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by Jim Hoft

Steve Bannon and The War Room are reporting live from Mike Lindell’s Election Summit in Springfield, Missouri this week.

On Thursday Mike Lindell announced he will hold a special session in the afternoon where he says he will reveal a plan to “secure our elections immediately.”

On Thursday morning Steve Bannon interviewed Joe Hoft and promoted his latest book, “The Steal, Part III.”

According to Joe Hoft, the 2020 Election in the United States will go down as one of the most significant events in US history. The winner would take control over a $22 trillion economy, a $5 trillion government budget, and the leadership of the free world. President Trump, a billionaire, who despite constant harassment and attacks from the Democrats, members of his own party, Big Media, Big Tech, and foreign entities, was very popular and his base was the largest in US history.

Somehow, Joe Biden was able to prevail behind locked doors, late night counting, and mysterious ballot drops, and impossible vote numbers.

Joe talked through his three-part series on the 2020 election, The Steal Collection today with Steve Bannon.

You can purchase The Steal here at Amazon.

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