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    I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the most consistently incisive and pithy sources of news and analysis on YouTube is done by Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based Catholic newspaper that bills itself as the “Oldest traditional Catholic newspaper in the world”, which is strongly critical of Pope Francis and of all the Globalist policies currently endorsed by the Catholic Church.

    As crushed as many feel about the revelations of unfathomable corruption, between the election fraud, its certification by a crooked congress to the swearing-in of a cadaverous Chinese Agent, Michael Matt gives a passionate breakdown of why America and Christians are so much better off after 4 years Trump and how the Republican Party will never again be of the Mitt Romneys and the John McCains of this world.

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    • TY for witnessing to Joe Biden. He does need to repent of His sins and believe on Christ as his Lord and Savior. I once heard Trump refer to Jesus as OUR Lord and Savior. This combined with the love he has for people, which demonstrates an obedience to the greatest commandment, leads me to believe that he is now saved. ” By their fruits you shall know them.” Trump has bore more fruit over the past 4 years than some Christians I know.

    • How will you fare at the swelling of the Jordan? How will you fare when it is your time to die?
      Charles Spurgeon

    • I’m not accepting voter fraud. No matter who ends up President. Joe Biden did not win and anyone playing along with this fraud and just looking on as we dismantle our Republic is complicit. Remember, the Gulags and Auschwitsces were full of innocent people who waited too long and believed in the good in human nature. God never asked us to be stupid. The traitors are right in front of our eyes and nobody has the guts to stop them!

    • Thank you for the positive perspective that give us hope.
      As the saying goes, the Lord Works in Mysterious Ways.

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