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The term “Clinton Body Count” has entered the mainstream of US pop culture and has given rise to the word, “arkanicide”. Too many Clinton critics, opponents, associates and criminal witnesses have died in mysterious ways to be reasonably discarded as mere coincidence.

Greg Reese’s new video charts the early history of the Clinton Body Count and its relationship to the Iran-Contra Affair. Revisiting these details brings the shock of recognition and a realization of how little has changed. One can’t help but be reminded of the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and Seth Rich in this continuum that goes back three decades.

The term “Clinton Body Count” first appeared when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas and at least 20 people connected to the young governor were murdered or died mysteriously – mostly surrounding the CIA’s illegal activities at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport. This was part of the Iran-Contra affair, in which the US Government was smuggling drugs and guns through Mena, Arkansas to fund an illegal revolution in Nicaragua.

The Contras were supporters of Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Somoza; former Somoza military officers who had been kicked out of Nicaragua in 1979 and who were trying to re-take the country with the aid of the CIA.

As the late investigative journalist and author ‘Dark Alliance’, Gary Webb (who, himself “committed suicide” in 2004) says here in 1996, “The one thing that’s important and a lot people don’t recall…is that the Contras were a creation of the CIA. The Contras were dealing drugs in Los Angeles and elsewhere…these drug traffickers were meeting with CIA agents.

“When you had all this cheap cocaine going into South Central Los Angeles, right at the time people were figuring out how to take this powder cocaine and turn it into crack, you had sort of a collision of historical events in a very odd place.”

Webb’s report was bombshell news when it broke. Several documentary films were made in the 1990s covering Clinton’s involvement with Mena and the growing number of dead witnesses. For a brief moment, there was mainstream news coverage of these sensational stories of CIA drug-smuggling. But soon, the corporate media dutifully ran damage control and buried what would have been the scandal of the century.

By the time the CIA finally admitted to these crimes, the news cycle was saturated with Monica Lewinsky, cigars and oral sex in the oval office. As far as the mainstream narrative goes, Mena never happened.

There is very little information about Susan Coleman but the rumor is well-established. She was allegedly telling friends that she was pregnant with Bill Clinton’s love child, while Bill was the Attorney General of Arkansas.

On February 15th, 1977, 26-year-old Coleman died of a gunshot to the back of the head, which was ruled a suicide. A gunshot to the back of the head is a very unlikely suicide, which is a common theme throughout the Clinton Body Count list.

Next on the list is Judy Gibbs, who on January 3rd, 1986 died in a mysterious house fire, while rumors were spreading that she had compromising pictures of her and then-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton.

As a teenager, Judi Gibbs was lured into prostitution by her brother-in-law, Dale Bliss, who was married to her sister, Sharon. Judi later became a model and Penthouse Pet.

At age 20, Gibbs married Bill Puterbaugh. According to his son, Randy, Puterbaugh liked to rub shoulders with politicians in Arkansas. He claimed that his father was prostituting his young, beautiful wife to Governor Bill Clinton to gain political favor. According to Judi’s sister Martha, Governor Clinton would fly Judi from the small airport opposite Puterbaugh’s house into Little Rock, where he would meet her at a hotel room for sex.

This routine was abruptly ended when Judi’s brother-in-law, Dale Bliss was caught molesting an 8-year-old boy. When the police raided Dale’s home, they allegedly found a hidden window where he was taking pictures of girls having sex with the State’s most powerful men. Word quickly spread that a photo was discovered of Governor Clinton having sex with Judi Gibbs.

Shortly thereafter, a massive fire broke out in her home and Judi Gibbs, who died of smoke inhalation, along with 57-year-old Bill Puterbaugh. No cause for the fire was found and Judi’s body was found on the floor near a door that would have allowed her escape. Both Judi’s sister, Martha and Puterbaugh’s son, Randy believe that Bill Clinton was somehow responsible for the death of Judi Gibbs.

On October 5, 1986 a CIA airplane was shot down over Nicaragua by the Sandinista government and its pilot, Eugene Hasenfus was captured. At a press conference, Hasenfus stated that he was part of Operation Enterprise, an operation to supply the Contras with weapons supervised by the US Government. This led to a direct link to the Reagan White House and it became known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

The operation was to supply the Nicaraguan Contras with untraceable weapons. This operation was funded by illegal weapons sales to Iran and the distribution of large amounts of cocaine smuggled into the United States via the CIA-run airport in Mena, Arkansas. The profits from the cocaine distribution was then laundered through various organizations, such as the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, created by Webster Hubbell and signed into law by Governor Bill Clinton.

During the hearings, Oliver North took the blame and loyally fell on his sword but Governor Bill Clinton’s involvement was evident, clearly the reason for running the operation through Arkansas.

The cocaine-addicted Governor was keen to “make his bones” and to work for the Deep State, as we learn from the shocking litany of Clinton Body Count members, in which Bill Clinton covered for the patently ridiculous rulings by Arkansas State Medical Examiner, Fahmy Malak on dozens of suspicious deaths of Arkansas victims who were witnesses to the Mena drug operation, well before Clinton set foot in the White House.

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  • What you all turn a blind eye too is the fact trump is just another bill Clinton tool. The guy was in bed with the whole machine washing mob money thru his atlantic city casinos …on and on .. It’s all the same corrupt asswipes who convince you morons there is a difference between them.

  • if there is a Just God, then I truly do hope and I pray that He sees to it that these criminal villains and evil daemons one and all rot in jail before being hung and then rot in Hell for all eternity. Oh yeah, “Amen!”.

  • Oh yes, I know about this. I spent much time and research on the series by the great (and murdered) J. Orlin Grabbe back in the 1990s regarding the tangled web that included the Clinton body count en route to the White House from the governorship in Mena, Arkansas.
    Orlin introduced me to “Angel of Death” Charles “Chuck” Hayes in federal prison. I then encountered lawyer Karen Dobson being viciously EM targeted by the FBI for being misconstrued as a spy on NSA drug operations transferred from Mena, Arkansas to Newport, Oregon once the Clintons were in the White House.
    Yes, unlike most mind-controlled Dems, I am quite aware of the DETAILS regarding the GHWB-Clinton-Obama cabal and the THOUSANDS OF DEATHS AND DESTROYED LIVES during its long reign of power via the Democrat-Republican divide-and-conquer ruse.

  • Except for Jimmy Carter, America has been led by psychopaths and criminals since JFK was murdered. And it looks more and more like Trump is a good guy, trying to rid American leadership of these perverted scum, specifically the Clintons, the Bushes, and apparently Obama.

    Pray for our countrymen, who now have to discern truth from the programmed reality they’ve been brainwashed with for over 50 years. America’s soul – or it’s belief in its inherent moral superiority by the genius of the Constitution – is at stake, and we may be called to give our lives for it. If the enemy – hidden by powerful wealthy forces – continues to exploit us with their tools of brainwashing through propaganda, infiltrating our democracy and corrupting our values, then it will be more important than ever for Good People to Fight Together. It’s not a political fight – it’s a moral – even spiritual – war.

    Be vigilant and skeptical; be discerning, and demand evidence! Fight power with the power of the pen, and write your local leadership, for state leadership, but know there are good people everywhere – more than there are those who would betray you, sell you ought, stab you in the back, or take your life. But the many confused people who’ve been lied to, well, this will require de-programming. Pray, meditate, write, protest, be remain involved! The war is long.

    • Nicely put and fully agree. The current left vs right paradigm is all about keeping us divided and weak. We need compassion for those still under the influence.

    • all presidents are a commodity of the military, wall street, or the corporations…once we the people stop giving away our power to these losers…a true difference can take place in this country… s the Queen of Hearts has stated “Off with their Heads!”

      • Well said! I recently discovered Marianne Williamson and she has brought back hope in politics and government for me. Finally someone talking perfect sense and coming from a place of integrity. Sadly I think she will go over the top of most people’s heads as there is such a lack of awareness out there.

    • Trump is in bed with Saudi, the worst country in earth, and Israel and also Big Corp so definitely not the good guy you are hoping for. He has a cult following who cannot see any wrong in him. It doesn’t matter what the party is, they all work for Big Industry, Big Pharma etc. The only candidate who has any kind of integrity is Marianne Williamson who wants to take away all vested interests from politics. It is the only way to get the politicians working for the people.

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