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    The roll-out of the Police State in response to the coronavirus and the crashing of the global economy has shaken many of us to our core – and that includes longtime proponents of Q, like Sean from the SGT Report.

    The bloom is off the rose of Q’s Hope Porn, as far as Sean is concerned and the first third of his interview with major Q proponent, Dave Hayes, aka Praying Medic is almost tense enough to cut with a knife.

    He tells Praying Medic, “President Trump is surrounded by people who are true enemies to the Republic, one of which would be Doctor Fauci…we could go on to talk about the fact that this pandemic is now…a ‘plandemic”, as evidenced by the Rockefeller document from 2010, page 18, “Lock Step, more top-down authoritarian control on the back of a pandemic.”

    Sean says, “Look, if I can figure this out, the President and the White Hats can figure this out. Why is the economy still shut down? Why did we give the bankers $2.2 trillion in stimulus?…Why in the heck is JP Morgan getting away with approving only 6% of the applications for Paycheck Protection Program, when they were given so much of that $2.2 trillion? To me, it just feels like another banker fleecing of this nation.’

    Praying Medic points to the fact that there are 160,000 sealed indictments on and how unprecedented this is and he says that soon, there will be a spotlight on the corruption of the US’ top universities.

    Trump has the authority to decide when every business in the country should re-open and he could tell every business to open tomorrow. “But he’s not doing it” says Praying Medic. “Why is he not doing it? Because there are a whole lot of corrupt, swampy mayors and governors who need to be exposed.

    “The Governor of Michigan, for example – a Little Hitler just waiting for an opportunity to put her jackbooted thugs on the street to arrest people for going to a park and pushing their kids on a swing…you have to look at the big picture. Yes, it is horrible, that people are losing their jobs and their businesses are being shut down…it’s terrible! But here’s the thing: Trump would not do this if he was not absolutely convinced that he could rebuild the economy and rebuild these jobs and rebuild everything better than it was before the shutdown.

    As for people who just want to see Hillary Clinton and others perp-walked, “If you arrest a dozen corrupt people, it’s not going to make any difference, because there are going to be more corrupt people coming in to take their place and nothing is going to change…

    “The Plan is about reforming the institutions that perpetuated corruption over centuries. There have to be changes made to our system of government. Because we are a nation that is supposed to be governed by the People, it is the ignorance of average people that has allowed corruption to propagate.

    “The reason why corrupt people get away with what they do is because the people – the sheep are sheep! They’re not awake. They don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know how corrupt Hollywood is. They don’t know how corrupt the media is. They don’t know about corruption at Harvard and Yale and higher education. They don’t know about the corruption in Washington, DC.

    “People are for the most part, they’re blind. They do not understand the severity of the corruption. If they did, they would demand changes. They would stop going to the movies and stop buying John Legend’s CDs and MP3s. They’d stop going to Robert DeNiro’s movies, they’d not support Harvard anymore.

    “The people don’t know the severity and the depth of corruption, so Q’s operation is to help people wake up to the truth of corruption. The first part of Q’s operation for the past three years – it’s a public information operation – it is designed to help people wake up to the truth that there is evil and corruption in all parts of society and it needs to be dealt with…

    “As the people who are supposed to be ‘We the People’, we’re the ones responsible for demanding reforms to institutions like colleges…we’re responsible for electing people in Congress, and our senators and governors and mayors.

    “It’s difficult to wait for the arrests, but the first part of ‘The Plan’…is information. Now, we’re going to get documents de-classified at some point. Now that they got rid of Dan Coats – who was a sleeper – and they’ve got Rick Grenell in as the Director of National Intelligence.

    “With Rick Grenell working with Attorney General Barr, we should start getting documents de-classified…the de-classification of the documents related to Spygate is going to objectively prove to average people that there’s a degree of corruption in the FBI, Department of Justice, CIA, State Department and the White House – under Obama.

    “So, FISA is the start. Because when FISA-related documents are de-classified, people can read them for themselves, they can see for themselves that there’s corruption at all these government agencies and all these people who worked in the Obama Administration. That is going to help normies understand that, ‘Hey, you know what? We voted for all these people and thought these people were great and they’re actually kind of scumbags,’ – like Trump has been saying, Jim Comey, top level of the FBI – they’re scum.

    “DECLAS has to come, along with some indictments. I think we’re going to see some indictments relatively soon, I’m not going to make a prediction on when – reasonably certain they’re going to be FISA-related indictments – and that’ll take out people like Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch – all those people in the FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA – they’ll be the first on the chopping block for the indictments

    “We know for a fact that John Huber’s investigation into all matters related to Hillary Clinton; the Uranium One scandal and corruption at the Clinton Foundation, Huber’s already done with that investigation and they’ve got the indictments, sealed and they’re just waiting to unseal them. Barr told us Huber’s investigation is over and they’re just waiting to bring those to fruition.

    “Then we’ve got the investigation into the Department of Justice into the accomplices of Jeffrey Epstein. The day after Epstein was found dead in his cell, the Department of Justice put up a webpage and said, ‘If you’re one of Epstein’s accomplices, don’t rest too comfortably because we’re asking for witnesses and victims to come forward and give us information about crimes related to Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplices.’ So, the people who were Epstein’s accomplices should not be resting to comfortably, because the DOJ is investigating them right now – and has been for quite a while.

    “It’s hard to wait for the arrests but…I think George Soros and the Rothschilds and Bill Gates have got to be crapping their pants because they know Durham is coming…they’re pulling out all the stops…They want this damned agenda to be forwarded but Trump is crushing them every day and more of that corruption is being exposed and it’s going to continue to be exposed.

    “And they’re gonna do more desperate things. I have no doubt, between now and November, we’re going to see more desperate measures by this global cabal of creepy people and I don’t even want to think about what they’re going to try next but I’m anticipating they’re going to try some more stupid crap.”

    Sean ends the show by saying, “We all just want to take our country back. We just want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we are sick and tired of being governed by criminals who happen to be Satanists.”





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