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My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell developed this three-hour documentary, ‘Absolute Proof’ on election fraud with the support of President Trump, that was released on Friday.

As I attempted to post ‘Absolute Proof’, it was first removed by Vimeo and then by YouTube, much the same way that Lindell, himself has been de-platformed by Twitter and his company’s products have been boycotted by big box corporations, like Costco, merely because he publicly expresses his evidence-based opinions.

His first heavy-hitting presenter is Col. Phil Waldron, with a background as an information warfare officer, who had already been investigating Dominion and other electronic voting systems.

He says, “When we started seeing a lot of the vulnerabilities and all the ways you could interdict these electronic voting systems, it became apparent that we had a problem for the November 3rd Election…

“We started…connecting the money, exercises, doing basic investigative research and I then, brought in our local DHS team, here in Texas, both the Intelligence and Assessments Division, which collects intelligence for the Department of Homeland Security and the CISA, our local CISA rep.

“We spent quite a bit of time giving them an introduction to what we saw, and the vulnerabilities and the ways these systems could be interdicted to change election outcomes at the machine level, the server level; fraud at the local level, which is required to induce the illegitimate ballots.

“Then, you’ve got the machine level…the algorithms that are put into the tabulators and we have evidence of that in Ware County, GA, that X-amount of ballots went through and they basically stole 13% of the votes from President Trump and put that 13% of the vote into the category for former Vice President Joe Biden, which made a 26% shift in the vote.

“So, when you look at the machine level…there are so many vulnerabilities in the systems, there are so many fundamental cybersecurity practices that are not enabled, that it basically allows anybody who has some technical ability…to go and influence our election…

“At the strategic level, it’s foreign intelligence services. We’ve got…documented Chinese Communist Party ownership of the private equity firm whose board controls Dominion.

“We’ve got Chinese Communists – the President of the Chinese Communist bank who is a board of directors member of the private equity firm that owns Dominion. 

“The testing company – the only company that has access to the code and the testing for Dominion is in Shenzhen, China. It’s a Chinese Communist Party company.

“The US Government, the state governments, the county government, they don’t have access to Dominion code but I think it’s kinda unique, that a Chinese company, that’s run by the CCP does have access to the code. And that’s where we started seeing that strategic level, that third tier of election manipulation.

“A lot of movements of votes…direct access to Pennsylvania voting precincts, county tabulation centers…The fact that everybody says that there were all these court cases and all the court cases were lost, well, that’s a lie. We’ve got statistics on how many court cases were open, how many were dismissed for ‘standing’ or ‘procedural’ but there’s only, to my knowledge, two cases, one in Michigan and one in Georgia where evidence has been heard. And those cases are progressing forward.

“The Senate in Arizona has heard and seen preliminary evidence and they’ve issued subpoena and they’re pressing forward with a full forensic audit in Arizona. And that could be forthcoming as early as this coming week.

“It is complex and it’s hard for people to understand and if it’s hard to understand, people dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’, where it’s cyber warfare, unconventional, asymmetric warfare, conducted by a peer threat nation-state against the United States Government critical infrastructure.”  

General Tom McInerney comes on near the end and describes this as the “biggest cyberattack in world history” and something that the US military has never seen before.

At 1hr 36m into the video, author, Mary Fanning presents the indisputable forensic evidence of a massive cyberattack on the 2020 Election, the theft of millions of votes for Trump and the footprints of the attackers, all visible from the data logs, of which there are thousands of pages. Over 66% of the intrusions came from China but there were also a significant amount of attacks from Iran, Russia, Pakistan and Iraq.

The logs record the origin IP addresses, the computer ID at the origin, the target IP, the target device ID, what kind of intrusion was attempted and whether or not it was successful.

Mary Fanning says that the surveillance system that logged all of this data was set up by cyber security experts, who were anticipating these attacks. Read her amazing article about it here.

In 2015, Fanning broke the story about THE HAMMER software and how in 2009, Obama administration officials, John Brennan and James Clapper had illegally commandeered this sophisticated US surveillance tool that is now embedded in voting software, not only to personally enrich themselves but to do precisely what was done during the 2020 US Election: to steal it.

According to it developer, Dennis Montgomery, THE HAMMER source code is in the possession of the UK and China. Inside the US, THE HAMMER’s ancillary software, SCORECARD is in the possession of the CIA, the DOJ and the FBI. He says James Comey was the last person to request SCORECARD, as part of Montgomery’s two 2015 immunity agreements.

It was only by use of THE HAMMER and SCORECARD, to coordinate and modulate this largest cyberattack and election theft in history, that it could have been pulled off.

Fanning writes, “The illegal domestic spying operation, conducted by rogue US intelligence community officials utilizing THE HAMMER supercomputer harvested terabytes of surveillance data. The Obama-Biden administration subsequently used that illegally-harvested surveillance data to carry out ‘blackmail and leverage’ operations against American citizens, including other US Government officials, US Supreme Court Justices, 156 Article III judges, FISA Court judges, members of Congress, military officers, defense contractors, business leaders, law firms and millions of Americans, according to the Whistleblower Tapes.”

Fanning claims this was all in support of President Obama’s ultimate goal of transforming America into a Communist client state of China but I seriously doubt that this plan originated with him.

She finishes by saying, “The 2020 Election was nothing less than the traitor class’ coup de grâce in an endless series of attempted coups d’états.”

Mike Lindell estimates from the data he’s seen shows that Trump received 80 million actual votes and Biden received 68 million.

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  • Very interesting, and amazing response from the # of views.
    There is a 20 second delay between the audio and video.

  • Am trying to download this video. First attempt timed out at 240MB. Second Attempt is up to 50MB. This looks like the Best ElectionFraud2020 Video out there. How downloaded about 300. Got the 3 PeterNavaro PDFs. Got the RobertDavidSteele PDF and several Videos. This is the Best.

  • My screen when black with 10 minutes to go. You can be sure evil forces are out to block and harm in trying to block these truths.

  • Patrick Byrne has all but burned down any hope anyone could possibly have at this point – stating that Trump didn’t want to win, Q is BS, the 1871 Republic story is BS, etc. Tore has known disinformationalists on daily; Robert Steele is now in awe of Henry Makow – someone who calls DJT everything but a white man (he’s also enamored with Byrne’s $$ – because he wants to make movies. (eye roll). Yeah, its all a psy-op alright….on us by everyone else. Lock and load and go out with a bang – thats all thats left on this side.

  • Now people who believe our election was rigged are people who are addicted to Qanon. That is insane and has the same smearing factor used by the Russiagate fiction writers to get people to deny reality from all directions.
    This is a very dangerous way to wipe out past crimes and make the opposition the real enemy. Tell the truth and you will be shunned. Look what has happened to Julian Assange and several dead people.

    February 4, 2021
    By Trevor Scott FitzGibbon

    RealClear Politics
    The Q-Word: Weapon of Choice for Smearing Opponents

    If you’re not echoing the establishment narrative, you are vulnerable to attack, writes Trevor Scott FitzGibbon.

    “One of the most effective information-operation weapons during the 2016 presidential election was to smear political targets as “Russian bots” working on behalf of the Kremlin. Journalists were de-platformed, presidential candidates were smeared, and lives were immeasurably damaged.

    The art of attacking political targets by using open-sourced guilt-by-association is not new — nor is using Russians as foils. Joseph McCarthy and his ilk did it in the 1950s with “red-baiting” and the FBI tried to do it to Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King Jr. and others. Today that disgraceful tactic has reemerged. The smear du jour is to accuse someone of supporting the insane QAnon conspiracy — even if they don’t.

    Assassinating the character of political opponents for “supporting” Q has migrated from dubious online provocateurs to television news programming. Suddenly, it seems as if every other word out of certain hosts and pundits on cable news shows begins with “Q,” and that a majority of Democrats sit around the dinner table every night discussing the conspiracy and how it is impacting Timmy’s fourth-grade class.

    Ironically, according to the most recent Pew Research Center poll, while close to half the country has heard of QAnon, the majority of them are Democrats. Awareness of Q increased dramatically from 23 percent in March to 47 percent in September.

    One reason for this is that the effort to hype the fringe conspiracy group has grown quickly. Increasingly, money flows to digital mercenaries to shame and cyberstalk not only individual targets but entire voting blocs.

    QAnon is an idea with no structure, no chain of command and no rules. Anybody can pick up a YouTube channel or another social media account and claim to be an anonymous insider — and exploit and project whatever insane claim they want to make. With the rise of social media and recruitment of virtual reality and “gaming” technologists, these consultants have provided new mediums and taken the art of smearing to a new level. From slanderous TED Talks to inaccurate documentaries that defame individuals who have nothing to do with QAnon, the damage to the target can be severe. Often, those making the allegations are reliant on discredited sources.”

  • “Mike Lindell estimates from the data he’s seen shows that Trump received 80 million actual votes and Biden received 68 million.”

    That simply does not stack up!

    The most Biden got at one of his rallies, including his own protection staff and reporters were 15.

    Whereas, The President’s audiences were in the tens of thousands!

    So Biden with 15 hangers-on gained 68 million votes, whereas, the President with rapturous tens of thousands at each of his rallies, only gained a trifling 17.6% more votes?

    Talk of credulous misinformation!

    • Um, no. If you look at Gallup poll, Trump was one of the least popular presidents in history. If you only look at right wing sites, you will think he’s popular and take in all kinds of misinformation.

  • I remember years ago on radio “coast to coast “
    Call came in re his brother who manufactures equipment for the gaming industry such as casinos.
    His brother sent to all the so called officials the information on a voting system that was “tamper proof “.
    He received no reply from the many departments of our public protection system.

  • The info IS riveting. Lindell, being a CEO, should not be an interviewer as he constantly interrupts and injects ‘horrifying’ way too many times per segment…let the hands on investigators roll there Boss!
    I was frozen out of the local Dim central committee because I asked questions of the ‘celebrity’ candidates as if we were peers, gasp, ‘you are not showing proper respect’.
    To which I replied, as a former executive recruiter for high end consulting positions that required MBA’s and a tech degree heavy on math, exclusively from the likes of Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Wharton et al, and these candidates could not hold a candle to that level of intellectual presence, awareness and sophistication…from there the glass ceiling had me flexing to the knees and saying bye bye.
    Money and power have overwhelmed WETHEPEOPLE…

  • Okay so they have proof. What are they going to do about it now? Roll over and say nothing to see here move along! The swamp is so deep and big I don’t think anything will be done. This country is screwed and so are we. Without the back up of the military we can not do anything. From now on the elections will be so rigged there will never be another Republican elected unless it’s a RINO!

  • The error on his slides at 7:40~ 400,00 meaning 400,000 is interesting to me. I thought why didn’t he fix that slide rather than release this whole thing with an error, then I considered… ahh perhaps he is demonstrating human error starkly to show that when you have very slim margins of victory and adjudicators deciding the process rather than voters directly, it’s not a recipe for accuracy even if they mean well which they likely don’t. Sort of alludes to the notion the voting workflow needs a redesign.

  • About time we see the other side. If the government is so rigthchase why are they blocking the other side information? As a tech, I haven’t seen a computer that can’t be assessed or programmed in some way to Show what the organization wants, given that amount of money is not a problem. Now let’s see how long it will take them to take down this all the Website with this documentary.

  • Why is our government sold down the river. The majority is the people and the people have been sold down the river by swamp creatures. You know, our elected officials. Will share. The GOP has no backbone. The DEMS are missing a soul.

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