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All Russian Telegram channels are saying this wasn’t ISIS. The 4 terrorists were about 100 km away from the Ukraine border and that is exactly where they were headed until they refused to stop at a check point in which they were shot at and detained. Authorities said they had contacts in Ukraine.

This is footage of the interrogation of one of the detainees in the Bryansk region, suspected of committing a terrorist attack in Crocus Hall.

According to law enforcement officers, the native of Tajikistan, who is clearly shaking in fear, tried to hide in a tree from the fighters.

This man claims he was offered a large sum of rubles by a priest with no name and offered the weapons and pick up area on Telegram.

Russian authorities are claiming this video was made public because this is already an established fact of their investigation and making it public would not interfere in the investigation.

They are convinced as of now the 4 arrested have links to terrorist cells in Syria and Ukraine and trained by CIA.

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  • (AB, TECHNICAL NOTE: I got this video somehow into a PIP on my phone and there were no control marks on the PIP to enlarge it to full screen or get rid of it in any way; it wasn’t until I returned to your webpage that it returned to full size and I was able to get out of it. VERY weird; has never happened with any other video from any website.)

    Would YOU give this guy ANY money to do ANYTHING (much less pull off a big bombing)?

    But, at least the Ruskies go to the trouble of making a video! All these “White Hats” (in other words, the “good” Freemasons) put out HOURS of them telling wide-eyed “Patriots” that “this guy we hung” and “these good guys are in hiding” and “this other guy is a fake guy” AND CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO DOCUMENT ANY OF IT WITH A VIDEO.

    Why even bother?


    • I uploaded this video to Rumble myself, so I don’t think there’s anything remarkable or technically weird about it.

  • Yes, the Russians know who are behind this terror attack:

    Who Was Real Mastermind Behind Shooting in Moscow?

    The USA, The Jewish-Nazi regime of Ukraine and most likely with the help of unelected tyrants like macron and sunak…

    Its an act of war that deserves reataliation of the strongest kind.

    Some ideas here for President Putin:

    In the context of the current war against the zelensky Jewish/Nazi dictatorship in Ukraine, Russians should start by bombing them first, focusing on large cities destroying infrastructures like they did recently (power plants and others). Making sure that the Russian army kills ten times more people than the victims of the Moscow attack.
    I would add, target regime figures, zionists-jews and neo-Nazis areas, one or two synagogues “by mistake” to take revenge from the oppression put on Christians by the Ukrainian dictatorship.

    Secondly, he should target individuals, starting by the actual dictators who run the USA through their demented puppet Biden, namely Obama, Clinton, Soros & co.
    Not forgetting to repay little faggot Macron with his own change for menacing Russia and France with a war French and Russians don’t want. Eliminating Macron would also be a huge liberation move for France and Europe.

    Political assassinations are suitable when dealing with states sponsoring terrorism like the USA does since decades.
    Killing criminals like Obama would also deprive the Biden regime of its real leader.

    Eliminating any member of the Rothschild family would also send the right message to the global parasites pulling the strings in the shadows.

    Then, to really piss the culprits and their partner in crimes, if I were in Putin’s shoes, I would:

    -Help Iran to officially build atomic weapons and give them the technology to do so.
    -Thus, in case the zionists would stupid enough to use their US bitches to attack Iran in the near future, Iran would be able to wipe Israel off the map, for the satisfaction of the entire world.
    -Give heavy weapons to the resistance against Israel: Hezbollah, Houthis, Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians and all other groups fighting the Zionist invaders and their western bitches.
    * Heavy weapons include anti-tank missile such as the 9M133 Kornet and ground-air missile and others to target choppers and planes.

    A lot of options for President Putin to slam the criminals behind this western funded attack and win even more popularity.

  • Look not upon this young man with hatred, but rather with compassion as a brother, as a son, a father trembling under the weight of what he has done to get snared by angry soldiers and worse by an angry G-d!

    Whoever the wicked is who put him up to murder and mahem, it is now all on his head and he knows it. He got suckered! Now he faces the sudden end of his life because he barganed with the devil. All he had ever hoped for is gone forever. Tragic!

    Tragic for his victims too, but they were innocent and he is guilty. From his judgement there will be no escape.

    • A King may move a man, a father may claim a son, but remember that even when those who move you be Kings, or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God, you cannot say, “But I was told by others to do thus.” Or that, “Virtue was not convenient at the time.” This will not suffice. A quote from king baldwin IV in kingdom of heaven

      • Travis, you got it! Would to G-d more people get it, that in order to be in the kingdom of G-d ya gotta walk in it. Words without corresponding behavior are DEAD words. Don’t mean a thing! This is the fatal flaw in Christian Zionism that leads people to think Palestine is the kingdom of G-d. I am not kidding when I tell you I have had some CZ’s so zealous for their false kingdom they curse me for telling the truth!

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