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Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff continues his litany against the affiliates of the “Neocons”, including the private security firms such as Craft International, whose founder, Chris Kyle had recently been found murdered under “bizarre circumstances.”

To whit, the former United States Navy SEAL known as the “most lethal sniper in American military history, with 160 confirmed kills out of 255 claimed kills,” who served four tours in the second Iraqi conflict and was awarded the Bronze and Silver Star medals multiple times – was shot and killed, along with a friend, Chad Littlefield at a shooting range by a 25-year old fellow Iraq war veteran, Eddie Ray Routh, whom Kyle and Littlefield had purportedly taken to the gun range in an effort to help him with what they were told by his mother was post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on February 2, 2013, near Chalk Mountain, Texas.

Duff goes on to describe the 2013 terrorist attack in Boston, where there was an anti-terrorist drill under way. Bombs were detonated from 80 lbs. backpacks filled with large canning pressure cookers. These backpacks are for long camping trips, where you can put food ammunition and water for a week – the same size the troops in Afghanistan wear – not college book bags.

Duff asks why the FBI and Craft International personnel present at this drill were all carrying the exact same IED “bombs” as the alleged perpetrators of these attacks, the young Chechen-American Tsarnaev brothers?

He describes the two accused young men as being “perfect Americans”, good students, albeit constantly tracked by the FBI and he believes manipulated in some way.

It’s important to note that their uncle, nicknamed “Tsarni” was married to the daughter of CIA Operative, Graham Fuller, who was involved in the arming and training of the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and that Tsarni for a time lived in Fuller’s house and ran an operation out of Fuller’s house to finance, arm and train Chechen rebels in their native southern Russia.

Duff goes on to describe the many, many irregularities in the handling of the brothers by the police, by the hospitals, etc.

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