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    Those of us who have been shadow-deplatformed, algorithmically filtered, deprived of income and alienated from our families and friends for the past 3 years in this psychological civil war being waged against us via the mainstream media and Big Tech, we feel somewhat vindicated today, with the end of the Mueller Investigation.

    But the Globalist war on America has only just begun for a new breed of Soros-funded, Big Data Communists. This data-driven, organized, Silicon Valley approach to politics is comprised of interlinking groups, including the Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress and Real Justice and their platforms are informed by the UN’s Agenda 21 aka the Green New Deal.

    YouTube user, Mr Reagan is back this week with a follow-up to ‘The Brains Behind AOC’, the most-viewed video on this site in over 2 years, garnering over 2 million views for this fledging creator. He revealed that newly-elected Justice Democrat Congresswomen, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are all winners of a Reality TV-like contest held by the highly-organized, Soros-funded radical Leftist groups masterminded by Zack Exley and his colleagues. The goal of these Soros groups is to swarm the pool of Congressional and District Attorney candidates with their own naïve and highly-controllable Progressive agents.

    Mr Reagan gives us details on Exley, a radical Saul Alinsky-ite who’s been a political operative for some time, working on campaigns for John Kerry, the UK’s Labour Party, Bernie Sanders, as the Chief Revenue Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation and as an associate of the Open Borders Foundation.

    Exley’s plan is diabolically brilliant: to have his Justice Democrats register and run as Republicans in solidly Republican districts with low-voter-turn-out all across America. The plan is to trick Republicans into voting for Socialists. It’s brilliant, because he’s accurately identified a huge vulnerability in the US Government, which is that most people don’t know who their local representatives are and they tend to vote a straight ticket for their party.

    This same model is being duplicated with District Attorneys through a group called Real Justice, run by Exley’s colleague from the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, Becky Bond that seeks to replace all DAs with Neo-Marxists. The front man for Real Justice is none other than Shaun King of Black Lives Matter.

    Mr Reagan saves the best for last however, when he reveals that Becky Bond is a top advisor in the Presidential campaign that is currently most in the spotlight – that of Beto O’Rourke!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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        • Yes! Absolutely. Ma’am, I don’t know what to do about some of the things I have found out on these people! I rarely was made to feel unsafe criticizing the actual right wing; we may differ on policies, sometimes even vehemently so, but we were never blood enemies before. The far left is DIFFERENT. Plainly stated, they’re crazy, and they are not really for the things they say they’re for. Did you know that Soros is pretty much just a bag man for the Rothschild Family? They were in together on owning Telecom Italia, which fronts itself out among other things through a cloud computing company called; they came into my life as one of thousands of hackers that have been sicced on me ever since I began exposing all this stuff, which- I just can’t believe how much of it all is not turning out to be bull.

    • Actually, the Mueller Investigation was necessary, but it didn’t do its job well. It WAS political, and it failed because it only looked carefully at Trump. I estimate that at most a quarter of the evidence was to be found in his corner, and Trump himself is not a brain child, he knew what was happening yet he knew without asking too many questions he’d be all right, and he was. The key to the real story with Russia and 2016 revolved around Bernie Sanders. Because of one man, primarily, and that man is not Tad Devine. I will tell you this: Zack Exley is so much closer to Putin than Paul Manafort was, the Sanders campaign was so much closer with Russians- there were actual Russians working there galore. Josh Uretsky was fired by Bern’s campaign for hacking Clinton. There was also Vitali Shkliarov, who went back to Russia immediately post-16 to help Ksenia Sobchek run her campaign which was a joke. One of the big reasons Putin was chosen by the ailing Yeltsin is because the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchek, was about the last man he trusted, and Putin was the only man Sobchek trusted, he remained loyal. The elder Sobchek is gone now but his daughter remains, a Paris Hilton-like testament to how absurd talk of Russian democracy is- just like Ivanka Trump may one day here.
      Still, none of that even touches the real issue.

    • I give Alexandria a lot of credit for bringing these topics up for our discussion.
      It’s informative and interesting and well it makes those that are looking into politics a reason to keep on looking. I sure don’t find it nutty!
      Not sure just what ‘program’ is running in the background of this planet….it is making itself known. It lets one side come forward and lets the other go back…… and each time micro movements are taking place pretty much right in ones’ face. I really don’t think that when folks vote their world changes too much…but if you don’t keep yourself involved you are stomping on your responsibilites.
      I wouldn’t be a politician …it may have its’ perks but its’ also has huge drawbacks……McCain, Hillary, etc to name just a few. They have nothing to be proud of in this world….and most spit at their mention. So why do they do it…’s the roll of the dice. Big players…Big Losers…they gather around the poker table and place their bets…..I’ll show you a ‘Justice Department’ and another will put their cards on ‘Gun Control’……in another 100 years if the Cern Accelerator doesn’t do us in ….maybe…..this game will still be working hard at the table.
      Carry on folks and vote, vote, vote and do your do diligence and find out who your Senators are and your District Attorneys….its a small price to pay for sanity.

    • Oh, it’s about the Globalists and George Soros single handedly running the entire world…Alexandra! Please! Here we go again with this fake shill who calls himself Reagan.
      I couldn’t and wouldn’t listen to anyone who has that old fossil Reagan for an icon.
      This clown want to focus on AOC? I don’t know much about her, but I dare say she couldn’t
      be any worse than the scum being touted as heroic or patriotic by the Republican party – like
      Ronald Reagan, Phil Graham, Oliver North, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Cruz, and on and on. It is very hypocritical and disingenuous to be focussing on this little woman who comes in and
      try to make a difference while there is so much bribery and corruption going on elsewhere.

      All this talk about Globalism, what about Zionism? You supposed they are one and the same?
      Trump is not a globalist? He sure as hell is a zionist! Selling us out to Israel. You suppose he
      signed the pledge? Could it be we have the old Hegelian Dialectic at work here? We could be headed toward globalism with Israel at the pinnacle. Did you see old Nathan Yahoo’s
      speech bragging about Israel’s technological prowess?

      Now, they keep talking about ole George Soros, I wonder why the right wingers never mention Sheldon Adelson, he’s probably got more influence than Soros – especially over Trump.

      • To Joel Morrow: Thank for bringing some sanity and reason to this site’s usual nuttery. I only subscribe to it to keep up with the latest preposterous crackpot theories spewing from the loony far right and alt right.

    • In California, where non citizens can now vote, can you imagine what would happen if immigration showed up at voting areas? And you do need to register don’t you? And isn’t that public record? Just trying to think around the box that has been created to confuse….. and befuddle and stymie the land of the “free” and the home of the brainwashed. Well it is one step forward. Now to try and wake up the fools who watch t.v., that will be a hard thing to do.

    • As he admits, this guy is a paid propagandist. Relies on buzzwords rather than issue oriented analysis. “Lets’s tar the opposition”.

    • After the 2016 United States Presidential election, Exley along with other members of the 2016 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk created the Justice Democrats in 2017 in attempt to reform the Democratic Party and take on President Donald Trump.

      FEC investigates AOC/Justice Democrats

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