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Canadian veteran and political activist, Jeremy MacKenzie, known as “The Raging Dissident” was just notified that he can no longer do banking in Canada.

But it doesn’t matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep, because the banks are planning on taking all of your money to pay off their debts.

The FDIC currently has less than $200 billion in assets to insure over $9 trillion. That’s just 1.3%.

They know that a system collapse is coming and they are already planning for “bail-ins”.

As trust begins to fail, people will begin to withdraw their funds, which will only guarantee a banking collapse. This is known as a “rank run”.

In 2012, the International Monetary Fund, known for their reputation of coercion, violence and extortion published staff discussion notes entitled, “From Bail-Out to Bail-In: Mandatory Debt Restructuring of System Financial Institutions”.

After the 2008 crisis, the world learned what a “bail-out” is: Trillions of taxpayer dollars printed out of thin air, to pay off the bankers’ bad habits. It was hugely unpopular but pales in comparison to a “bail-in”.

So, exactly what is a bail-in?

It is officially obfuscated with elaborate equations. But to put it simply, it is when the bank steals your money directly from your account.

They called it “haircuts”, when they did it in Cyprus, back in 2013 – which the courts later ruled was legit and a recent video on TikTok shows that the new bail-ins may have already begun.

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  • This is bullshit. Your money has been mirrored in the quantum, gold backed, banking system, that has nothing to do with the fiat system and the government can not possibly steal it.

  • A friend here in Australia proved that the Bank actually legally owns your cash, when you “Pay” it to the Bank.
    This lady tried to get $50k cash out of her bank, but was refused by the teller, who told her check (we spell it cheque here in Australia) or electronic transfer was the only way.
    My friend is a really good haggler, and eventually go the admission, from this teller, that when you “pay” (the deposit slip will say Pay to:) your money in to the Bank it legally becomes their property and, as the teller said: “We don’t even have to give it to you!”
    This, I believe, is out and out fraud, because if you knew that the above was the case you would never go near a bank, would you?
    And another thing: I am told that the line on the deposit slip is microprint that says: authorised agent.
    I don’t have an electron microscope, so cannot verify this-but maybe someone can?
    It does sound plausible though.

    • I don’t know about the deposit slip, But the line on the bottom of the check where you sign is micro. that sez auth.agent

  • These focking banks are licensed by the state. They can not decide not serve black Canadians, or fat Canadians, or short Canadians? If they refuse services to white men, for example, it should be just as offensive.

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