the earth.”

      • I don’t trust anybody about anything! It’s still good to give everything a bit of a listen, though. Even if every article you read, or every podcast listen too, or documentary you watch, only gives you a little piece of truth, if you just keep collecting information, eventually you will have all the pieces you need to understand what the truth is.

    • Kushner is in hock to the CCP for his “666” high-rise building in NYC and his daughter was taught Mandarin Chinese right along with English. Hmmm! The Kushner’s have deep family ties with the Netanyahu family. Hmmmm! Kushner’s wife, (Trump’s daughter, Ivanka) is “best friends” with Chelsea Clinton, who also married into Judaism. Hmmmm! Money talks!

    • Israel is a British creation. Zionists have run it since the beginning. I see everybody around the world being called out, except the true actors behind everything going on: the UK and the old families & bankers the queen represents, along with the usual globalist players. That said, Israel owned all the phone lines in DC at the time of 9/11. How about the Octopus/Casalaro & the Promis computer backdoor debacle? That was Israel. For that matter, watch “Lawrence of Arabia”, that’s when UK went into the ME on the Arab side. I have read where Israel has actually usurped the power of the UK & the tail is wagging the dog. People talk about getting back to Judeo-Christian principles. Screw “Judeo”. Christ called them out in the Bible in Romans 8:44. The Bible tells the stories of I. destroying cities, committing genocide just because the people they attacked were not Jews. I will pass. Excellent video, Brendan hits it on the nose. Also, as of 9 June, pay attention to news coming out on Kushner, Qatar, Brookings Inst, Generals John Allen & HR McMaster. Pics of Kushner & G. Maxwell (her father Robert’s real name was Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, his family were orthodox Jews) on Twitter, talking to someone who looks like Bloomberg. For God’s sake, look at the last names of every criminal, marxist, globalist in the news & the facts become obvious. Kushner is a criminal like his father. He is connected by $ to Soros.—For that matter look at Chuck Shumer & others in Congress who have dual citizenship: THEY DON’T WORK FOR US.

      • Last year I spoke to a well known immunologist who did early investigation into the relationship between the clot shots and prion disease. He told me that he used to work closely with Fauci who he says answers directly to the Mossad. He also mentioned former congressman Henry Waxman being the Mossad’s main man in Washington.

        I recently watched the bio-pic Lansky mainly to see how Hollywood would portray someone like him. Sure enough even after showing a ruthless murderer and sadistic mob boss, the film ends showing and elder Meyer (Harvey Keitel) walking off into the Miami Beach sunrise. And what was his greatest act of redemption? Of course it was funding and supplying weapons for the struggling state of Israel – God’s eternal victims.

      • Both sides are guilty, Christians and Jews. The conflict originated during the Messianic Age in Israel between 2 Jewish Sects, Gnostic Priesthood versus Hebraic Judeans.
        Gnostic (also known as Therapeuts) were an ancient network of religious brotherhood. The New Testament uses Therapeut titles for Paul/Deacon & Luke/Physician. This Mystery Schools linked Britian & Europe, through Palestine to India & to China, to create different Gods for different Regions. Their main school was associated with the Great Library of Alexandria, that was destroyed in 391 AD. to cover up all Solar Gods and Heros, and other God myths as they were creating the Christ-Jesus concept for the New Age of Pieces. As the conflict became over making Jesus a historical figure that lived, the fabrication made Hebraic Judeans the escape goat for a fictional death.
        This information is Not to disqualify anyone’s faith, it is to Wake up people to Why there is such conflict and prepare them for information that will be coming out soon. Roman Catholicism in the Vatican has preserved the books of the Great Library of Alexandria. And technically if one was paying attention, Roman Catholicism was never hiding the fact we are Sun worshipers, just look at the Symbology and our Holidays.

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