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“Every Terrible, Evil Thing Happening In America is Courtesy of China and the CCP…and Obama…and Satan. Here’s How They’re Doing It.” – @realwayneroot


Our country is on the verge of so many bad things: a Communist Color Revolution is going on right now – ask President Trump – complete with censorship, weaponization of government against our own citizens, witch hunts and Communist show trials – see Donald J Trump and the January 6th prisoners/hostages.

Soon, we could face revolution, anarchy, civil war, societal collapse and to anyone who isn’t blind, deaf or dumb, World War III is upon us. It may have already started.

All of this is happening, in my opinion because of China and the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP. They’ve created it, produced it, coordinated it – and they made it happen by bribing the entire Democrat Party and every Democrat politician, a large percentage of the Establishment GOP and all the key US Government bureaucrats.

How do I know? Just answer these questions:

Who has the most to gain from the unimaginable division, damage and destruction going on in America today – right in front of your eyes?

Who’s the biggest rival of America?

Who’s our avowed enemy?

Who wants to become the Number One economy in the world and who wants to dominate the world?

China and the CCP have all of the motive and the most to gain.

Now, I’ve made thousands of predictions on my TV and radio shows. I’m batting close to a thousand and I’m telling you at this moment, my gut is screaming louder than ever before in my life.

It’s China and the CCP at the root – excuse the pun – of all the crisis, chaos and catastrophes in America today.

Are others in the mix? Absolutely.

My gut says Obama is the man being used by China and the CCP to carry out the destruction of America, American Exceptionalism, Capitalism and Judeo-Christian values.

Obama is their point man. Obama carries out the orders.

And of course, the Deep State, the DC swamp and the DNC are trusted partners in China, especially all the three-letter government agencies (DOJ, FBI, NSA, IRS, DHS, which is trying to destroy us at the border and the CDC, with those vaxxine lies and propaganda.

And no doubt, at the top of the evil pyramid is Satan. Satan hates God, America, faith, freedom, family and capitalism. China and Communism are godless, so it’s the perfect partnership.

Everything today benefits China and the CCP. Here’s the list of what’s happening:

First of all, the open borders invasion. With our government welcoming tens of millions of foreign criminals, terrorists and dangerous military-age males – and willing to bankrupt America to pay for them all! This is an army to destroy America from within. Who would want this?

Number Two, drugs flowing in over that open border, that kill over a hundred thousand Americans a year. Who would allow this? Only traitors.

Green energy and ESG, based Climate Change fraud and propaganda – and as a result, American companies waste tens of billions of dollars and the greatest Middle Class in the world is destroyed, while China keeps building hundreds of new coal and gas plants annually, while using all the dirty fossil fuels to their hearts’ content.

How about rigged elections, a hallmark of Communism?

How about lawfare and weaponization of government against anyone who disagrees with Deep State lies, fraud and propaganda?

And then, there’s DEI and CRT, the tools of the Communist Left to destroy and create division – not just destroy America but create division, jealousy, racism and hate between Black and white America.

Then, there’s reparations – out of the blue! Suddenly, we have to give away trillions of dollars, again, pushing more jealousy, hate, division and bankruptcy on America.

And this sudden outbreak – out of the blue – of Jew-hatred and the threat of genocide to Israel and the Jewish People. Where sis this come from? It’s never been seen in the history of America.

Yeah, in the world, there’s always been Jew-hatred, never in America. Just more division to break America apart.

And this sudden obsession with Rainbow Flags, transgenders and converting America’s children. Where did that come from?

Suddenly, nearly 40% of Generation Z describes themselves as gay, lesbian, bi or trans – including, get this: 70% of young women at elite colleges!

These are percentages never seen in history!

DEI, destroying US companies with unqualified employees. DEI, destroying the quality of US universities, who now base admission on race, meaning, you’ve got to be Black, minority or gay or trans but won’t even consider test scores!

And our once-mighty military, being decimated by DEI and CRT (Critical Race Theory) and transgender brainwashing and Climate Change fraud and deadly vaxxines – and that’s why nobody wants to go in the military anymore – and we’ve given away all the weapons and the ammo to Ukraine – and left it on the ground in Afghanistan!

How about Defund the Police, combined with Communist-backed DAs, who allow violent criminals to walk free with no bail?

The result? A mass crime wave. Retail theft at historic levels. Streets filled with homeless, drug needles, pee and poop! Retail businesses closing by the thousands!

Food shortages, combined with supply chain dysfunction, led by the least-qualified human beings in US history ever in government! Mayor Pete Buttigieg – I call him Mayor Pete Butthead!

How about historic levels of excess deaths – only since the day the COVID vaxxine was introduced? What a coincidence!

What happens to our economy, as all those deaths multiply and there’s no one left to fill jobs crucial to society? Who gains if our society collapses?


Everybody running fro their lives from Blue Cities and states, driving their property values down, who benefits most from this whole disaster?


All of this chaos, crisis and catastrophe has been created and coordinated and engineered by China and the CCP to weaken, disrupt, divide, demoralize – and eventually, destroy America, the US economy and Capitalism.

This is all straight out of the Communist playbook!

And when it gets bad enough, when it causes civil war in our country, or collapses our economy or both, China and the CCP plan to be there to pick up the pieces; to conquer us, enslave us into a godless, Communist society – or, at the very least, dominate America economically, militarily and on the world stage – and take over all our farmland and valuable real estate at cheap, bargain basement prices. Or worst-worst scenario: Division and civil war and anarchy will keep us weak and distracted when China invades Taiwan.

How’s all this happening? Who would allow it? It’s simple: China’s bribed virtually all of our key politicians and key government bureaucrats. They’re all getting filthy rich on America’s downfall.

This also explains what’s happening to President Trump. Trump is the only one standing in the way of China’s plan to conquer America and dominate the world. Trump is the only one too wealthy to bribe. He’s the only one not going along with the plan, so he must be demonized, destroyed, bankrupted, rot for life in prison – or be assassinated!

Yes, this is all China and the CCP, with the assist from Obama and Satan at the very top of the pyramid – and if you don’t understand this, you’re either blind, deaf or really dumb – or you’re part of the conspiracy!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 100% correct because the WEF could be disposed of and we’d still have China to deal with so all these others are involved but China is the root to this unholy war.

  • It ain’t all China. It’s everything. The fact is China just went largely unaddressed and unnoticed amidst all the rest the dystopian unrestricted warfare against the people who are getting hit with everything including the kitchen sink including scary fear porn which confuses further.
    Like Tesla indicated vibrations are huge.

  • AMEN

  • I don’t see how one squares the Judeo-Christian values? One believes Christ is blasphemous and one believes Christ is the Son of God.

  • If it’s not Russia then it’s China or it’s Iran or some other nation but the truth is they are not like us at all but are a handful among the billions who are the spawns of the Nephilim that are ruling the world, every nation. They have seated themselves in the mighty modern Babylon that the Holy Scriptures tell us in Revelation 17:4 She holds in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality 5And on her forehead a mysterious name was written: BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
    The final verdict has been marked for 8April24 Solar Eclipse by The Almighty Holy One in Heaven and despite her filthiness to Repent or die in the luxury dens Revelation 6:15. And that will be the end of her wickedness.

  • Baloney!
    The enemy is at home.
    If the mafia that runs this territory wants to fight the mafia that runs China, they can do it themselves.
    The moral people in each country have had enough of both of you.
    We’re not fighting your wars anymore.
    Do it yourself.

  • Bullshit!
    The enemy is at home.
    If the criminal gang that runs this territory wants to fight the criminal gang that runs China, they can do it themselves.
    The moral people in each country have had enough of both of you.
    We’re not fighting your wars anymore.
    Do it yourself.

    • Absolutely because our politicians are sell outs and don’t work for these united states any longer.

  • This is just right wing spin. The bad Communist China?
    First, recognize the bad communist college students and their communists professors.
    Second, you have recognize Kissinger, and Nixon giving away the store to the “communist China”
    Third, China didn’t invade any country, and didn’t tell Biden to open our borders.

    Even if we admit that Obama and Biden are Chinese agents, why we couldn’t get red of them? Because the population are half communist, and stupid. Because the institutions are bought by the same communist moneys.

    Forget China, first repair our messed up society and culture.

  • My opinion:

    The Opium Wars in The 1800s gave The Rothschild family bloodline Total Control of China.

    China is Run and Controlled by Rothschild family bloodline and an interesting tid bit to include is
    The Georgia Guildstones Reduce Population to 500 Million People.
    Those 10 laws of the Georgia Guildstones were first written in 9 different languages and the last language was English,
    Rumor has it That the Chinese are very submissive and this submissiveness is going in the Chinese’s people favor cause I heard & read that lots of Chinese will make up that 500 million people.
    Why cause Rothschild family bloodline loves submissive people.

    And Also it’s this way like another commenter said: They Powers that be don’t believe in Jesus they believe in The TULMUD.

    Which is why and helps explain why In The 1940s The united nations adopted Alice Bailey’s 10 Points,
    Number 10 us make society and mainstream media and The Pope Agree to All 9 Points.
    Alice Bailey’s Mentor was Madam Blavtsky.
    Madam Blavtsky said in public newspapers in the 1800s her Hero Is Lucifer The Devil…

    Think about that , honestly think about it.

    They are Setting The Stage ,
    To bring The Anti-Christ ,

    I’m not a Democrat or republican.

    Trump is a member of The Pilgrim Society which is Above being a FreeMason frowht I heard..

    My oldest brother believes The Whites Hats are coming to save everybody ,
    I laughed so hard when I found out he believes that , even after I tell him ,
    Why do believe in whites hats coming to save , and he believes Jesus ,

    I’m a believer in chapter 18 of the book of Revelations in The Bible iThe United States. ,

    Enjoyed this article and lots of Other articles also …

  • this man must have gotten the wonderful Trump’s Warp speeded poison which in his case infected the brain following the vision..

  • It’s not hatred of Jews, so much as its hatred of Jesus the Jew who was and is yet reviled by both unrepented, unconverted Jews and unrepented, unconverted Gentiles. Why? Because Jesus of record condemned both bloodline salvation and blood sacrifices by Jews and Pagans. How many proofs are needed? What is needed is for pulpiteers and politicians to repent, do their own homework and teach the truth by the steps of their walk.

    I like Root a lot, but we must beware that Root labors under the same personal identity delusion as Donald Trump and millions of Evangelicals, who embrace Talmudic bloodline salvation which is neither Abrahamic nor Christian.

    In June 2016, Root described himself as a “Jew turned Evangelical Christian”. * As of November 2016, Root described himself as Jewish, and says he considers Donald Trump to be the first Jewish president, in the same sense that Bill Clinton was often called the “first black president”! * (A message for Christians about Donald Trump – 6/24/16)

    All world class belief systems afirm the underlying principles of the Mosaic Decalogue, but not all abide therein. All world class belief sytems agree that salvation is contingent upon how we treat our Creator and how we treat one another; yet many refuse to walk in that “prescribed” way. Once anybody clearly understands this, they will instinctively know how fatal any tribalism is to body and soul. We all can agree that the evil one wants to keep us all at each other’s throats, each blaming the other instead of each searching their own hearts to Root out that which is causing so much trouble and grief.

    Pray for peace and practice it as messengers of good will to all.

  • I like the little laugh at the end he just couldn’t help himself with dupers delight . nay super duper and the flag waving mr. curveball here is stickin it to chynna the deepstates partner / fake enemy since looting taiwan is the next designated warfront /play as the ukies are played out and strong AF russia is finally sick of this shit piling up on their doorstep and is ready to play sum hardball . the deepstates death wish enters the 9th inning . batter up MFers .

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