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    The inorganic over-exposure of Taylor Swift and her “bromance” with Travis Kelce has induced speculation that the Biden Regime and the gaslighting propaganda Cabal media intend to conscript her and her legion of superfans to endorse Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, just as she did in 2020.

    The New York Times recently reported that Biden’s campaign is interested in an endorsement from Swift, who has repeatedly berated Trump and who spoke out against Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) in 2018, endorsing her opponent. However, Blackburn won.

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    The inordinate and excessive coverage of Taylor Swift has escalated to the point where regime flunkies have been compelled to do damage control by ridiculing those who’ve noticed. CNN’s Jake Tapper gloated to his audience that, “Far-right conspiracy theorists…are all-in on pushing deranged claims that Taylor Swift is part of this deep state psychological operation or PSYOP plots by the deep state, the NFL and the Democratic Party to help deliver the 2024 presidential election to Joe Biden.”

    Their fellow Satanic Globalists over at the Daily Beast made hay when former GOP presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy provided them with these high-octane musings: 

    “I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month. And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall. Just some wild speculation over here, let’s see how it ages over the next 8 months.”

    Another angle to this story is that Swift is, herself a captured operation, with her music catalogue owned by such Deep Staters as The Carlyle Group and the Soros Family. The minute she complained about this, she became associated with “Neo-Nazis” – not a good look for her brand. She knows where her bread is buttered.

    All of the above notwithstanding, “this is extremely dangerous to our democracy” – and one of the better video memes I’ve seen in a while! 😂

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    • Her entire career rides on lyrics about constantly picking the wrong man…why not make her whole career about picking the wrong man for everyone! 🎶

    • Lol, while 90% of mainstream newz watchers are like, who the hell is Tay-lor-swiffft?

      Boo hoo hoo lamestream’s completely plunged itself deep down into the toilet.

    • Don’t you just love these morons in the lamestream media mindlessly repeating “Taylor Swift is not a psy-op”, totally oblivious to the fact that no educated person ever said she was, for to claim that a person is a thing constitutes a category fallacy.

      No, Taylor Swift is being used to PERPETRATE a psy-op!

    • Come on man, the video montage alone proves Taylor is a psyop, then add that to her arranged relationship with Travis Kelce and there can be NO doubt, as the NFL has already announced publicly that they are GAY!
      Their relationship reeks of an effort to pull in new NFL fans after suffering the loss caused by Kaepernick and the trans/queer agenda!
      This is as believable as Justin and Britney and all concerned that Taylor is going to promote Biden, DUH, she already did last time!
      Is all the Biden campaign has to do is have Taylor and others to do a “nonpartisan” Get Out The Vote” PSA, paid for by our tax dollars, then she merely tweets later who she is voting for, perfectly innocent, as the mass of teeny boppers follow her lead like little lemmings! Then, Taylor and all others in the PSA will get to write their contribution to the PSA off on their taxes, the worth not likely to be disputed by the IRS!

    • This paper on Swift is from 2015:

      🙂 “… confuser of her fellow women … She is selling sexual problems, neuroticism, and every other form of confusion, by disguising it, glamorizing it, and monetizing it. The young girls and other adolescent mentalities pulled in by her videos are pre-paving a direct road to their next crisis, and this is just as Swift’s handlers want it. She plants the seeds of your dissatisfaction; TV, Hollywood, and the magazines water them in; and within a few short months or years, they sprout as a smorgasbord of mental and physical problems—all of which her handlers happen to have a product to address. Yes, the investment groups that run the world now have a product for every problem they have created: all you have to do heed their advice. And the beauty of it is, they make money causing your problems, exacerbating your problems, and mitigating your problems. Since you buy this music, you are paying them to plant the seeds of your future dissatisfaction.”
      🙂 “… her answer to … “conspiracy theorists” and Truthers who have a problem with the liars and cheats running the world: we should dance our troubles away. Her Langley lyricists are trying their best to defuse and misdirect all the current anger … They are hoping they can convince young girls to look sideways at their fuddy-duddy moms and dads, who are worried that the world is run by liars and cheats …”
      🙂 “Swift was chosen because 1) she was a child of the chosen, 2) she had a face and body that could sell anything. She’s gorgeous, and most people will watch her do anything and not question it. She could be selling tickets off a cliff and most people would buy. In fact, that is what she is doing. … Happy people don’t spend much money, but miserable people spend inordinate amount of money on things they don’t need. It was discovered many decades ago that miserable people are fantastic consumers, and that happy people are lousy consumers. So do you think they want you in a happy relationship? No. They want you doing everything wrong, and they will give you the bad advice to ensure you do everything wrong. Including torture your boyfriend because you think he likes it.”

      If there was still some hope in 2015, there remains no hope for Swift in 2024:

      🙂 “… she is turning herself into the same witch as all her cousins, including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and older ones like Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.”

    • Awesome sauce, give me more psyop brainwashing DBL jabbed at same time ….NOT!

      That took a while to compile, great job.

      We The People Walk Worthy….and know better than to comply.

    • So?
      She (or he or a witch or a clone) has the right to make herself look hot.
      And nobody really knows what she really may be anyways.

      These medias are the psyops – purposely bringing up a useless subject in order to shift the attention of audience from the main issue.

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