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DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few months in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have been openly deployed against the American people.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I see that this post says 6 days ago, but no mention of year when the video was made or footage taken. I recall watching dutchsinse live during those fires in OR & CA in 2020…which I believe the footage in this video is from. We saw one strike during one video. Gov at first denied, but a day or so later confirmed DEW was used but basically denied that it was ours.

  • What was called the New World, and where was it?

    What Order was established there, beginning with the chartered colonies?

    They told you all this by 2nd grade, but did you connect the dots?

    Who founded paper currency in the US?

    Why did Franklin say: “The inability of the Colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the revolutionary war.” “We [Franklin’s Junto of businessmen] began planning the Revolutionary War in order to issue our own money again.”

    Why was Valley Forge so devastating? We were told it was because the winter was so severe, but that was the symptom. The cause was: “This process of inflation and the subsequent attempts of government to thwart its consequences led both to the hardships and shortages of supplies suffered by the Continental Army, particularly at Valley Forge, and to the severe mutinies in the latter part of the war. In the first place, the soldiers were paid in Continentals, and were bewildered to find the value of their pay rapidly dwindling. Farmers understandably refused to accept paper money, preferring hard cash that would not depreciate before they could use it themselves. When the Continental Army moved to confiscate and seize supplies from them, they were embittered and often fled the area. The Continental Army often found that food and other vital supplies became woefully scarce, since the brutal power of the army to plunder could not extend to farmers remote from the military camp.” P1488 Conceived in Liberty

  • If true, then the laser must have been fired from ground (or sea) and (possibly?) reflected from elsewhere, or else there won’t be enough power to shoot laser strong enough to cause that kind of damage.

    Yes, I’ve known about military being capable or shooting laser from ship.

    • This is copy pasted from another FKTV video with Alex Jones dismissing the fires as arson. Hope that’s o.k. and doesn’t violate some cross-posting rule.
      In reference to videos of other examples of possible DEW attacks;
      Remove the lens flaring & reflection out of your mind as those are just camera and lens effects from bright light. Also easily dismissive. Observe the blue bursting ionic reactions. Some clips of these ‘fires/explosions’ are being mis-represented as Maui fires but are examples of DEW’s.

      I believe you are incorrect about the power source. You don’t need a strong power source to emit frequencies. In fact, a low to high frequency alternating pulsed wave can actually increase in power as it travels much like Teslas alternator only on an atomic scale. EM Pulse based frequency emissions are like ripples to plasma fields and amplify electrical reactions. It’s plasma field physics something that isn’t taught properly or at all in most schools.

      Think of a drop of water to a large body of water and how it ripples out, that’s the wave, think about what happens to that on a nano scale. Nicola Tesla discovered that frequencies can reshape physical reality even bending the laws of physics. Today’s nano tech does this on a daily basis with super conductors at room temperatures being re-created in university labs for commercial use much like RCA.

      Lasers are mostly invisible to not only the human eye but to most cameras. Black holes use large amounts of discordant repeating oscillating waves based frequencies to disintegrate all matter before it enters the aperture to be absorbed, all invisible.

      Theory, make nano sized alternators capable of >1 watt. Multiply across a surface of 10 million nano meters, then stack said nano alternators in layers amplifying that energy to <+10 million watts. Can't say it hasn't been done already, MIT and other tech schools have patents on 'nano alternators'. I can only imagine what is in the dark vaults of DARPA and their reverse engineering program that the senate will never be allowed to know about.

      Again Einstein frequently refereed to Tesla when he was stumped, and Einstein is also quoted as saying nuclear power is an inefficient way to boil water. In those nuclear plants are large Tesla coils on turbines that spin to catch the hot water vapour steaming up.

      Maintenance cost is little to nil on the nano scale, under certain conditions the nanites can self repair with electrical fields and re-organise much like the science fiction that is being used to gaslight us and make us accept (the nano) tech into our culture as it has been done in the past.

      Honestly I dismiss the whole China, Russia vs. USA b.s. because of DARPA's patents being licenced, created & used in China, Russia & Israel. I believe that there are no nations and they are actively and already the NWO. Look at how the 5 eyes operate how do we know if China, Russia & Israel aren't silent partners with them. It's all the same economic hit-men playing these countries.

      Also we are not allowed to know the budgets of countries now as it's national security and when we FOIAR these documents the public is handed a fake budget. Cathrine Austin Fitts discovered this when she was in HUD and discovered that money was being siphoned off since before the 90's. The trillions missing announced by Rumsfeld at the pentagon the day before 9/11 and all the accounting offices being crippled & WTC7. The fraud in our system is by higher level governmental design.

      I really wish these things didn't exist. Please look at the DARPA programs, AMOS & THOR in-particular that are on Maui. Directed energy directorate, the weapons contractors, etc. These are the projects that we are allowed to know about. This goes above presidents and rulers and is even compartmentalised within the DIA & DARPA.

      We can continue this discourse but you won't be convincing me of anything I haven't stated already. I won't continue to try and change your mind, I'm just stating facts and putting them together in an almost holistically schizophrenic cosmology that is needed to weed out the nuggets of truth from all the counter-intelligence narratives.

      Remember a lot of this news cycle is to obfuscate & distract the public from discovering any truth but the socially engineered narrative that has become the scientific model of our Kleptocratic Dictatorial Technocracy. Thanks for the discourse, hope you enjoyed the rebuttal as much as I did writing it.

      • wait for Elon Musk to finish installing his 40,000+ satellites. Think holograms. Think DEW. Think Operation Bluebeam. Think billions dead. Its going to be a scorched earth event. You will only survive if you are well below ground with plenty of supplies. See ya all in about 2 years. Game over. New world coming but you ain’t gonna be there.

        And the people sit there with their thumbs up their ass. Happy trails ya all!

      • Demonstrate it for us, genius!
        But you can’t expect us to read these papers and actually understand the real capability of the actual device, do ya?
        some of the things such as reshaping of physical by frequency, 9/11, black budget and NWO you said DO make sense (or I’ve already known) though.

        • Genius is a dirty word ever since Trump refereed to himself as one. Please don’t call people that especially when it’s used an insult. However, why should I or anyone else risk my own safety and dance with DARPA patent killers. Demonstrating any of this technology and exposing it to the public is immediate watch and eventual kill list if you’re not co-opted into the program. The water car creator, Royal Rife, Nickola Tesla (most of his patents were stolen before and after his death) & more! So you already know about these technologies yet don’t care to research them for yourself and dismiss others for stating them. How is the pay for you to do this John? May I have a dis-info/kill the messenger job as well?

  • Why aren’t people discussing the very real Directed Energy Directorate, DARPA’s AMOS & THOR programs on the island of Maui? It is easily looked up and well documented.

  • these are not boys with toys

    these are madmen who will destroy most of our civilization playing with their new toys. Just like Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the killing of millions was just a test. Not on an army but on a civilian population. Brought to you by your US government. How can anyone be proud of this country when they have not spoken out about these travesties. Will the american public ever concede that they are responsible for these and other atrocities in the world through their complacency and willful ignorance?

    • You’re right Hiroshima/Nagasaki was a test as Japan had surrendered a few days before (after the threat of Russia getting involved) in meetings. I postulate that 9/11 was also the same or similar DEW weapons test for other countries to fall in line. Dr. Judy Woods a materials scientist that was silenced work is key to that evidence. With the right frequency the very ionic bonds between atoms can be flipped and loose their charge so they no longer can maintain a ‘normal 3D’ atomic bond.

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