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by RT

Moscow Has Never Said It Is Ready to “Push the Red Button,” the President Has Said

Moscow has never been the first to resort to aggressive nuclear rhetoric, President Vladimir Putin told a question-and-answer panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday. The nation’s nuclear doctrine only allows the use of atomic weapons in “exceptional cases” and the current situation is not one, he added.

When asked whether Russia should “climb the nuclear escalation ladder faster,” Putin replied that Moscow has never initiated such escalation. Russia “has never said” it was “ready to push the red button,” the president stated, adding that Moscow has always called on other nations to treat such issues “seriously” but was instead accused of nuclear saber-rattling.

“We are not brandishing [nuclear weapons],” Putin said.

Russia’s nuclear doctrine clearly states that atomic weapons can only be used in the face of a “threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the country, the president stated. “I do not believe that it is the case now.”

He warned, however, that changes to the doctrine “are not ruled out.”

The president expressed hope that “it will never come” to a nuclear exchange between Moscow and the West. He said Russia possesses an effective early-warning system and a vast nuclear arsenal, including tactical nuclear weapons, which are three or four times more powerful than the bombs dropped by the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The EU lacks both and only the US has comparable capacity, he added.

Moscow “has no reasons to even think about” using nuclear weapons, according to Putin. Russia vastly outguns its enemy when it comes to tanks and aviation, the president said. Ammunition production in Russia has also increased by a multiple of 20 amid the ongoing conflict, he added. Putin then called on Russian officials to not even “touch upon” the subject of nuclear weapons unless absolutely necessary.

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  • I don’t trust RT, Putin or any of affiliates that act like choose one of the other (and no other choices).
    Putin talks reasonably, sure. But we know nothing about him other than stuff that media tells us.
    And what about nuclear weapons? As an example, didn’t people come back shortly after nuke was dropped in Japan?
    They say stuff like dropping it in air made it less radioactive or the amount of radiation back then was low or such, well, we won’t know, because nobody will demonstrates it anyways.
    I wonder if there’s a real red button exists anywhere in the world.
    I’m not saying radiation does not exist though I’m just saying nuke theory sounds bogus, perhaps it’s another one of fraudulent theories like Germ’s theory.
    Was Einstein a real genius or a shill?

    • Here is an additional reading on possibility that nuke’s fake:

      All of these topics concerning Virus, Nuke, Globe model / Space aliens, Climate change, and others seems to have the same goal – TO KEEP US IN FEAR 24/7 & faking up reasons to steal our money out of tax.
      At least, we shouldn’t be trusting anybody, and stop trusting people just because they have big names (think of Einstein with “Nobel Prize”, which even Obama got…so how would we know that if Einstein got it through legitimate prize process or was he purposely awarded)

  • I’m a Cold War Brat so I’m immune to Fearmongering, but I have to say that I trust Vladimir Putin over this current Government. In fact, if it comes to a nuclear exchange in America, I hope that he strikes “the Head of the Snake”. My America has never needed this form of Government, and neither have I.

  • I never knew.
    From this documentary it would appear that the ‘jews’ were involved – that’s NEVER mentioned in full context.
    No wonder Russia was at war with Germany
    I need better info about Hitler too.

    • OMG. Thank you. I’m in Hell with this new interface!

      I can’t see sh!t!

      AGGHHHHH!!!! I’m so tired.

  • I believe that since the Cold War Psy-op has worked before, so that all sides were able to build up new weapon systems….Land, Water, Air, and Space.

    Once again this stage show , (scenario) will enble the Agenda to move forward, as many areas are not in completion yet.

    Also, it will get 6G in place, as nuclear is obsolete.

    Another very important aspect is building the economics of Regions, because the LockDown intentionally destroyed these.

    This will enable the New Silk Roads, World Trade to be put into place.

    As a whole, it is just a scare tactic, that can be used, because the people are trained to accept the scare, through media repetition.

    Don’t get me wrong, these deviants, could blew a nuke, which has to be on the ground, just to shack up the herd….just like the CIA would throw a handgranade into the crowd, every so often, for the same reason.

  • Election- cancelling
    FF incoming…

    P.s. Regardless of who the Demneds nominate for Prez, I think they are going to nominate “No hope & No change” BO 4 VP, so he can have a 4th term. He is really THEIR only hope for “No change”. (Yeah, it’s legal.)

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