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Steve Bannon joins Alex Jones live to reveal what retribution for the Deep State will look like after President Trump is reelected in 2024.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • the gasping patriot gaslighters defending the sunken ship of state from the commie zombie pirate hoard raise the X flag and rally the F troop in a faceplant selfee all in locked up /down moment . the rear guard warriors wondering when we will come up for air and try to save our demockracy and raise the titanic 2.0. by selling tickets to the gawking cellphoney viewing publickers gathering to witness the auspicious occasion on this 4 of July .

  • Demons lining up to self surrender, realizing they have “bRoKeN da LaW” wanting to straighten up, and turn their life’s around, magically the demons want pay their dues and seek forgiveness for a better life, and give back to the community, praying for forgiveness, and repenting for their sins, hoping to be sent to a better place in the after life, than to hell with Obama, and the sTinKmaN sLo Joe Biden..

    • Is that you “Maxine Waters” spraying spit out everywhere while screaming out your nose..??
      Put a sock in it!

  • What is so worrisome here is this may explain why this present regime is so desperate to gin up Ukraine war! Nothing distracts like war. They seem bound and determined to trigger Russia into attacking anywhere in Europe outside of Ukraine so they can immediately say—see what did we tell you, now we gotta unite and mobilize!

    I’m tellin ya!

  • Just a little swamp cleaning solution with some elbow grease, and it should clean up in hardly no time, with the demons self surrendering and lining up 🙄 it will take a flame thrower to remove queen Obama and her throne, strategically placed in the white house closet with his head sewn to the carpet (2008-2024)

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