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    In case you don’t know, I’m on the American Media Periscope’s Making Sense of the Madness livestream every Thursday at 7PM and this video is last night’s show with host, John Michael Chambers and journalist, James Grundvig, who starts off by sharing some very interesting background information about Bitcoin and the Nazi origins of the vaccine industry.

    Then I go into the question that many started asking on Wednesday morning, after the release of some weird-looking videos of Joe Biden on the South Lawn: “Is the White House faking videos of Joe Biden?”

    A clip of Joe Biden published by Bloomberg, the Hill, C-SPAN and other mainstream outlets purported to show Joe answering questions from random reporters outside the White House. It proceeded to go viral, due to its apparent video compositing failures.

    It’s an open secret that Joe Biden won’t take spontaneous questions from the press, so the video served to fuel rumors that the White House was attempting to mitigate this problem with poorly-executed Hollywood special effects.

    In Wednesday’s video, the top of Joe’s head disappeared, while his silhouette appeared to be popping starkly against the background, in what looked like a poorly-executed green screen chroma key effect. Any doubts that one may have had were dashed when his hands magically passed through the reporters’ microphones.

    Myself, as someone who worked in film and television production and post-production for many years, this video did have the appearance of a composite created from two separate sources; with the reporters and their microphone booms positioned at the exterior location and the footage of Joe Biden appearing to be piped-in from a remote studio with a green screen. I say this, because a green screen outline appears on the edges of Biden’s suit jacket sleeves and there are green hue reflections in his white hair above his visible ear and around his hand, as it passes in front of the furry microphone windscreen, suggesting that Biden (or someone playing him) was actually filming in front of a green screen and that he was not actually at the location.

    Of course, fact-checkers jumped all over these videos to debunk such questions and Mick West from Metabunk did a very good job of convincing me that what we saw was, indeed an optical illusion. I have noticed that the more digital video develops as a medium, the more bizarre some of the visual “artifacts” become, as if to deliberately blur the lines and to facilitate Deep Fakes. For me, the jury is still out and I ran West’s video to provide all sides of this story, leaving it up to the viewers to decide what was going on.

    The real point is that if Joe Biden were not crippled by neurodegenerative disease, such rumors would not even have come up in the first place but if we have a CGI president, I’d like to know how this could be happening and what this actually means!

    The next story I covered was the release last Tuesday by the Office of National Intelligence of a declassified 15-page report, concluding that China did NOT interfere in the 2020 presidential election – but that Russia and Iran DID!

    The new ODNI report, which was 180º at odds with the report issued by former DNI John Ratcliffe last December  began by saying, “We have no indications that any foreign actor attempted to alter any technical aspect of the voting process in the 2020 elections, including voter registration, casting ballots, vote tabulation, or reporting results,” which is a ridiculous, bald-faced lie!

    This latest ODNI report was “declassified” by Avril Haines, the current Director of National Intelligence, who is a John Brennan protégée and was the Deputy Director of the CIA under President Obama.

    Anyone who has seen the copious evidence reported by Mary Fanning and by Patrick Byrne (who spent $20 million dollars of his personal fortune investigating this matter) knows that this report’s conclusions are flat-out lies.

    Fanning’s investigations documented the IP addresses of the cyberattack on the 2020 Election and how over 66% of the intrusions and alterations of the vote count on the Dominion voting machines in 2,995 US counties were done via IPs located in Communist China, as documented in Mike Lindell’s film, ‘Absolute Proof’, which needs to be seen by everyone. The film details the reports documented by Mary Fanning of the massive foreign cyberattack on the 2020 Election.

    What this latest ODNI report on the 2020 Election does is absolve the US Military of retaliating against this monumental attack on the US’ election infrastructure that was tantamount to a digital Pearl Harbor. This, while the current Defense Secretary leads a witch hunt against Constitutionalists and forces the military to descend into an abyss of Wokesterism.

    Next, I talk about Tanzanian President John Magafuli and how it appears he may have been assassinated as a result of his rebellion against the COVID agenda. Viewers may recall how in May of 2020, President Magafuli, who was a trained chemist ordered COVID tests to be conducted on several animate and inanimate objects, including a Diesel fuel.

    Samples taken from a goat, a quail and a papaya – or what he called a “paw-paw” – all tested positive for the virus, causing him to call for an investigation of the “sabotage” at Tanzania’s national laboratory. Furthermore, he refused to order vaccines for his people. The result is that in a country of over 50 million people, there have only been 500 coronavirus deaths.

    The Tanzanian president had reportedly not been seen in public for 17 days when his death was announced on the 17th of March. To me, he had looked to be quite healthy, so I think it’s possible that this patriot leader of a sovereign nation was assassinated for his defiance against the Globalist banksters who were attempting to genocide his people and collapse his country’s economy.

    The way his death is now being used by the Globalist Mainstream Media to propagate claims that the “COVID-denying president died of COVID” is upsetting enough but my attention was very much piqued by the “number comms” in the official reports and how President Magafuli had been reported missing for “17 days” and “pronounced dead on the 17th”.

    In the past, Q followers have been told that news stories with the number 17 in them were coming from the “good guys” and how news stories featuring the number 33 were coming from the Cabal. I wonder if these reports about President Magafuli dying on the 17th are intended as a threat to those who defy the banksters and who understand the significance of the number 17?

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    • In the Biden ‘hand and microphone’ video, don’t look at his hand, look at his hair. It’s partly disappearing because of the light color sky.
      The explanation given by the Deep State “expert” is BS.

      on another note: have you noticed that the first results of searches, even on DuckDuckGo and Startpage are all Google controlled results; e.g. from Snopes, Politico, WebMD, yes, even theguardian. Google is controlling a lot of content for the entire internet.

    • About the Biden hand/mocrophone glitch scene…
      I was told that black car in the background of the scene would be an older model thats not currently used, but was used some years ago.
      Could someone verify that ?

    • Apologists for Trump makes no sense. Trump could have easily refused to comment on the vaccine topic now that he’s a private citizen. He could have also made a comment that he was at least “sceptical” about the product. … Anyone who continues to support Trump after he shows willingness to see his own supporters get sick and die cannot be forgiven.. Trump’s just another Deep State actor.

      • Agree. Trump could have refused to comment or chosen WISER words.

        A “safe”/ “great” vaccine? Really? Is that what you would tell the people of those who had a family member die from the shot ? Every Friday, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received by the system as of Friday of the previous week. The 34,444 adverse events reported between Dec. 14, 2020, and March 11 include 1,739 deaths and 6,286 serious injuries.
        These Non-Vaccines are Genetic Engineering hacking the “software of life”. [Mode+RNA]. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Yes, we have free choice but there are people who are easily influenced by all the propaganda or gripped by fear. We need rational voices speaking truth not lies or shallow deceptive words.

    • I think about it almost every day that my vote does not count anymore and that no one is doing anything about it.

      • If he did do that, then it is for certain the he is not as smart as we have all been led to believe! Anyone with 20 minutes of actual research under their belt would know better!

      • Do you really believe that people like Trump, Biden and the rest get the actual poisoned genetically modifying “Annunaki” injection that is peddled onto humanity? Think again!

    • I call it CIA coin . look closely at the advertisements , nice gold coins . No headquarters No CEO with No office nothing . obviously somethings behind all this Hype . Photos are professionally retouched from some high-end ad company . For a cyber currency with zero to back it .

    • My theory about WHY we have a CGI president is diabolically brilliant, actually. Imho, its a “plausible deniability insurance” AGAINST what is about to be unleashed with Hunter Biden’s laptop, and what they found in Weiner’s laptop and likely what was declassified in the last week b4 the end of Trump’s first term…the deep state will want to cry, “green room GCI” when the REAL videos of the REAL sick stuff begins to be shared and released…

      • Let’s hope that assumption proves accurate, because at this point we have seen the dates for guaranteed disclosure pushed further and further ahead! These lowlifes cannot be allowed to destroy things much longer, because it will already take years to correct the damage the fools have already done!

    • Ides of March has come and gone… that was to have been the latest moment of truth… Now it’s to be the whenever. This never ends. Meanwhile do nothing, have faith and watch as the the ship sinks further & further with every moment… Jeeze this looks like CIA disinfo!

    • If the election is not invalidated by the courts the US will never have another honest election!!!!! In other words america is over/gone lost to communists mainly via corruption with China as a major promoter of the takeover.

      • I have the same question. I especially despise when they try to say he’s the late JFK Jr. I think it’s disrespectful to his living loved ones. Before January 2021 I hung on every interview he had. I so desperately wanted what he was saying to come true. He, At one point, said Biden would never become President. Look how that turned out.

      • Juan O SEVEN is as Deep Fake as Joe Biden. He has been shilling for years and never get’s anything right, he just keeps pushing the goal posts and keeps everyone in check.

    • Love your write-up’s. Question, at the end you say Q, the 17th letter of ‘Alphabet’, says good guys are indicated by that number and then you wonder if it’s use in the Tanzania case is a warning by the bad guys. Is it both ways, or is the current Gemini moon got me mentally flummoxed?

      These apparently unintentional reveals indicate just hoe convoluted and difficult it is to propagate and perpetuate lies, regardless of how mkany tech and psyop strings ‘they’ may possess (double entendre intended).

    • I’m hearing that WH is unoccupied and lights go off at 11pm and Biden not given the keys by military! So are all his public appearances done by him or a double, done by remote? It appears that is the case! The sooner the real President Trump is back in office the better!

    • I recommend that you take a lesson from the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. YIKES. When they begin their newscast, they get RIGHT IN TO THE STORY, and delay all of the hype, self promotion, and periphal information, until the middle or even the end of their presentations.
      People want to get right to it. They do not want to wade through several minutes of self promotion, hype, and B.S.
      I realize that YOU think that stuff is very important, but YOUR VIEWERS want to get right into the meat of your video. That is the reason that they tuned into your channel in the first place.
      I believe your show would be much more effective, professional, and attractive if you did that.

      I hate the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, but they have had DECADES to perfect their presentation, and you need to notice that they DO NOT START with a bunch of commercials, self promotions, and hype. They start with their news story, fake as it might be, but effective none the less. Sure it might be based on sizzle, but it causes people to tune in and stay tuned in. It is much more intrigueing than comercials, and self promotions. JUST SAYIN.

      • Amen! Most content creators seem to think the world revolves around them. Surely they must know that there are millions of videos out there vying for our attention.

      • I listened to the intro twice cause I kept getting knocked off and had to go through all the extensive intro again only to lose program again. No way to fast forward. Waste of time

        • It’s a definite problem that will have to be changed to keep my attention. I keep up with dozens of webcasts and have no time for fluffnstuff!

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