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by MJTruth

California is Redder thank you Think…

The Robbed Votes from Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey was leading Adam Schiff with 1.8 million votes. And just like that, it was cut in half.

This is called the Glitch Switch. And Adam Schiff got more votes by a razor-thin margin.

Adam Schiff- 1,247,723– 33.2%
Steve Garvey- 1,220,683- 32.5%

As I described last night, this is an ALGORITHM trying to figure out the math problem that is YOU.

Elections are an additive process. Never negative. Each raw data interval of reported votes should be an additive process, and you’d shouldn’t see ANY DELETIONS or OSCILLATIONS.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Been going on for decades cuz of the dumbed-down americans who could really care less about most critical issues. And you thought you lived in a democratic republic defined by honor, compassion and integrity. Its never been that way regardless of what the old timers tell you. They are the culprits who trusted the gov and allowed this filth we have today.

    They sent all your manufacturing jobs to China under Clinton, and most people still dont realize that or its implication, nor the boogeyman thesis with China. China makes everything for us including most medications….and bioweapons that we finance with you hard-earned money. Thats blatant stupidity by americans. And yet not a peep.

    Stoopid americans deserve a third world country

  • we could learn a thing or two from 4rd world Haiti about election integrity . the finger paint is so you can only vote once and in person is only way to do it . as long as election rigging is stuck on ignore this is what passes for demockracy . who cares this is the last ride .

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