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Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans4Innovation have identified who has taken over the US, how they did it and he joins Douglas Gabriel at AIM4Truth name names. He says the coup is being managed by DLA Piper, which, as the law firm for the Pilgrims Society and the Prince’s Trust, is the most Deep State of all law firms. Until a couple of months ago, DLA Piper was also the employer of America’s first Second Gentleman of the United States, Douglas Emhoff, who stepped down from his position there just prior to Kamala Harris’ inauguration to avoid conflict-of-interest concerns.

The official documents they’ve found show that Kamala Harris is a British Commonwealth citizen and they believe there’s every indication that she’s an agent of the Crown. Gabriel claims that Harris is in an arranged marriage with Emhoff, which gives her a direct line of communication to the Queen of England and McKibben agrees, saying that what the British failed to do with the War of 1812, when thy sacked the White House and burned it down, they’ve now achieved through Kamala Harris, who’s being shoehorned into the White House, despite being very unpopular, having dropped out of the Democratic Primary race in December of 2019, with only 3% of the votes.

Gabriel says DLA Piper’s former Chairman, Nigel Knowles is the son of the former Vice-Admiral of the Royal Air Force, who was at the forefront of the formation of the Five Eyes alliance, which essentially enabled British Intelligence to subsume all of the American (and Canadian, Australian and New Zealand) intelligence agencies. Knowles’ great-grandfather was an associate of Cecil Rhodes and a founder of the Metaphysical Society, whose members included Lord Alfred Tennyson, T. H. Huxley and Arthur Balfour and which McKibben believes is at the core of the Satanism of this group, widely known as the New World Order but which is actually the Pilgrims Society.

He says Globalism, Internationalism and anti-Americanism are all exponents of the Pilgrims Society, whose members also sit on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), attend Bilderberger meetings, go to Bohemian Grove and to the World Economic Forum at Davos. These are people like Henry Kissinger, who recently passed his baton to Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab had never had a job but he had received several Master degrees and PhDs before he went to Harvard to receive his MBA. It was there that he met Henry Kissinger and John Kenneth Galbraith. Upon graduation in 1971, he founded the World Economic Forum and he’s been heading it up ever since. George Soros, who has overseen coups d’états (or attempts) in 14 different countries and is wanted in several of them for crimes against humanity is considered to be the WEF’s number one member.

Gabriel says, “They believe they have usurped the United Nations banking organizations, the World Trade Organization, the IMF – all of them – they believe that their Reset is supposed to erase the work of the United Nations so that they will not have to give out any of their time or energy or money to the pesky United Nations people, who are all Brits and Pilgrims Society members, all through-and-through…soaking the money from America to create this Globalist organization that is totally anti-American. It might as well say ‘Home of Communism’ on the side of the building.”

Gabriel claims that the Pilgrims Society controls all ambassadors to all countries and their dinners use the same Chatham House Rules used by the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which provides that attendees of meetings may discuss the content of the meeting in the outside world, but may not discuss who attended or identify what a specific individual said.

“Nigel Knowles, who’s the controller of Douglas Emhoff, who’s the controller of Kamala Harris, who’s the controller of Joe Biden – and so, we find that the controls fall right back into the lap of – literally – the Queen; the Privy Council and her child [Prince Charles]. And the Pilgrims Society. All of these people will bow down and take their ‘Sirs’ and their knighthoods and their aristocracy and their names and their landed gentry from a monarchy that should have no power because it’s based on the sheer insanity of the Dark Ages.

“So, why should we give our credence to the Queen? Why does the Queen get a piece of the pie first? Why do the Crown Agents get every single deal, no-bid contract before anybody else does? With OPEC or with USAID or with anything? Why? Because it all goes back to Britain. Britain is still taxing us for everything and unfortunately, Lord Mark Malloch Brown, through SGO Smartmatic, through the elections, so that, right in front of our eyes, we get to see hundreds of not thousands of people commit federal crimes to support a conspiracy against the election of our duly-elected President, Donald J Trump, who as far as I’m concerned is our President, because I haven’t seen Joe Biden do anything yet…

“We might as well say Nigel Knowles is running the White House…You can now see these names pop up over and over and know who they are.”

McKibben interjects, “We’re talking about the people who knocked down the World Trade towers, who started the Vietnam War, we’re talking about the people who fomented World War One, World War Two, Rwanda, Cambodia – these are the same people”

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  • You have no idea how your electoral processes look from the outside, honestly, it simply makes no sense. Private corporate money, what you call contributions is called bribes everywhere else, aren’t elections supposed to be a public affair? No wonder your representatives feel so detached from the people, they are and with a re-election rate that high it is obvious something is badly broken.

    Then the contestations, your elections have been rigged for a very long time, from the hasty replacement of VP Wallace by Truman at the convention, Kennedy’s father, Nixon and the Vietnamese, the unbelievably obvious farce of Reagan and the Iran hostages, Gore and Kerry conceding before it’s over, the Supreme Court, it never stops. The voting machines, the gerrymandering, the cancellation of good laws because the party says so, the tax cuts for the rich only, the insane military budgets, the lobbying, the secret choice of the presidency candidates etc, etc,

    I just can’t understand why you still believe your vote counts, I actually think your non vote would have a much bigger impact in telling Washington you refuse to play until they clean up the house BUT THE WORSE, the polarisation and the hatred that poisons your political discourse today, it never stops, here we talk about it for a couple of weeks every 5 years and we forget about it, it may not be better but it is much easier and it feels much better. The real problem is money, it has taken over every facet of our lives, that’s what we need to work on if anything is going to change, your call.

    Good luck and please, lower the military spending and close a few bases in Asia, yous guys are scary and you sure could use the money at home.

  • A small percentage of Americans are FIGHTING HARD to end the mask, distance BS thru legal means… However there is No Rule of Law in this country… So we are struggling… But refuse to give up!! I’ve not masked since the beginning… And the CHILD ABUSE, ENDANGERMENT is so overwhelming I cannot begin to relate my anger and worry over the children’s mental health. .Anyway, we are not going down!!!

    • I agree. The ‘social contract’ we had with those who governed us has been broken and we did not break it. Our government is now illegitimate in my eyes. I am sickened by what has happened to America. The worse part of this is that most Americans have no idea what is happening to America and dare I say, the world. Most around me have no clue and they refuse to even look into this. They have been hypnotized by mainstream media and everything else. When I see what they are doing to the children with this covid narrative I get enraged. This is evil. I’m 68 and I literally hate these people.

  • These people that Mike and Doug talk about are ruled by the “king snake’s”, Rothschild and the Pope!

  • Yeah, the British have taken over, BACK IN 1913!
    ROTHSCHILD! KHAZARIAN joo, not to be mixed up with the true Jewish people, these khazarian joo’s are NOT JEWISH! They are of the SYNOGOGUE OF SATAN!

  • The Queen and royals as the BIG BAD GUY ???? Hmmmm seems to me that there are some BIGGER FISH IN THE SEA . See im of the mind that MONEY IS POWER . The ones who have the most wealth for the longest periods of time are the REAL POWER . like the BANKING DYNASTIES . YES THE R OTHSCHILDS ,and a handful od others . I say ROTHSCHILD now because they have been burrowed in England for hundreds of years . They funded the English civil war on the PARLIAMENTARIANS side . So when the MONARCHY was overthrown who was it who REALLY GAINED ? THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY . payback for kicking jews out of England (jews are ROTHSCHILD agents, spies, and backers.) ROTHSCHILD , LITERALLY used England to CREATE ISRAEL which is really just a giant pile of gold for ROTHSCHILD. So THE QUEEN CONTROLS AMERICA AND ROTHSCHILD CONTROLS QUEEN SO WHO REALLY CONTROLS AMERICA ????Im surprised your DEEP RESEARCH NEVER FOUND THESE THINGS OUT.

  • Look, look, over there, “Kamala Harris, who’s the controller of Joe Biden – and so, we find that the controls fall right back into the lap of – literally – the Queen; the Privy Council and her child [Prince Charles]. And the Pilgrims Society. ”

    Don’t look over there at the US plutocrats and the M.I.C., there is nothing to see!


    Nothing has “been achieved through” CAMELa Hairya$$$. If she shows her hideous child-trafficking face in public she’ll be destroyed. You know it, she knows it, and WE, THE PEOPLE know it.

    Shut up. Both of you.

  • Many Americans know of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, and others promoting the unlawful actions that have transformed our Republic into a nation-state of the New World Order. Too few are aware of the most powerful group of all; THE PILGRIMS, not those who arrived on the Mayflower but a group of the world’s wealthiest people bent on controlling all the world’s wealth and using it to establish World Government! And though it’s easy to blame our problems on our elected officials (most of whom are guilty of treason), they are but minions of THE PILGRIMS; traitors lacking the knowledge, courage and/or integrity to honor their oath of office.
    The Pilgrim Society holds many seats of power throughout the world whose influence and actions are well coordinated and always focused on destroying the middle class; eliminating the rich who aren’t in bed with them, and bringing all nations into their New World Order; “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order;” i.e., a global prison whose ’warden’ will be an Imperial Oligarchy!

    The Pilgrim’s control the central banks and are largely responsible for not only America’s troubles but those of the world. The most important and perhaps only obstacles to their effort are Americans and their Constitution for as America goes so goes the world. The world’s people hoping to stop the Pilgrim’s progress and hold them and their minions accountable must jointly develop or adopt and implement a plan permitting them to unite on actions of mutual interest while assuring evervone retains their freedom to pursue the special interests.

    • I thought you were joking at first; replace ‘Pilgrims’ with another and you’re right – your name suggests your true motive however. The ‘destroyers’ I think you like to call yourselves?

  • Does have this info? They might want to interview Gabriel and! McKibben! Some alt media, ie Juan O Savin, track evil sources back to Crown, MI 6, but never in this kind of detail! I wonder why not? There are many anomalies displayed with the imposter Presidential team! Thankfully their days are numbered and President will return to helm!

  • ‘The Marshall Plan:’ An European Recovery Program initiated by U.S. Secretary of State, George Marshall to promote the economic recovery of Europe, on both sides of the ‘Iron Curtain.’ The period from April 1948 – June 1952, plan gave 3.2 billion to the United Kingdom, 2.7 billion to France, 1.5 billion to Italy, & 1.3 billion to Germany, which later Germany paid back with interest. The United States confiscated up to 20 x more of Germany’s national wealth, than that of the loan. The Al lies also retained controlled of the German government to this day, Germany is a Military occupied country/nation, a vassal government of The United States. Tens of thousands U.S. soldiers are stationed in Germany because of powerful interest. Treaties imposed upon Germany also require Germany to accept occupation laws so that Germany could not expel the U.S. troops. Douglas & Mike, Don’t forget it was Britain & France who declared war on Germany September 3, 1939. & Poland had already decided serious border attacks, August 1939 against ethnic Germans living in Danzig Corridor & massacred 58,000 men women & children in this once German territory before WW1. & It was Poland whom carried out the first invasion in Czech, March 1939. Also The United States had German POW’s in what was known as ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’ where they starved to death up to 2 million German POW’s in their own feces & urine as they boiled in the Sun, since you two mentioned POW camps in Ravensburg, which the Germans did no such war crimes.

    • The 1922 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica states that in the portion of Germany that was taken by Poland after the so-called Versailles ‘Treaty’, that Germans then living on that land were already being systematically genocided and purged from that land, that is why Hitler had to go into Poland after he offered several times to Poland for amicable relations and they blanked his offers completely and just carried on persecuting and murdering the Germans, so Hitler got sucker-punched when he went into Poland to stop that genocide by force, the only way he could do, but that was just what the Jews controlling England were waiting for so they could declare war on Germany for the Rothschilds and destroy it completely so that Stalin’s forces could then take as much of Europe as they wished unhindered.

    • Wrong again, disinformation breath. Facts are actually obtainable on the internet if you dig deep enough sans Google. There are questions that need to be answered, however, that came up while listening.

      Why is Buckingham Palace boarded up? Redecorating/updatiing makes no sense given the size of the facilities. Where IS the Queen? What has happened to Phillip since he “went into the hospital”? Monarchy? Biden/Harris Administration is equally as much fantasy as the Monarchy at this point. Trump didn’t know ALL of this before the election? Why did he set up the EO’s to cover the foreign election interference, military directives, etc.? Why are key complainers silent now- Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, for example? Why are neither Biden nor Harris in DC residences? Why did they delay the WEF meeting this year- the fake Covid planscamdemic that they created? Is Klaus CGI like most of the rest of this “show”????

      • These questions are evidence? Been down this road with these guys before. Nothing is documented thus your disinfo claim is a boomerang. Hot air and many are sick of charlatans like these. And there are many masking as truthers ASSuming you care.

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