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    Alexandra Bruce
    July 16, 2015

    The days of wasting condiments – and other products – that stick stubbornly to the sides of their bottles may be gone, thanks to MIT spin-off, LiquiGlide, which has licensed its nonstick coating to a major consumer-goods company.

    Developed in 2009 by MIT’s Kripa Varanasi and David Smith, LiquiGlide is a liquid-impregnated coating that acts as a slippery barrier between a surface and a viscous liquid. Applied inside a condiment bottle, for instance, the coating clings permanently to its sides, while allowing the condiment to glide off completely, with no residue. They can also design the coatings to be made entirely of food so it’s edible and safe for consumer packaging of food-based products.


    Video: Melanie Gonick/MIT

    Additional footage courtesy of LiquiGlideâ„¢
    Music sampled from “Candlepower” by Chris Zabriskie

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    (Learn more about LiquiGlide:

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