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Chuck Callesto: Video compilation shows the depth of Target’s sadistic attempts to REACH CHILDREN with satanic worship.

Besides pusging Satanism on children, Target has also donated $2.1 million to GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), a leading trans activist NGO that lobbies for policies that allow changing the names and pronouns of schoolchildren without parental notice or consent.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I bet there is such an attempt, and definitely the world seems more f*cked up than before.
    I don’t know much in detail, but in general it feels as it should be safer to stay out of large crowds and businesses (stay away from sheep and their masters).

    The true master is ourselves within our consciousness with our spirit nailed to physical body (the cross).

  • This’s beyond perverse & insanity!
    What has become of our political arena where blatant evil & filth is encouraged & displayed with impunity!

    For those who believe in Christ & his Creator God of this planet & universe, has something to say about such heinous acts & corruption against his Creation as follows:

    “Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the pride and glory of the Babylonians, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah.”
    Isaiah 13:19

  • If children are the targets of this Satanic persuasion from this Maladministration of Today, I am pleased that I never reproduced.
    GLSEN = Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network? I am proud to state that I don’t see anything that the three could possibly have in common. I got my Education in Prison, not in the Leftist School of Lunacy, and it has always been my policy not to associate with admitted Perverts. My “Pride” runs in a different vein.

    • Right, the education (imprisonment) system is largely corrupt.
      Just by seeing the fact that most of them went with scamdemic alone tells a lot about it.
      I’m glad that I didn’t stay too long with it.
      Previously I thought I was just dumb that I didn’t complete my own education; but I know pretty much in my heart that I just couldn’t continue staying within the prison.

  • I’d be more concerned about the hidden history of the Arab’s Conquest of Africa that took place for 1,300 years, non-stop. (7th century-20th century) Also known as The Sub-Saharan Slave Trade.
    The reason why we all should be concerned is that it is not well known history. We hear & taught about trans-Atlantic slave trade, but powers that be keep this hidden. While there is this huge influx of Arab migration to the United States, Canada & Europe that no one talks about & pretends not to notice.
    Fair Planet .org
    Title: Forgotten History, The Arab-Muslim Slave Trade

    • It may or may not be Arab problem (at least, it’s not limited to Arabs), and surly human greed plus invasion existed since well before Arabs
      Come on, man

      • Did you ask yourself John, why is this hidden history that took place for 13 Century’s while they beat up the European’s that lasted less than 2 centuries, that never involved the kind of brutality as did the Arab Conquest of Africa.
        It was European’s that put an end to the Congo in 1892 – 1894. But Arab’s continued to enslave Black African’s well into the 1970’s. But now it is coming out that Saudia Arabia/United Arab Emirates are still exploiting Africa & the People.
        Book original published date: 1935
        “The Fall of the Congo Arabs”
        author: Sidney Langford Hinde


    Is the pathway to change. It’s the oldest trick in the book. It bypasses cognitive barriers, inserting its insidious wedge into the door protecting existing behavior, traditions, codes of conduct, morals, etc. Once in place, this wedge will exploit its seemingly benign advantage with persistent patient repetition, ever so slightly a fraction of an inch at a time.

    By it, religions are bent, because “seeing is believing”. So called Christianity was advanced in the first century by great visual signs, wonders and miracles, then once established was further established and exploited by art works of various kinds memorializing first century visual imaging in more visual imaging. Which by then became a platform for the syncretation of pagan visual imagery! Judaism and Islam by and large have not adapted this Mosaic prohibited practice for themselves.

    By visual imagery whole nations are turned against other nations to wit: WWI & WWII which began with cartoons depicting monstrous German and Japanese soldiers bayonetting unarmed citizens and babies. The Viet Nam war was expanded with visual images of an attack on a US naval ship, which never took place, but it inflamed gullible Americans, inciting them to more war. The value of false flags is that they provide instant visual imagery.

    Visual imagery can be easily faked, now today more than ever with near universal televisual imagry! MSM is the evangelistic arm for the NWO religion, in which science has become god and true believers little gods with powers to recreate the world, even themselves. This utopian religion bridges the gap between all other human generated philosophic opinions and its why we are discovering its true believers under the rug now in nearly every room.

    Beware of what you set before your eyes. Wise King David wrote that he would set no evil thing before his eyes. Visual imagery can be deadly.

    • The symbolism belongs to the “Age of Capricorn” the earth’s Magnetic North Pole’s alignment with the Constellation Capricorn 21,600 years ago.
      These powers that be are communicating with each other through news & symbolism.
      Target represents the Gleason map. The bullseye is the Magnetic North Pole, which is above Polaris, the only fixed star.
      As for another possibility for Capricorn, it may represent the Tropics on our maps, they are Polar opposites on the Zodiac Wheel, which is what our physical maps are, a Zodiac Wheel. The last map they fed to the public with the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn was the Gleason map, which was outdated by 2,000 years. We know this because it belong to the Age of Aries. We are in, or I should say just left the Age of Pieces. We are supposed to get updated maps every 2,000 years because our land mass is constantly changing, that is the real Climate Change. That’s why we have buried cities in the oceans. That’s why we have places like the Grand Canyon. Someone goes down & something comes up.

        • Yep. Some say it was cut down. Some say it was a black magnetic mountain.
          Look at a Mercator Map. Keep in mind they glued the Gleason Map on a ball, so none of these maps were ever projected as being a Sphere. Teachers were fighting this “Sphere” projection in the early 1900’s when it became enforced into schools. Teachers even brought it into the Courts here in the U.S.
          If you have a Roman Catholic bible you can still see the correct projection drawing in Genesis & read of its makeup, which was all proven in 1946 when WW2 was winding down in Antartica & again proven when they sent the first moon mission that never landed.

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