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    My friends, this may be my last broadcast on this channel, which I built with an insane amount of human-hours and a dedication to listening to you.

    Someone else will be posting here. I don’t know who!

    I will be back, on another bigger, better, faster, stronger site than ever, in about a month.

    I have your addresses, so look out for me in your Inbox. I’ll post a few notices from time to time from now till then.

    I’ve been so caught up in managing Google hyperlink blocks that I haven’t been able to empty my father’s house in Delray Beach before the banksters come in and seize it. I need to see my friends in New York and get my office equipment and winter clothes out of Shelter Island and then I’ll go see my mother in Brazil.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be building a much more robust site and helping you manage to the stormy times ahead, as I navigate this process for myself because I’ve had my savings stolen 3 times and I can’t afford to have it happen again.

    I’ll vet everything out and let you know what I think is smart.

    I can’t do this, when I’m attending to every blocked email by Gmail!

    I send my love those who have supported me and those who have made me be better.

    I love you all.

    I’ll be back soon!

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