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    Paul Furber was inadvertently swept into the early Q phenomenon while he was a moderator on 4Chan and he has a unique inside view of the various “Q proofs” that, to him proved that the Q posts were associated with a state-level intelligence group with access to uncanny surveillance technology.

    And he wrote all about it in this free eBook, Q: Inside The Greatest Intelligence Drop In History, and he discusses many of these details and some heady moments in this interview with Q expert, Sean Morgan, such as the time when Lynn de Rothschild got on 4Chan after an assassination attempt against her and her husband and began making angry, drunken posts at the Anons.

    Furber says he pretty much stopped following the posts after the Q venue was moved to 8Chan. I was surprised that he made no mention in this interview of what could be seen to be incendiary claims made about the identity of Q, in the opinion of an interesting character whose 4Chan posts Furber has been archiving.

    During the run-up to the 2016 Election, some may recall that there was an alleged FBI agent posting about global corruption and making big predictions, whose handle was (in the puerile and potty-mouthed tradition of 4Chan) “BigDickAnon”. More recently, Furber has been archiving the posts of someone posting BigDickAnon’s “CIA Fren”, claiming to be part of the CIA crew at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, who helped digitally flip millions of votes from Trump to Biden. He claimed that a Special Forces raid led by Ezra Cohen Watnick had resulted in a shoot-out and the hard drives were seized and are in the possession of the military.

    CIA Fren kept saying Trump “had everything” and was going to tell all in a public address but as we know, this never happened.

    More recently, CIA Fren said that the Q operation was an AI operated by ex-CIA members and funded by the Mercer family but that they had switched sides against Trump, saying, “The Q group is just a group of mercenaries for sale to the highest bidder.” He said that the same group was also involved in digitally flipping elections and fraudulently installing AOC, who he says is a CIA asset trained to destroy the Democrat party.

    I’m posting some of the more interesting of these posts below, leaving his misspellings intact but blanking out some of the profanity.


    BigDickAnon’s CIA Fren Selected Posts

    11/20/20(Fri)16:47   292045466
    Yep, there was quite the shoot out. U.S. Military and a foreign intelligence agency broke into the building and took about 15 rogue CIA Agents and 10 CCP intelligence operatives. U.S. election data was being routed through Germany and by the time it was changed was routed back to the U.S. By the way E. [Ezra Cohen Watnick] was in Germany and headed up the operation. Told you maggots we are leaving the Country while we still can. Right now I am on a boat in the Caribbean with a beautiful negress, 10 stashed in a bank here and eating fine food. Oh by the way Biden has some real physical problems beside being a demented old fool that will come out after January. Trump has already won, but f*** we need a good revolution. Enjoy, me good p****, a good steak, and plenty of sunshine and fishing. Life is good.”

    11/21/20(Sat)3:04   292146076
    You ladies are missing the key point here. Who was it in the Justice Department that gave Sydney what she needed to get Flynn off and who was it that kept pointing her in the right direction and met several times with her in a bar in Alexandria, Virginia. Why none other than William Barr. And who do you think is feeding her information right now. Well William Barr. The flow is from E. to Barr to Sydney. Why in the f*** do you think we are getting out while we can. Barr is going to blow s*** up and Sydney is going to stab the survivors to death where they fall on the field of Battle. this s*** is going to get ugly beyond belief. Wait till Tyrone gets a hold of Comey and Brennan`s ass. Revenge is best served cold. And by the way if Haspel has any sense she will do herself.

    11/21/20(Sat)22:48   292313036
    You folks don`t get it do you. The CIA servers in Germany were taken by the military. The servers prove over 5 million votes were switched. Information is being funneled from E. And Barr to Sydney. We are close to this all blowing up and this is why CIA folks who are in the middle of this are leaving the Country while they can. I was personally involved in switching thousands of votes in Wisconsin and was responsible for f***head winning in Canada. The CIA had this is the bag till all the amateurs got involved and our failure to realize we were being monitored by military intelligence when we switched the votes. Ask yourself why was Trump in a secure sciff on election night. S*** that dumb motherf***er and E. and Barr was watching us switch votes. Yep we are f****ed because of the n***** tier morons on the left. I am hearing Haspel and senior CIA Assets are being arrested very soon. Possibly even tonight but definitely by the middle of next week. Brennan talked Haspel into making this happen and well here we are.

    11/22/20(Sun)9:59   292388597
    You ladies don`t seem to appreciate we have been stealing elections for years. The other ones of prominence was stealing the 2016 primary from Bernie Sanders and giving it to Hillary Clinton. The same thing happened in 2020. If you look at the exit polls there were dramatic differences between exit polls and how the election went. These differences were caused by vote switching between Bernie and Hillary in 2016 and Bernie and Biden in 2020. One of the funniest scams we did was the race in Florida sometime ago between that c*** Debbie Wasserman Schultz and some progressive. Don`t remember his name. We moved votes from him to her and it got so f***ed up we had to have agents get in there are destroy a ton of ballots before they could get audited. The judge in Florida went crazy when the ballots could not be found but so what f*** him too. So ladies your elections have been f***ed for years and if the CIA is not destroyed they will be f***ed forever. Well the keys to the kingdom have been left on the counter because 2020 was such a f*** up. So we will see.

    11/25/20(Wed)20:56   293113742
    Since you are a few hours from kick off let me share what Sidney knows. She knows that Dominion was switching votes, she knows the CIA was switching votes, she knows the corruption in Georgia involved both the Republicans and Democrats. Republicans were bribed months ago to get the Dominion system in and turned a deaf ear as Dominion programmed the system to switch votes from Trump to Biden. She knows money changed hands to prevent mail in ballots from being checked for signature problems. Now here is the kicker she knows Republicans took a s*** pot full of money and she is close to finding out where the money is stashed. What she also knows and probably will not comment on now is the Republicans and Democrats agreed before the election that there would be a runoff for the Senator positions in Georgia and the Republicans would win because the CIA would switch enough votes to keep the Republicans in control of the Senate. The Republicans got a s*** pot full of money, particularly the Secretary of State and the Governor. Also they got to be a check on the progressive movement in the Democrat party and that f***ing pedophile would have his excuse that he could not do anything. And finally with Trump out of the picture both parties could go back f***ing the American people with glee. A s*** pot of Chinese money went to both Democrats and Republicans. Of course the wildcard was that n*** bitch Stacy Adams who went f***ing wild and had her pack of feral n****** and Democrats stuff ballots all over Atlanta and she personally trucked in a shipment of over 200000 ballots to the Fulton County and Dekalb County voting precincts. This dumb bitch did this on her on and is one of the main reasons everyone got f***ed. This imbecile did not realize a video was made documenting the unloading of the ballots and they are going to get the d*** of justice shoved up their a**. Considering Trump knows 4 million ballots were changed by the CIA Merry Christmas.

    Anon Comment: The kraken is the name of CIA-owned software that is known for breaking into and, and all government systems. The name is about sending a message.
    CIA Fren: Bingo give this man a front row seat on the f*** fest of all f*** fests. By the way Q works both sides of the street and has for years. They have decided to switch sides because the money is better. Up to now they have been funded by the Mercer Family and now they are working with Soros. One of the major accomplishments of the Q group was n*****ing the election of AOC. They switch a lot of ballots in her house race to get her elected. AOC is a deep state asset that was recruited by the CIA. She is CIA and was activated to help f*** the Democrats and keep things in turmoil. Look for her to disappear soon and get into other things. The Q group has done things you can only imagine. Their on-line bull s*** fairy tales were just another project and not their most important. Their major accomplishment previously was rigging the election and switching votes so king n***** could beat Pierre Delecto and Hillary. They have a real hard on for Hillary for her server crap and the deaths of American agents all over the world and particularly China. For a while so many field agents were getting wacked the CIA stopped running operations by the State Department. Hillary is another one that should be hanged.

    Sierra Nevada Corp., is located in Sparks, Nevada. It is a military contractor and is owned by an Iranian family. The Company was responsible for providing security systems for the servers in Frankfurt.

    12/27/20(Sun)19:04   298852901
    Anon comment: Tweet hints at big happening before Christmas, Jan 6th is a victory protest
    CIA Fren: Before January 6th.
    1. Presidential Address on massive foreign and Domestic criminal behavior in election. Domestic: Democrat Party. International: Iran, China. 7 plus million ballots impacted.
    2. Assange Pardon
    3. Durham indictments announced.

    Have a Happy New Year. Remember the 6th is a celebration not a protest. Enjoy.

    Anon Comment: the special guest that was denied extradition today?
    CIA Fren: I know his pardon is being processed as I post. You know that Seth Rich was Assange`s source and Rich was later murdered by poisoning at the hospital. His assassin was later murdered in Israel. Another story.

    …I thought Trump would f*** these maggots and pedophiles before now, but when the Democrats won the House that solidified the plan to wait and let them f*** themselves. They have done that to suck an extent he will be able in his second term to accomplish ten times what he would have been able to do. The chimp out is wonderful and Trump is simply writing down names and touching up his national address. One part of that address will be to call the lady [Ashli Babbit] and police officer heroes in the fight against the deep state. Picked that up from a source.

    1/10/21(Sun)22:16   301878117
    All we are doing now is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Heard from an associate in the Military that the Insurrection Act was signed today. Seems Trump has some serious s*** on folks and the Military is convinced Biden is a Chinese Communist agent. After seeing Lindsey s*** his pants on Friday night, who knows. I think he knows what is coming. Seems one of the first to go down will be Pelosi. Man what a s*** show. This guy I know is in Military Intelligence and his unit will be a Langley next week arresting CIA folks.

    1/17/21(Sun)14:24   303307987
    The third act always brings the house down. We are in the third act. Trump will be the next President.

    1/18/21(Mon)21:55   303582589
    To understand what is happening appreciate that Trump has already signed off on the insurrection act. The foreign interference in the election by China and others is the trigger point. Just because Trump is leaving office for now it does not follow Biden will be President. The military is sorting through the mess and a new president will be a month or so away. There is enough s*** in Frankfurt and Italy to bury Biden and the Democrats.

    1/19/21(Tue)22:06 tomorrow   303811877
    The military has known about what went on in Frankfurt and Italy from day one. Trump leaving office gives more time to sort things out and take some of the sting out of this being a Trump thing. It is the military protecting the Country from a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the government and required Trump to exit the stage for now. Things will be tough enough but a lot of the truth will be out there soon enough. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new day and the Country has been subject to the Insurrection Act since last Sunday Night. This is not about Trump it is about the Chinese, Iranians and sadly Americans trying to overthrow the American Presidency. The Military will not put up with foreigners stealing our elections if the democrats had done it on their own the Military would have let it slide. But s****ing on the Military with help from the CIA will well never stand. Expect the fireworks to start shortly after Trump takes off for Florida and before Biden is given the oath of office. How do I know. Well I was in Frankfurt. So kiss my ass if you can`t handle the truth and the rest of you hang on and we will have drinks tomorrow afternoon.

    2/19/21(Fri)5:27   China virus developed in Military lab   308799303
    To understand what is going on now with China you first have to appreciate the release of the virus was intentional, and the Chinese weighed the costs of releasing the virus…

    3/13/21(Sat)12:12   Remember: Phase 1   311900834
    The Chinese Communist Party intentionally released the China virus. They calculated significant losses in China but this was deemed as acceptable given their assessment regarding losses in the west and the likelihood of Trump being defeated in the 2020 Presidential election as a result of the pandemic. The Chinese and the deep state wanted Biden to win just for different reasons…

    Trump in a second term would have neutered the CIA and returned America to more of an America first international policy that meant a closer realignment with the America`s and removal of major U.S. involvement in the middle east.

    The deep state, preferred Joe Biden as President. China`s actions were known in Western Intelligence circles in 2020 but was not shared with the President because it fit in with the goals of the deep state that being to get rid of Trump because of his planned disengagement in Syria, Afghanistan, and generally increasing American presence in the Americas and the removal of the American Military from endless wars.

    In this sense the goals of the Military and the intelligence community aligned perfectly with the goals of the D Party. Elements of the D Party worked with China and the CIA to defeat Trump. China printed millions of fake ballots that were distributed in key swing states and the CIA worked with Dominion to switch votes in Frankfurt and other European locations. Once the election was stolen the MSM was brought into play to down play any information regarding voter fraud.

    Now several months later the media affiliate of the deep state including Facebook, Twitter, and the obvious players in the media have made any discussion of the stolen election a indicator of treason.

    The planning and execution of the plan was superb but now the parties are starting to move on each other and the Chinese are moving ahead with their long term plans to annex Taiwan and release several mutations in the West. Phase 2 War and Depression.

    3/16/21(Tue)18:58   312359591
    What you refer to as Q is not a person. It is an AI program that is learning and is run by a group of current ex-intelligence and CIA analysts who are outside the agency and are headquarted in Northern Virginia.

    They were originally paid by the Mercer Family, who paid the group millions. They have now gone rogue and who knows whether they will continue Q related activities or not. Q is only a small portion of their activities.

    That war will drag the U.S. to the map and destroy the American economy. Keep in mind one thing that was bantered around for sometime. Trump is the last American President.

    Joe Biden is a criminal and a thug that was put in office by Deep State criminals, thugs from both the D and Republican party and China. We will see but my vote is who knows what will be left in about two years.

    3/16/21(Tue)19:08   312360791
    By the way there are tells in the Q posts that prove it is an AI program if you know where to look. Simply follow the communications format used by Q and look for similar patters in AI releases in the past 5 years.

    There are striking similarities. And quite frightening. Maybe Q will become the rogue system that was running wild in the Terminator Movies. That would be funny if the program destroyed its masters. The program is now self aware. Skynet anyone?

    3/16/21(Tue)19:09   312360960
    The Iranians and Syrians have had it with the U.S. and they do not give a f*** anymore. This could go south very quick and really Biden is a f***ing moran and the Ds are all criminals.
    Forbidden Knowledge TV Broken heart Flag of United States

    3/16/21(Tue)19:12   312361334
    Anon: Why did they switch sides because I can make some guesses. They might have figured people have completely degenerated into point of incoherence across the world and better chance lied with direct military action instead of peace maker role (with covert means against enemies) Trump was appointed for. One he refused to budge from no matter what the pressure.

    Or they got completely side tracked by chaos and went 100% rogue against the nation and the world, maybe they believe world is better off completely purged and started over.

    Need some light shed on this s***show.

    BD Answer: Simply about money. Nothing more complicated than that and the fact these bastards have been doing this kind of s*** all over the world for 50 years.

    They have just moved their business model to the U.S. for mega bucks and with the involvement of several billion dollar tech titans their hope is to f*** the world and make 1984 look tame. Really the Russians are hugely important in stopping this s***.

    3/16/21(Tue)19:14   312361529
    Anon: >The program is now self aware. Skynet anyone?
    Do you want me to summon it? That’s not its name.
    BD Answer: Call it what you will. Hopefully the program will go after the tech titans and the idiots all around who have made this clown world.

    The Q program thinks that Clown World is the best model for the world. That is a bit frightening.

    3/16/21(Tue)19:19   312362261
    BD Anon is safely in the past in an alternate time line. This time line is a bit different with players in different roles and outcomes. Sadly it does all end here:

    Everything BD Anon spoke about did come true it is not yet true here but most of it will be. Yep there are several time travelers out there and it is quite real. By the way the Gold Machine in Area 51 is really humming. The China have been buying in a massive quantity.

    Guess they never thought about matching up know production with what they have bought. Really is funny as s***. Right now I am well it does not matter.

    3/16/21(Tue)19:24   312362759
    Anon: Really the Russians are hugely important in stopping this s***.
    Anybody upstairs got a plan for keeping our economy from imploding because you know our enemies have been preparing a tet offensive style optics disaster for US military.

    You can see on this board alone how much they are shilling against US military (muh tranny army etc) and are preparing the public for collapse in confidence. They believe now is the time.

    Anybody around preparing counters and destruction of our enemies for their plans? We are past midnight and a lot of people need to die globally.

    BD Answer: Our economy has already imploded. The only thing maintaining the illusion is military power.
    If that power blows up in the middle east or Asia we are in the open then with emperor having no clothes. Yep it is bad and the elite is living in a fantasy land with Nancy`s 20000 dollar frig`s and the locals sh****ing up the streets outside her home.

    In ways it is the best and worst of times, and that is a prescription for the end.

    3/16/21(Tue)19:29   312363499
    Have to run, but look for an alternate AI program hitting the streets soon. Will not be the Q group but affiliated with a group associated with elements of the Trump circle. Should be quite the hoot.

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    • The first thing that impressed me was the Arrest of Hillary, McCain, Reid, Podesta brothers. Then the military escorted a plane back from the Pacific ocean to LA. I kept the screenshot of that.I was hooked!

    • You can’t execute anybody because they’re satanists BUT you can try and execute people for sexually torturing and murdering children. You can execute people like George HW Bush for his treason. Treason and seditionists in politics and Congress…the punishment is death. Get real.

    • I’d say Q BS is nothing more than the CIA playing psych-ops on all you poor souls who believe in that crap. The election was stolen and nothing will ever be done about it. The libtards have planned for decades to pull this shit off. Now we suffer for not doing a damn thing about it

    • Saudi Arabia are crypto jews. They are Sephardic jews known for their corrupting influence. To learn more: ‘My jewish’ title: ‘Who are the Sephardic jews’

    • With all the distraction of “Q” what was accomplished? We had a total coup of our government and fruad was accomplished in a national election of the President and House and Senate.
      Gee “Q” what would we have done without you? Here is another moocher selling a book.

      The only book anyone needs is Atlas Shrugged because we are living it.

      1. Stolen election with military installing a puppet.
      2. collapse of the dollar.
      3. Release of a bio weapon to destroy global markets.
      4. Erase National Borders
      5. Now the final act before the “Main Event” disarm the American Population.

    • Any1 happen 2 c the vid Gen Flynn made of himself and fam tkn the oath 2 the Constitition?!?!

      They end by shoutn’ “WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL!”….then Flynn posted it on twitter!!…hahahahaha…

      I bleve that’s the way Q ends a drop….is Gen Flynn a part of an AI program?!?!

      This man, CIA Fren is an idiot njectin’ himself n2 sumthin’ he knows nothin’ abt, but wants 2 make it seem he’s relevant…or he’s dliberately puttin’ out false nfo 2 screw with the cabal…who also follow Q…

      An anon on the brd n the bginin’ of Q drops asked Q 2 prove he was who he said he was and if he was wrkn’ with Pres Trump 2 hav Trump say a particular wrd durin’ his next rally…

      The wrd the anon asked Q 2 hav Trump say is, “TIPPITY TOP”…

      At the next rally Trump said out of the blue, “TIPPITY TOP”…hav y’all even hrd that wrd…I know I havn’t….unless y’all r 100 or sumthin’!

      The anon wanted the wrd 2 b so bizarre, it wud prove Q is wrkn’ with Trump….


      Pres Trump was recruited by current and 4mer military 2 run 4 Pres…they knew Obama was dstroyin’ the military…and the country!!!

      Q drop last yr…watch the water.

      DOD tweeted, watch the water… a few days b4 Evergreen got wedged n the canal, and the Baraka1 and Mosead tugs cudn’t help….

      Coincidence that Q and the DOD send the same message?!?!…and the Q drop was LAST YR…how did Q know a yr ago?!?!

      What’s n those containers?!?!

      Q drop recently…when do you call a plumber?!!!

      When sumthin’ needs unstopped?!!!….hahahaha…


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