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    ‘The Cult of Lucifer’, narrated by Sacha Stone is the first of four movies being produced by Robert David Steele and funded by individual donors to expose the connection between election fraud; corrupt and controlled legislators, judges, and executives; Wall Street treason and crime with government complicity; and Satanic pedophilia, a major source of both Wall Street profit and Wall Street depravity.


    “Thousands of years ago, under the thrall of archonic influence, the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Sons of Belial, wrong action and wickedness emerged as a rudimentary source code to the current seeding of humankind.

    “As Baal worship and human sacrifice prospers, we see the genesis of Canaanite ritualism leading through the strains of Osiris and Nimrod to the pharoahs of Egypt and the kings of Babylon.

    “Talmudism gave rise to Judeans and the Synagogue of Satan. As the tryst of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar seeded in their own empire, a marriage between Amun-Ra and the Cult of Saturn.

    “The weaponization of Christianity through the Council of Nicea takes place in 325 AD, wholesale slaughter of the noble Cathars give rise to the Roman Catholic Church. The true cross is upturned and the message of Yeshua is inverted to create the most formidable template to planetary cult programming that the world has ever conceived in the history of humankind…

    “The Society of Jesus, through the Jesuitical Order at the Council of Trent in 1534 perverts Christianity into the atom-seed of what will become the Deep State. The assassins are born.

    “The inverted message of Yeshua has become a Clarion Call for a planetary orchestration of bloodsport, subversion, infiltration, deception and the sacrifice of innocents.

    “The Bank of England and Dutch East India interests thus forged they way through trade and commerce, usury and exploitation to the emergence of the Masons in 1717, with the the formation of the United Grand Lodge, the true birth of Luciferianism in the temporal domain.

    “The Glorious Revolution in 1688 seeds the formation of the United Kingdom and the Rothschild Dynasty, both empowered through the Jesuitical suppressions, in concert with the Scottish Rite Freemasonry to catalyze the formation of a barbarian Illuminati in 1776, under the leadership of one Adam Weishaupt, a damnable soul who can indeed lay claim as the patron saint of the modern Bilderbergs.

    “This year saw the birth of the Masonic Atlantis, the United States of America, Novus Ordo Secolorum, the New Order of the Ages, glorified and immortalized on the Great Seal of the United States. The human experiment is fully underway.

    “The Napoleonic Wars between 1803 and 1815 paved the way for a consolidation of the Vatican City and City of London in 1871, giving spark to a culminating element of a trifecta of evil empire: Washington, District of Columbia in 1871.

    “With this spark emerges the worldwide destructivity that is the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, a fateful day in which the soul of humanity was put to the pyre of Moloch.

    “The prime target became the living soul of that great human experiment, America and by extension, all the peoples of the world. Forced into usury, debt scarcity economics and systemic corruptibility of all governments and their institutions.

    “Every government on Earth is thus owned by and indenture to their national reserve bank, which in turn is owned by and indentured to the central banking cartel, consolidated through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the IMF, IFC, World Bank, Bank of England and then ultimately, the Vatican Bank.

    “This Molochite Sabbatean Cabal is answerable not to the God of Men but to their own dark lord, to whom penance, tribute and tithe must be constantly on the altar of life through blood sacrament, sex magick and the inversion of kundalini and life force – ultimately, through the systemic stealth sacrifice of innocents.

    “Our religious, political and academic, military and corporate media leadership are cast adrift within the thrall and compromise of these dynastic Sabbatean, Satanic, Luciferian elements and their godless agendas.

    “A Faustian pact is offered to all comers and invariably taken before the sin is even realized. Sexual blackmail is rife. Global depopulation becomes the needful and perfunctory necessity toward realizing transhumanization of the mortal realm. That is because the grand enterprise of Luferic Satanism has been to prepare our species for full spectrum intervention and takeover at the Oversoul level. Universal law determines that this can only occur where permissions are granted by the subject.

    “The Adamites, the Sons and Daughters of God, the spells and bonds of witchery and mind control, to trick humanity into surrendering conscience, reason and thereby, the very fabric of our soul. This is the Great Reckoning. The Mark of the Beast has arrived, ushered into the daylight by Davos and the Sons of Lucifer.

    “It offers us our greatest gift, which is the perfect reflection of all the unresolved aspects of Self.

    “Do we take the Mark? Or do we not? Do we obey or do we not? Do we acquiesce or do we not? Do we permit the surgical steel of a needle point to breach the sovereign skin, of our noble Adamite flesh? Or do we not?

    “By the grace of God, we get to decide.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Update on the inversion of Kundalini:

      I have learned through my own experience with this that the Globalists, through their military and AI tools, throw directed energy in microwaves targeted to the Chakras from root chakra to throat chakra in an effort to keep you ascending.

      Mindful that “ascending” can be a simple as seeing something from a new perspective to rising above the lower desires in this world, their intent is clearly to keep people in their reptilian minds. In my case, Homeland Security fraud is being done via the closest fusion center to me.

      In a mind altering scenario, their problem, reaction, solution mafia garbage offers to “fix” it for you by evenly distributing the energy all around your body, only to shake your body and heat your body up at night with their nanobot voodoo. They’ve been doing this routine to me from their base in Fernandina Beach Florida for years now through their local police.

      Truly evil.

    • Those evil Catholics. Admonishing the world for killing the purest, most innocent beings on the planet (unborn children) …

      THAT’S straight from the devil, yo.

      Psh — Psyop!

      Jesus Christ founded one Church and one Church alone: the Catholic Church. And the Catholic Church has been the biggest enemy of satan all throughout her existence.

    • You put in an image of a Gray- but according to the military whistleblower-
      there are 50+ different Space Races, known. At least, warn Humanity, that Space Races similar to us, are our enemies….with a rabid hatred and jealousy of Humanity.

    • Ive researched much of this too and what my research points to is crypt-jews (Ashkenazi sons of Japheth) creating the Society of Jesus in 1520 and have always been in control of it. Their constitutional oaths on how they are going to destroy Christianity are very similar to what is written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Vatican commissioned the Jesuits in 1540 to start its anti-reformation agenda and undo what the Protestant Reformers revealed to the world at that time which was that the Pope was antichrist and his church apostate. The Bible warns of both lying fake jews and Edom trying to steal back the birthright of Jacob during the end times. Esau married into the daughters of Ishmael and the Canaanites and essentially became Canaanite in his lineage.

      The Rothschilds who admitted a century ago to being of Edomite blood, have held the title of Keepers of the Vatican treasures since the early 19th century. Because both Catholicism and Judaism are very similar and both come from Babylon/Egypt, I believe these two entities are now one and represent Spiritual Edom and the synagogue of Satan in Bible prophesy.

      I agree with what you explain on the Merchant Law (which has had many names and is now UCC) which originally only had jurisdiction in commerce and trade between nations, now being what all nations govern by using word craft in English to deceive men and women into selling themselves into slavery. The Citizen-ships put the ignorant at sea, but when we read the end of the Book of Revelations, there will be no more sea. But you can see in prophesy that the people of God get into trouble by not reading and studying their Bibles. Another name of these Citizens are the Congregation of the dead because they claim to be dead via their signatures when they contract with Caesar.

      When we follow the instructions given to us in Yahovah’s Holy Word, it would be impossible for Edom to enslave us as only verbal agreements are allowed and there are strong warnings against making oaths. The solution to get out of it, is also in the Good Book, but not in all Bible versions.

      As far as the mark of the beast, there is much false prophesy in the world regarding the end times and I used to believe in a physical mark too, but now I do not and here is why. The whole Bible is about obeying Yahovah and following and believing on His son, Yehoshua (sacred Name that means Yahovah saves). Its about spiritually putting away our worldly fleshy garment to put on the spiritual garment of righteousness where we love love love everybody with our only King and government being from this Triune Godhead of the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit.
      There are two marks, one for Father and one for the Beast government of Caesar.
      Father marks His in their foreheads as sealed and this will be a spiritual mark where it refers to their level of faith in Him, their trust in Him to be all He claims to be and keep all of His promises and blessings to us. It marks what is in their minds and in their hearts to make them His. The whole bible is like a book of law filled with case examples of what happens to those who keep the law, vs those who dont and how there is plenty of room for mercy to those who repent and mean it. True worship is not doing His Will out of fear, but out of Love for Him and wanting to please Him and we do that when we help those in need and teach them about His Love for us.
      The mark of the beast has to be the spiritual opposite of this. These peoples god is from the governments of men and the apostate churches are all contracted to these nations and will lead their flocks to trust in these governments of men to take care of them. All the welfare systems reward sin as we know it and lock our elderly and the most fragile among us into a state of poverty where they worry about starving believing their only recourse is the STATE. It used to be people went to church for helps, but now the church sends them to the State for helps. Plus all these jesuit trained pastors have been trained via the DHS to control their flocks and lead them for the Beast.
      We have hundreds of denominations of Christianity due to Jesuit infiltration of Seminaries over the last 500 years to create doubt and confusion. This is called the churchianty for itchy ears as Mammon in the salvation industry. These deceived represent a very large group and they might be the most targeted for destruction by the Left.

      We have been brainwashed to believe there should be a separation between church and state when that is impossible. All governments are theocracies because there is only One Lawgiver and He is the only God/Highest Authority. When men create systems of law different from His, they are claiming He got it wrong and they can do better. They are really making themselves gods which is at the core of all false religions. The god of the USA is its graven image US Constitution as everybody thinks its gonna save them when in reality, it has been used to enslave them. It is their golden calf. When they vote, they are in effect choosing their next saviour and the false churches are in on it. Our choices in Authority are Caesar/ Baal or Yahovah/Yehoshua, the first is the father of lies and the second is incapable of lies and controls all things. We cannot serve two masters so which ever one we fear most, determines who we are marked for. We are either sealed for our heavenly Father or we are sealed to the Beast.
      I believe the mark of the beast started 2000 years ago when Rome was killing Christians because it felt threatened by them. Rome /Edom never stopped killing Christians.

    • Sorry… I have to disagree. I think some of this history is dubious. I see no reason to demonize Canaanite culture or Baal worship. Much of the literature of the Bible came directly from Canaanite literature, only the names were changed. Also, I have never heard that the French Revolution or the Napoleonic wars created the Vatican. If anything, the Vatican as a building and the Vatican library came from the Renaissance. The French Revolution was directed against the Catholic Church, and especially against devout Catholics who were killed for their loyalty to the Pope. I keep reading that the Jesuits are behind everything but where is the evidence. And I’m not a Catholic, but I am pro-Western Civilization that came from Latin Christianity–Catholicism. The very wording of our Declaration of Independence came out of Church councils–all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with natural rights, etc. Why attack the foundations of our civilization?

    • “Every government on Earth is thus owned by and indenture to their national reserve bank, which in turn is owned by and indentured to the central banking cartel, consolidated through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the IMF, IFC, World Bank, Bank of England…
      …and then ultimately, the Vatican Bank.
      How so ?
      Does not the Vatican Bank exist so as not to be owned and indentured.

    • Excellent, can’t wait for the others to be available I lable.
      I did join CSPOA….that is the way for “WE THE PEOPLE”

    • Depressing overview of human history; just what FALSE Light bearers do. A noob watching this would go away with his mind filled with Darkness. The USA is painted as the culmination of an Evil plan to enslave.
      Whereas the US at its best was the culmination of centuries of the fight against absolute monarchs and defended the spiritual core of humans as NOT cattle, chattel, and goyim. The Masonic movements earlier were in support of this. that they were taken over later is also true.
      The ancients looked back to a time of harmony called the Golden Age of Saturn. This docu uses images to make Saturn the devil. This is Satanic revisionism.
      Yes there was a “Fall” into denser levels of matter. That’s called incarnation and is the Process of the Divine to express Self as multiple monads. But then this reverses and the spring-summer lives are harvested to feed the next Cycle of Abundance.
      Stars and planets in profusion grow on the Galactic Trees of Life. Here and there some shit happens, but even thousands of year are small blinks in God’s Eye.
      For me the jury is still out on Stone and NATO Steele. Grand words but not respectful of the complexity of Mankind’s Journey. Missing here is any celebration of Beauty, heroism, stories of overcoming, or the thousand and one moments of Grace found in every day.
      This feels like negative implants and the sowing of hopelessness.

      • 15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

        16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

        17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. 1 John 15-17 KJV

        We are called to hate this world. So when someone tells me how great this world is I truely wonder who they are serving.

    • Thank you. Beautifully produced and narrated, giving a concise but clear picture of the beginnings of the DS and the Luciferians,
      We know that God and the Light prevail but the unfolding battle is still harrowing! The patience, faith and trust of all Adamites is being tested beyond measure.
      Love, blessings and gratitude to all.

    • The flame of Truth/Light is always within the reach of individual volition.
      Within the wad of ill intent presented here, dwells, always, it’s polar opposite on this material plane. That principle is what these foul beings have been forcing through trickery via all things sensual.

      Force, being a tool they cloak in these illicit means, cannot be used, in any way for accomplishing anything of the true spirit, which is why these marauder’s of souls must employ all their millennia devised and developed tools of deception and control.

      In truth, WETHEPEOPLE have always held the highest regard and that high minded human embodiment can never be chained to the will of another.

      Rest assured that the examples of ‘BIG SCIENCE, now grossly evident as being those chains, can never override the Universal Principles of Love, and spiritual awareness. Every human, in the dark of their bedrooms, has this ever calling voice dubbed conscience. That voice is what these ill drioven entities attempt to silence through sensual and fear driven trickery…buyer beware as they say.

      My motto: Doubt Nothing, Question Everything, combine your mind and your Heart in right action. ‘They’ can never defeat the Universal Principle of Love.

    • This is a great summary of satan’s deception over all of us, divide and conquer. All the while he is using us as the video claims as a Jacob’s ladder to crawl and slither back into heaven. But like we see in the movie, ‘the Matrix’ the choice is ours and he can’t steal us, but we must be willing to give ourselves away. Thank God for Jesus who opened our eyes.

    • Even though, I’m familiar with most of the information presented, I could not understand a thing in that movie. The sentences are dyslexic and too long, the story line and images are chaotic, the style is traumatic to the eye and psyche. The average Joe won’t be able to benefit in the way it was intended. The disclosure didn’t happen. I love both, Sacha and Robert, and I would love to see this movie perfected to simple sentences and clear story line, so that any grandma can understand, AND REMEMBER. (grandma meaning the right brain).

      • ZOYA is right! This was an excellent presentation but…you need to “dumb it down” for the masses, who for so long have been “dumbed down” by the System. Otherwise, it will have little effect. The intelligent already know what is presented. You must
        reach the hearts of the people who have love for one another. Then they will understand.

        • I agree, also slow down a little. It was kinda like trying to trace every bullet from a Gatling gun. A little more time and detail on each subject would be epic.

    • The perfect companion story to Rosa’s you published the other day. Both together tell the complete story when considered.

      These monkeys from hell must be stopped. Choice? Yes we get to choose life.

      They targeted me 19 years ago and I still spit in their eye and tell them that they have NO consent. The suffering is substantial. Do not fear them.

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