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James Roguski on SubStack has been reporting on the so-called WHO Pandemic Treaty and its history. He has shown that its entire history is fraudulent and relies upon the people’s silence.

On June 14th 1948, President Truman signed a joint resolution to sign onto the WHO constitution. Section Two states that three US delegates would be chosen by the President and confirmed by the US Senate. But the Biden administration has sent US delegates who have not been confirmed. Which makes them fraudulent.

Section Five states that;

“in adopting this joint resolution, the Congress does so with the understanding that nothing in the Constitution of the World Health Organization in any manner commits the United States to enact any specific legislative program regarding any matters referred to in said Constitution.” And so the US is not lawfully compelled by the WHO.

On July 25th 1969, the 22nd annual World Health Assembly adopted the International Health Regulations “to ensure the maximum security against the international spread of diseases.” But did so without a senate vote.

“The way they did that was with what they call the silence procedure. A bunch of unnamed bureaucrats agreed to that document. They gave a nine month period for the leaders of all of the parties to reject it. And if no one rejected it on the first day of January 1971, it became legally binding. So any amendments go by that same adoption procedure. So in 2005, they made substantial changes. And for the last 18 or 19 years, we’ve been working off of the International Health Regulations as they were amended in 2005. I challenge anybody to look through the Federal Register or the Senate records to see if the Senate has ever given their consent, you know, two thirds, either in 1948 and 1969, 2005 or in 2022′                                                                                                                                                                                   – James Roguski

On September 30th of 2022, ninety-four nations submitted more than 300 proposed amendments to the Pandemic Treaty. These documents were withheld from the public, and when James Roguski acquired copies, he discovered the reason for this was that the disputes were all based upon corrupt world leaders of smaller nations wanting a bigger piece of the action from the US after realizing the billions of dollars being made by pharmaceutical companies.

“This is organized crime. And the big crime bosses are being faced by a bunch of little crime bosses who want in on the deal. They want to be able to manufacture the drugs in their own country so that they can control it, and, you know, inflict it upon their own population while basically profiting from the next pandemic.”                                                        – James Roguski

And the proposed amendments to the 2005 IHR will bring this tyranny to its full potential. They want to create an International Health Regulations Authority. They want the authority to declare a pandemic based on the mere potential for disease. They want the authority to compel new vaccines and quarantine for those who are not even sick. And they want to authorize surveillance and censorship to enforce their fraud. They also want to give nations the authority to quarantine and vaccinate foreign travelers at their own discretion.

“They want to add strengthening language to enable nations to quarantine international travelers as appropriate. That is not an attack on national sovereignty. That is a ridiculous strengthening of national sovereignty that would enable each nation to abuse the rights and freedoms of foreign travelers. The local tyrants that abused your rights over the last four and a half years didn’t need any amendments or didn’t need any treaty to do what they did over the last four and a half years. So the core battle is still local.”                                 – James Roguski

You can find these documents at and They view our silence as consent, so we must stand against them and speak out.

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  • The 2024 Snake Pit…..all connected to Vertical Governance.

    Donald Trump / Telsi Gabbard

    Gavin Newsom / Meghan Markle

    Rfk Jr / Nicole Shanahan

  • Closing the barn door after the horse ran away.

    Take back the broken governmental apparatus and fix it.

    The USA was created to be the largest Horizontal Governance Republic, but that was the needed approach to get Agenda 21, in….things went to far and will get worse, because no lessons were ever learned from the past…..not even from day to day.

    Using the system to change the system, won’t do it.

    Making videos like this one, just add junk into the mix, and help only to fill the satanic cauldron, when the cauldron overflows, humanity disappears.

    Or perhaps it all disappears, like some videos, with their comments.
    Is that problem solved?
    or Self Censorship, or Hippocracy, like the system we are speaking about?


  • after having failed to find a banking partner willing to fund WW3 the DS has been busy reloading their bio-weapon plandemic op to take us into the next lock down featuring a CBDC and food shortages unless you think bugs are food with a hastily man-made bird flu virus . of course the spread is everywhere at once which only a flying UAP can deliver and bat soup is not on the menu this time . somebody seems to be paying attention this time so maybe we don’t have to go on the psycho merry-go-round with trained medical SS staph waiting to punch your ticket .

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