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Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff continues to describe the agenda of the politicians known as the “Neocons”, specifically linking them to the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut, as well as the run on ammunition in American gun stores; this being part of the Neocon agenda to disarm the American people.

He then points to recent crashes in the precious metals and Bitcoin markets. He would like to take a look at the short sales that occurred during that 150-drop in the NYSE.

He the segues into the US troops currently being sent into Syria, which may be precursor to an eventual 20,000 US troop movement into Syria.

Then he looks back at the history of the CIA, how it has managed and controlled the Mujahadeen since the early 1980s, which caused the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the US pull-out of the Moscow Olympics and the eventual collapse of the Soviet regime.

The Chechen extremists are similarly financed, supplied, trained and controlled by the US. Chechens are closely-allied with and grateful to the US. They have only *only* ever attacked Russia! The idea that 2 Chechens would attack the US, as alleged by the criminal mainstream media, in regards to the Boston Bombings is patently absurd on its face!

He then gives several digs at the on- and off-duty performances of General Petraeus (Ret)., the disgraced ex-DCI, whom he describes as a “freak” and a “sexual deviant”, due to allegations that Paula Broadwell has been rumored to be a hermaphrodite.

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